After Screaming About Discrimination, Ex-Google Engineer James Damore Silently Asks Court to Dismiss Lawsuit

More than two years later, the battle between ex-Google engineer James Damore and the company is over, although we won’t know much about how it ended. Earlier this week, Damore and three other men asked a California court to dismiss the lawsuit, which claimed that the company discriminated against conservative white men. Google also joined their request for dismissal. Read More >>

Coke, Pepsi and Other Big Brands are Being Sued for Contributing to the Plastic Crisis

Some of the world’s biggest food, beverage and consumer goods companies are being sued for their contributions to plastic pollution. Read More >>

Jury Orders Apple to Fork Over £65 Million in Royalties for Wi-LAN Suit

A jury in the US city of San Diego, California ruled last week that Apple must pay Quarter Hill Inc.’s Wi-LAN a cool $85 million (£65 million) in a patent infringement case that’s been ping-ponging around the courts since 2014, Bloomberg reports. Read More >>

A Deaf Man is Suing Pornhub for Not Having Enough Subtitles

Some would argue that Pornhub (and its associated sites) has done quite a bit to improve the accessibility of its site, what with a new site for the visually impaired and close captioning on some videos for the deaf. But apparently that isn't enough, because the company is being sued for not having enough closed-captioning subtitles. Read More >>

TikTok to Pay £837,000 to Settle Lawsuit Alleging It Collected and Exposed Children’s Data

TikTok and its parent company ByteDance have agreed to pay £837,138 to settle a proposed class action alleging that the app violated children’s privacy laws by collecting their data and operating the app “in a reckless and unlawful manner for commercial gain”. Read More >>

TikTok Sued Over Claims That App ‘Tracked, Collected, and Disclosed’ the Data of Children

The app formerly-known as and currently known as TikTok is being sued over allegations that it collected and exposed the personally identifiable data of children under 13 in violation of child privacy protection laws. Read More >>

Chemistry Nobel Prize Goes to Lithium-Ion Batteries, Even If They Explode Sometimes

The Nobel Foundation has awarded scientists John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham, and Akira Yoshino the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their work developing lithium-ion batteries. Read More >>

stan lee
Stan Lee’s Daughter Claims No One From Marvel or Disney Reached Out After His Death

With the arc of Spider-Man’s cinematic future becoming the latest topic of conversation, everyone’s chiming in with their thoughts and opinions about the beef between Marvel Studios and Sony over the character. That includes J.C. Lee, the daughter of late Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee. Read More >>

Google Fails to Have Lawsuit Originally Brought by Anti-Diversity Memo Author Thrown Out

Google’s efforts to have a lawsuit originally brought by ex-Google engineer James Damore dismissed were rejected by Superior Court Judge Brian Walsh in California's Santa Clara County, San Jose newspaper the Mercury News reported on Friday, meaning that the case can now proceed into the discovery phase. Read More >>

Class-Action Lawsuit Accuses Apple of ‘Intentionally and Unlawfully’ Sharing iTunes Listening Data

A new class-action lawsuit claims that Apple is “intentionally and unlawfully” disclosing its customers’ iTunes listening data to third parties in violation of state privacy laws. Read More >>

Facebook Sues South Korean Analytics Company to Send a ‘Message’ That It Means Business Now

Facebook has filed a lawsuit against South Korean data analytics company Rankwave over a breach of contract after the company allegedly failed to prove that it was complying with Facebook’s data policies. Read More >>

In the UK Between 1992 and 2008? MasterCard Might Soon Owe You Money

It looks like a multi-billion-pound class action lawsuit against MasterCard in the UK is going ahead, and if it succeeds, pretty much all of us could be in for a payout. Read More >>

Swatch Wins Rights to Trademark That Definitely Doesn’t Resemble One of Apple’s Most Famous Slogans

The Apple Watch might have taken a big bite out of The Swatch Group’s market share, which owns luxury timepiece brands like Tissot and Omega. But the Switzerland-based company recently countered with a small victory over Apple when a Swiss court ruled in Swatch’s favour over the use of its “Tick different” slogan; which is similar to Apple’s memorable “Think Different” advertising campaign. Read More >>

“People Don’t Buy BlackBerries Because Twitter Exists” Says BlackBerry, Sues

We hesitate to call BlackBerry a patent troll, but they are kind of asking for it. Read More >>

Bryan Singer Is Still Directing Red Sonja, World Still Terrible Place

Earlier this week, the world was (unfortunately) not so shocked to read an article in the Atlantic detailing new accusations of the sexual abuse and rape of underage children by X-Men director Bryan Singer. These accusations have been circling the director for a long time now. Today, even in light of the most recent report of allegations, the producer of Singer’s next movie isn’t budging. Read More >>