Forget Prime Day, Smyths Has Knocked £50 off the Giant Lego Hogwarts

Prime Day is drawing to a close, but the one thing we've been quite upset about is the lack of money off Lego. Usually Amazon has a number of nice-looking sets to flog, but this time it's basically just one - the 20th anniversary Slave I. But we're always on the lookout for an extra Lego bargain, and we just spotted Smyths has knocked £50 off the giant Lego Hogwarts. So now it's £300 instead of £350. Read More >>

Lego Star Wars BOOST Droid Commander Sets Gets Surprise Early Release for Prime Day

Back in May Lego made an early announcement for Star Wars day, promising that there would be a Star Wars-themed version of the Lego BOOST robotics set arriving in September. But September was a long way off, and it seems Lego got sick of keeping it in storage for another couple of months. So Droid Commander has come early, like some sort of Prime Day miracle. Read More >>

Stranger Things Barb Lego Minifig is SDCC Exclusive and People are Pissed

Heads up, Stranger Things fans. Barb is back! Well, not really. She is definitely dead. But she's been immortalised as a Lego minifigure exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Read More >>

Legoland Plans First Water Park in Europe for 2020

An Italian theme park is about to become the first European site of a Legoland water park, with the Gardaland Resort in Italy soon to include a standalone Lego-branded set of slides and pools and floating bricks and whatnot. Read More >>

Tate Modern Declares Lego Art

One of the Tate Modern's favourite installation providers is coming back this year with a fun new project designed to make us think etc., although this one only appears to work on one level. Olafur Eliasson is having one tonne of white Lego bricks delivered to the gallery, for playing with. It is not quite as artistically challenging as seeing the natural world die in real time. Read More >>

The Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Will be Arriving in Lego Form Next Week

Have you ever looked at all the fancy real-life cars Lego's made and wished there was something more suitable for the two-wheel lovers out there? Well, there's some good news if any of you are out there, because Lego has announced that the next Creator Expert set will be a recreation of Harley-Davidson's Fat Boy motorbike. Read More >>

Lego Therapy Is a Thing and Is Being Used to Support Kids With Autism

Lego therapy is being used by Devon-based South West Autism, with the community interest company singing the praises of those shiny little bricks. Read More >>

Lego is Giving Away Double VIP Points All Month Long on its City Space Sets

Lego lovers and space nerds will be pleased to hear that Lego is dishing out double VIP points again all month long on a couple of its new City Space sets. Read More >>

Moving Is Rubbish, Especially If You’re A Geek

If you thought moving was hard, try to do it with a 7,000 piece Lego set. Read More >>

An Aerospace Engineer Figured Out How To Get Lego’s Apollo 11 Lunar Lander To Fly

It’s not quite as challenging as actually landing a pair of astronauts on the moon, but aerospace engineer and talented toy hacker Adam Woodworth has managed to upgrade Lego’s Apollo 11 Lunar Lander set with all the motors and electronics needed to make it actually fly and recreate that memorable landing all over again. Read More >>

Lego’s Jurassic Park: T. Rex Rampage is a Beautiful Beast

Lego's Jurassic World sets have been around for a while, but so far they've always been aimed at kids. Despite some of them being on the expensive side, the models have always been fairly simple and they've revolved around the piddly plastic dinosaurs. I'm not knocking them; there's nothing wrong with those piddly plastic dinosaurs. Or at least there wasn't, until I feasted my eyes on Lego's latest Jurassic World set: the T. Rex Rampage. It's a 3,120 piece beast comprising of a brick-built dinosaur and a huge replica of the iconic Jurassic Park gates. Read More >>

Lego Celebrates Freedom by Bringing the Lady Liberty BrickHeadz to Europe

Lego has launched Lady Liberty in Europe this week so you can celebrate freedom in style. Read More >>

Lego Reveals Two New Star Wars Sets, Coming Next Year

There are two new and shiny Lego Star Wars sets for us to look forward to, but we've got a while to wait for them. They're making their debut at San Diego Comic Con later this month, but us regular plebs won't be able to buy them until January 1st, 2020. That sounds like the distant future but it is in fact only six months. Read More >>

Lego is Dishing out Double VIP Points All Week Long

TIL that there exists something called Lego VIP points and that this week, you can earn double VIP points on everything you buy, although how often are you people buying Lego in a week? Read More >>

Lego Stranger Things ‘The Upside Down’ Review: Technical Brilliance, With an Unfortunately Tedious Build

It's been a couple of months since Lego released the Stranger Things-themed set 'The Upside Down', featuring what it probably Lego's most mature-oriented licensing deal yet. It's a set that features two different version of the Byers' house from the show, one in the real world and one in the dark parallel dimension of the Upside Down. And the Upside Down is literally upside down, attached to the bottom of its real world counterpart. Read More >>