Kia Sells a Magic Pocket to Stop Your Car Getting Hacked Away

Kia thinks its owners are worried about having their wireless car keys hacked and their beloved Ceeds driven away while they sleep off the spaghetti and wine, and has launched its own branded take on the signal-blocking Faraday pouch. Read More >>

Apple Might Be Fixing the MacBook’s Most Annoying Problem

Let’s be clear, when I say the MacBook has an annoying problem I’m not talking about the paltry number of Thunderbolt ports, the lack of an SD card slot, or the fact that they’re priced way too high for such pitiful processors. The most annoying problem with the MacBook and the MacBook Pro is that the keyboard on each can be brought to their knees by a god dang crumb. But now, a patent found by The Sun suggests a fix could be on the way for future versions of Apple’s laptops. Read More >>

I Want to Replace My Entire Keyboard With Fidget Spinner Keys

2017 was poised to be one of the most disappointing years in history, filled with a non-stop barrage of depressing developments and defeats. But then, with a last-minute, game-winning buzzer-beater, a company called Hammer revealed a series of replaceable fidget spinner key caps for your keyboard and partially redeemed 2017. Read More >>

Volvo Brags About Making the First Car That Doesn’t Need Keys

As a carmaker Volvo has always been known for its innovative safety features, and thanks to a new app, that now includes eliminating the risk of cuts on your hand after having to break one of your vehicle’s windows because you locked your keys inside.

Volvo Brags About Making the First Car That Doesn’t Need Keys
Starting in 2017, Volvo will offer its customers a Bluetooth-dependent smartphone app that serves as a copy of their vehicle’s keys and fob. It can be used to open a car’s doors, boot, activate or deactivate its security system, and even allow the vehicle to be started without the physical key being anywhere in the vicinity. Read More >>

You Can Play This Tiny Keyboard With Your Gestures

Keys is a MIDI keyboard, built with aspiring piano students in mind. It's a pretty small guy, making it a great travelling companion (who says you can't play a keyboard by the campfire?). But the coolest thing about Keys is it incorporates gestures—so you can travel up and down octaves by just waving your hands. Read More >>

This Bizarre High-Security Lock is Every Drunk Person’s Nightmare

While some people are trying to reinvent the lock by eliminating keys altogether, others solutions, like the XPUZMAG from Taiwan, are going in decidedly different direction—by taking a traditional lock-and-key mechanism and just making it a thousand times more complicated. Warning to the belligerent drunk about town: This lock is not your friend. Read More >>

Hit This Magnetic Bullseye and You’ll Never Misplace Your Keys Again

Are you prone to losing your keys more often than you'd like to admit? You just need to settle on a specific place to put them every time you get home. And to make this routine enjoyable enough so that it becomes a habit, trying to hit this magnetic bullseye when you get home every night sounds entertaining enough. Read More >>

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How To Pick a Lock Using Nothing But Hairpins

You can learn the basics of lock picking from a GIF, but for a more nuanced look at the techniques required to actually get a lock open without the key, check out NightHawkInLight's latest tutorial where he uses nothing but a pair of strategically bent hairpins in the process. Read More >>

Any Key You Can Photograph is a Key That Can be Copied

If you take a picture of a car or house key, could you use that picture to get a copy made? Yes—quite trivially, actually. I have a folder on my laptop that is filled with photos people have taken of their keys and put onto the internet. Every few weeks, I take some idle time and associate one of those keys to an address (lots of Googling, mostly) and then I decode the cuts in the key. Read More >>

A Multipurpose Key That Will Unlock Your Inner MacGyver

In addition to opening doors, that set of keys in your pocket also serves as makeshift knives, prybars, and even ice scrapers. But why risk accidentally bending a key and losing access to your home when this key sized multi-tool can do so much more? Read More >>

“World’s Smallest” USB Stick Squeezes 64GB into a Tiny Silvery Peanut

This tiny USB stick is the K'1, a miniature USB 3.0 dongle designed to be left permanently plugged into your sleek ultrabook or clunky old laptop to compliment its groaning onboard storage space. You won't notice it's there. Or snap it off. Read More >>

An Emergency Lightning Cable That’s No Bigger Than Your House Key

The makers of the ChargeCard—that wallet-friendly credit card-sized sync cable for smartphones—are back with a new product called the ChargeKey that's instead designed to hang out on your keychain. It's almost like a stripped down version of the ChargeCard that sheds most of the plastic so it can easily sidle up next to your keys, but at the cost of being incredibly short which limits where you can use it. Read More >>

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How to Harness Solar Energy to Make Your Own Post-Apocalyptic Keys

We all know the world's going to end at some point, and sure maybe it's not entirely 'likely' to happen anytime soon, but better safe than sorry. So assuming you've already been working diligently on your underground, radiation proof bunker, what's going to happen when you need extra keys made with nary a (non zombie) locksmith in sight? Fortunately, as Hack A Day shows us, there's an easy, accurate enough way to make your very own spare keys with nothing more than some plaster, the sun, and a giant fresnel lens. Read More >>

The iPhone 5C Looks Much More Scratch-Proof Than the iPhone 5

After seeing that shiny black plastic back shell the other day, which purported to be from the iPhone 5C, I was worried that it'd be a scratch-prone mess like the iPhone 3G and 3GS were before it. But a new video out of Taiwan seems to suggest it's pretty hardy, something akin to Samsung's plastic-backed Galaxy S III and S4. Read More >>

This Personal Alarm Weaponises Your House Key

A self-defence course will teach you how to use your keys as a weapon, but in practice, when you're under attack and panicking, protecting yourself with a keyring isn't as easy as it sounds. So the Hit, from Unikia, combines a loud audible panic alarm with a pop-up holder that turns a key into a switchblade that's easier to wield as a weapon. Read More >>