Apple Reportedly Eyes Turning iPhones Into Payment Terminals

Apple has reportedly bought Mobeewave, a startup that allows phones to become payment terminals with a simple tap, Bloomberg reported on Saturday. The company’s apparently got money on its mind. Read More >>

Apple Arcade vs Google Play Pass: Which is the Best Netflix for Apps?

Apple and Google are going head-to-head in just about everything now – maps, mobile operating systems, smart speakers, browsers, cloud storage, phones, etc. But here we’ll be taking a look at the all-you-can-eat app subscription services offered by the two tech giants – which one is the better deal? Read More >>

iPhone 12 Delay Confirmed – Apple Says it’ll Be ‘a Few Weeks’ Late

We've heard all kinds of rumours about how delayed or not-delayed the iPhone 12 might be, and finally we have an answer from Apple itself. Read More >>

iOS 14 Will Completely Change the Way You Use Your iPhone

Every year Apple introduces a new version of iOS, and every year promises to deliver a huge change in the way we use our phones. But I’ll be honest: Using my iPhone basically always feels the same and has for years, even with all the little tweaks and new features Apple continues to add. This time, though, is different. I’ve been using the iOS 14 developer beta for what seems like all of time but has actually been less than two weeks, and it’s profoundly changed the way I use my phone – in a good way. Read More >>

How to Get the iOS 14 Public Beta on Your iPhone Right Now

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June is where the company previews all the new features coming to the next versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. For most of us, that means there are three months of waiting before we actually get to play around with those new features when the upgrades roll out in September. But those who are brave can actually test out the new features before everyone else via the public beta, which are out now for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. Read More >>

Apple Music Sucking Up Your iPhone Battery Life? You’re Not Alone

If you have an iPhone and recently noticed that your battery isn’t lasting as long as it used to, you may not be alone: Many iPhone owners are claiming that they’ve noticed Apple Music is responsible for excessive battery drain. Read More >>

Apple’s Walled Garden Could Grow Higher

Apple has finally announced its long-rumoured transition away from Intel chips and will now make its own homegrown CPUs based on the ARM architecture for future Macs. The company’s goal is to shed its dependence on Intel so that it can control even more of its production and development pipeline. It’s an interesting move at an even more interesting time, given that Apple CEO Tim Cook has also finally agreed to testify on Capitol Hill in a Big Tech antitrust hearing. Just last month, the European Union opened its own antitrust probe into Apple and its App Store. The company is being investigated and criticised for its near-perfect execution of vertical integration more than ever before, just as it’s taking its biggest step toward its grand vision of vertical integration in nearly 15 years. Read More >>

It’s Not Just TikTok Spying on Your iOS Clipboard

Back in March TikTok was busted for accessing iOS clipboards. Despite promises to stop this, iOS 14 revealed that it’s still happening. But it’s not just TikTok – more than 50 other iPhone apps are also guilty of the practice. Read More >>

Analyst Claims That Apple’s iPhone 12 Will Have Charger Sold Separately

Apple fans, it’s time to start mentally preparing your wallet for a new possibility. When the iPhone 12 comes out later this year, the packaging may be considerably different when compared to previous models. Why is that, you ask? Well, Apple purportedly will not include a charger with the iPhone 12, and will instead sell it separately. Read More >>

Everything Apple Announced Yesterday at WWDC

Apple’s WWDC 2020 has finally arrived. The keynote is done and dusted and a hell of a lot was announced. From iOS 14 to Apple’s new custom silicon for Macs, we have quite a bit to cover. Read More >>

Here’s What’s New in iOS 14

After 13 versions installed across more than a billion devices, Apple’s iOS has become a very well-rounded and mature platform. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement, and at WWDC 2020, Apple is giving us a peek at all the new features and tweaks it has in mind for iOS 14. Read More >>

Apple Wants You to Use Your iPhone as a Car Key

Do you trust smart locks that you can open up with your phone? Well if you do Apple has the feature for you - the ability to use your iPhone as a car key. So you can stop carrying around your keys, except the ones you need to get in and out of your house. Read More >>

Apple is Finally Bringing an App Drawer and Proper Widgets to iOS 14

The key difference between Android and iOS is that iOS homescreen customisation is crap. It's all the apps on all the pages, with very few options to make your homescreen more personal to you. Read More >>

Yes, Apple Will Eventually Make a Foldable Phone, But Dear God, No, It Will Not Be This One

Apple has long been rumoured to be working on a flexible smartphone that would rival some of the experimental devices we’ve seen from Samsung and Motorola – though presumably more refined, one would hope. But today in Apple rumours that make you go “...what the fuck?” the foldable iPhone might have two displays separated by a hinge rather than an actual flexible screen. No thank you. Read More >>

iPhone Jailbreak Bandits Can’t Downgrade to iOS 13.5 Anymore

Last week Apple rolled out its latest OS update, iOS 13.5.1, which was designed with security in mind. In fact, it was almost exclusively targeting an iPhone jailbreak that had surfaced. While some users might want to revert back to an earlier iOS 13 version, they won’t be able to. Read More >>