CES 2020: The First Folding PC Is Remarkably Smart

When Lenovo first teased its foldable PC back in May it clearly needed a bit more work – even if it showed a lot of promise. Six months later at CES 2020, Lenovo is ready to debut the world’s first foldable PC and it’s slick as hell. Read More >>

Lenovo’s New Avengers Augmented Reality Game is a Glitchy Glimpse into a Future Past

For the past few years, hardware manufacturers and game studios have been valiantly trying to sell the public on the idea of virtual and augmented reality being a core aspect of the future of gaming. Their efforts have been in vain for the most part because, outside of hyper-controlled environments, entry-level gaming setups like Lenovo’s Mirage AR are both too sensitive and not sophisticated enough to create the kind of fully-immersive experience that promotional materials promise. Read More >>

IFA 2019: Lenovo’s Mirage AR Headset Has A New Marvel Game, and Some New Universal Controllers

Two years ago IFA saw the launch of the Lenovo Mirage AR headset, alongside the Jedi Challenges app. Powered by a smartphone, and coming bundled with an official lightsaber controller, you could use it to fight holograms of many Star Wars baddies. Despite my assertions that it could be a good way to introduce people to AR via their smartphones, nothing really happened with it. Now, two years later, Lenovo has another app to add to the collection: A Marvel game where you take on the role off various Marvel characters. Read More >>

This Extremely Tiny Gaming Laptop Recreates the ThinkPad’s Iconic Nipple As a Joystick

Aside from maybe Apple’s MacBooks, there isn’t a line of laptops with as much brand recognition as IBM’s ThinkPads—now manufactured by Lenovo. They’ve been around for almost 30 years now and were responsible for some real innovations in laptop design, including the TrackPoint nub in the middle of the keyboard that Paul Klinger has lovingly recreated as part of this custom miniaturised ThinkPad he created. Read More >>

Lenovo’s Smart Clock Makes Snoozing Alarms Fun Again

In today’s world, it feels like every company is trying to spruce up old tech with the power of the internet. We got smart locks, smart lights, smart vacuums, so why not a smart alarm clock? But with so many people opting to set alarms on their phones rather than manage yet one more device, what’s that point? Well for one, because snoozing an alarm with a smack is a hell of a lot more fun (and easier) than trying to hit a random software button on the phone you just knocked onto the floor. Read More >>

Dell is Experimenting With Foldable Display Devices, But Don’t Expect a Product Anytime Soon

Folding is hot, my friends. Small phones that fold out into big tablets and small laptops that fold out into bigger tablets. First, a whole slew of phone manufacturers showed off folding phones at CES and Mobile World Congress, and last week, Lenovo showed a prototype dual-screen PC. All the major players in the consumer electronics business are probably working on the problem, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Dell is experimenting with folding display computer designs as well. Read More >>

Forget Foldable Phones, Lenovo’s Prototype Bendy Screen Laptop Looks Brilliant

We’ve already seen the arrival of flexible phones like the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, and while the excitement around these gadgets may have been dulled somewhat by concerns about durability, that isn’t stopping Lenovo from taking bendy screen tech and applying it to something bigger. Read More >>

Looks Like There’s a Marvel AR Headset on the Way from Lenovo

All the way back at IFA 2017, Lenovo surprised us with a Star Wars Mirage AR headset that let you play Dejarik holochess and fight your mates with your mighty lightsaber. Now, it sounds like they might be making something similar for the Marvel universe (minus the lightsabers, of course). Read More >>

foldable phones
Lenovo’s Folding Phone is Really Weird

We're delighted that phones are getting strange again, so the latest patent filing from Lenovo has filled us with baffled glee. Read More >>

foldable phones
Motorola’s Foldable Phone is Indeed a Razr-Like Clamshell

We hoped, we prayed, and it seems the universe listened (for once). Read More >>

The Best Smart Display For Controlling Your Dumb Home

So you’ve invested in smart lights, a connected security camera, a couple of smart plugs, and probably a smart speaker or two around your house. You’re thinking of maybe adding a robot vacuum to the mix. But the idea of adding yet another app to your already cluttered phone is exhausting—what do you do? Read More >>

CES 2019: Lenovo and Google Figured Out the Perfect Alarm Clock

It took a couple of years, but we finally have the perfect application of Google Assistant—an alarm clock. The Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant looks like a sibling to Google’s Home Hub and Home Mini. Only instead of being a hub for smart home control, or a dinky speaker with Google Assistant built in, its primary function is as a Google Assistant powered alarm clock. Read More >>

CES 2019: Lenovo’s Cheap Android Tablets Double as Alexa Speakers

The tablet is lazy. At least that’s what Lenovo seems to think. The company believes tablets can be used for more than watching Netflix and playing Solitaire. So today, it’s launching two tablets (both under $300; UK pricing and availability TBA) that double as Alexa devices—complete with docks that double as Bluetooth speakers. Read More >>

CES 2019: You Ruined One of Lenovo’s Best ThinkPads

Okay you jack asses. We need to fight. Because starting this year the Lenovo Yoga Thinkpad X1 – Lenovo’s 360-hinge version of the practically perfect X1 Carbon, is dropping the very light and durable all carbon fibre body and replacing it with heavier and lamer aluminium. Read More >>

Why Do Laptop Makers Have Such Terrible Websites

It’s Black Friday, and you have read all the great reviews, enjoyed the plentiful buyer’s guides, and now you’re ready to pull the trigger a freaking laptop. Only when you go to the website of Dell, HP, Lenovo, or nearly any other laptop maker, you find yourself in a hellscape. Read More >>