That New Nest Speaker Could be Here by the End of the Month

About a month ago, Google unveiled the design of an upcoming Nest speaker after a bunch of leaks basically forced its hand. While being able to see the thing is nice, we still weren't privy to other important details like when the thing would arrive and how much it would cost. Now, though, we might just have that information. Read More >>

Someone Leaked a Bunch of Confidential Intel Documents

Earlier today, a Twitter user leaked 20GB worth of confidential Intel documents stored on a file-sharing service – documents that the Twitter user claims they received from an anonymous hacker. According to the leaker, the folder contains classified information under NDA, and the hacker who provided the documents to the leaker said they had obtained the files earlier this year. The files have not been posted publicly anywhere before; the hacker is supposedly prepared to release more Intel data. Read More >>

A Very Official-Looking Video of the Galaxy Note 20 Has Emerged

The week of Samsung Galaxy Unpacked is finally here, when we should see the official launches of the Note 20, Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Buds Live, Galaxy Tab S7 line and Galaxy Z Fold2. Read More >>

The Lego Star Wars Bespin Duel Set Has Officially Appeared Online

Lego and Star Wars fans who've been waiting for an official glimpse of the new Bespin Duel set, take note: not only have the instructions appeared on the Lego site, but the set itself has also been listed on the Canadian Toys 'R' Us site. Read More >>

Google Pixel 5a Spotted in Android Source Code

We're expecting the long-awaited launch of the Pixel 4a today after many leaks – including the full specs – and now Google's teased us with another upcoming phone. Read More >>

The Full Specs of the Google Pixel 4a Have Leaked

It feels like we've been writing about Pixel 4a leaks since the beginning of actual time, and still the phone hasn't come out. Now, almost inevitably, the full specs of the phone have leaked just before Google was set to announce them. Read More >>

Google Confirms Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Specs

We've had BAZILLIONS of leaks of the products Samsung is planning to announce at Galaxy Unpacked already, and now here's a pretty legit one from, of all people, Google. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Price Has Leaked

We're so close to the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event next week that we're now getting multiple daily leaks about what the company will show off. The latest one claims to be the prices for the Galaxy Note 20, and you might want to brace yourself. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Hands-On Video Leaks

The Samsung leaks just keep coming, ahead of the big launch event next week. Read More >>

More Galaxy Tab S7 and Plus Leaks

If you're the sort of person who likes to open their presents before Christmas, you'll be excited to hear that more specs for Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus have leaked. Read More >>

More Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Features Leak

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked is getting closer by the day, and the company is busily getting its ducks in a row for the big launch of all its new products. That means getting websites and software ready, and that means the potential for leaks. Read More >>

Samsung’s Own Leak Confirms Earbuds are Called Galaxy Buds Live, Not Beans

Phone leaks are weird, and it doesn't help that a decent number of them come from manufacturers themselves - rather than the typical string of people on Twitter. The latest relates to Samsung's next wireless earbuds, with features being revealed in the latest version of the Galaxy Buds app. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Leak Suggests Disappointing Decisions

Another day closer to Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event means another leak, and this one's a bit of a bummer if you were excited about the Galaxy Note 20. Read More >>

First Look at the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 as Official Image Leaks

We are pretty bloomin' excited for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, which Samsung has confirmed will be happening with all the other launches at Unpacked on 5th August. Read More >>

OnePlus Code Update Shows us the OnePlus Buds in Three Colours

You thought OnePlus had announced everything it needed to tease before tomorrow's OnePlus Nord launch event. Well you were wrong. I was wrong. We were all wrong, because hi-res images of the OnePlus Buds leaked thanks to an update hitting the OnePlus 8 Series. Read More >>