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Ofcom Confirm Scousers Love a Chinwag

The people of Liverpool spend more time talking on their mobile than those in other major British cities. Read More >>

Successful Footballers Handed £3.5k Gold-Plated iPhones

The winning footballers of Liverpool, who we have been led to believe emerged victorious from one sporting campaign this season by defeating their rivals with numerous exciting goals, have been handed another form of celebratory trophy item to wave about as proof they're best – a gold-plated iPhone X. Read More >>

Morrissey’s Face Banned From Liverpool Train Network

Liverpool's Merseyrail transport network has joined the war on Morrissey, responding to a complaint about seeing the man's face on a poster by banning all such instances of the offending Morrissey image from its many urban sites. Read More >>

Liverpool Chooses Hydrogen to Alt-Fuel Eco Bus Fleet

A futuristic hum is on its way to Liverpool, as the city centre is about to host as many as 25 alternatively fuelled demonstration buses. Read More >>

It’ll Soon Be Free To Wee At Three Major Train Stations

Network Rail has announced that the toilets at Liverpool Lime Street, Manchester Piccadilly and Leeds train stations will be free to use from the 17th of December. Read More >>

Liverpool’s Own Digital Currency Keeps Banks Out of the Loop

Local currency expert Colu is trying to kick the banks out of small communities and businesses across the country, with its app-only digital currency popping up all over the place -- and in the form of the hyperlocal Local Pound Liverpool. Read More >>

Liverpool Was Recently Home To The Politest Hack Ever

Hackers don't have to be nice, but many of them aren't out to do any harm and are just curious about the world around them. It seems that one such person has hacked an advertising screen at the Liverpool One shopping centre. Read More >>

This is What Liverpool Wankers Search For on Pornhub

We all know that Liverpudlians are immensely proud of their home city, but few people could have anticipated that their porn browsing habits would be so heavily centred around it. Every term in the ‘more often searched compared to the rest of the UK’ list is scouse-themed, apart from ‘scally’. There’s ‘Liverpool slut, ‘scouse MILF’ and even ‘Liverpool scouse’. Everything a growing boy needs. Read More >>

Pornhub and Gizmodo UK Present a Complete Guide to UK Porn Habits

Pornhub’s done some terrific work regarding porn stats of late, breaking down the browsing habits of wankers all over the world. Being major smut guzzlers ourselves, we at Giz UK wanted a piece of the x-rated action, and have worked alongside the porn giant to bring you the complete guide to UK porn habits. Read More >>

Shia LaBeouf’s Set Up a Call Centre in Liverpool, and Here’s His Phone Number

Actor Shia LaBeouf is holding his latest publicity stunt artistic performance in Liverpool, and is inviting people to give him a ring. On a phone. Like a regular guy. All you have to do is punch 0151 808 0771 into your blower and tap the green button. Read More >>

Liverpool’s Homes for a Pound Scheme is the Most Expensive Deal of the Day

These days, a quid won't get you very much. If you're at a student bar, it might get you a pint. If you don't mind flirting with food poisoning, it might get you a burger. However, if you're willing to commit to a long-term project, put in loads of hard graft and fund a large series of repairs, £1 will get you a house in Liverpool. Read More >>

Five Northern Cities Push for £15bn Infrastructure Upgrade

The cities of Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield are hoping to encourage the chancellor to approve £15bn of upgrades for the north of the country, enhancing local rail links so the area can better compete with the London money machine down south. Read More >>

Apparently You Can Buy a House for Just £1 in Liverpool

House prices are simply insane in most of the country -- if you happen to live anywhere near a city, good luck trying to save for a deposit. But what if I told you you could buy a whole house for just £1? Read More >>

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Ever Fancied Taking Part In a Zombie Apocalypse?

Well now you can, as SlingShot brings its self-dubbed 'city-wide zombie chase game' to various cities around the UK, allowing you to experience the thrill and horror of being chased by, well, zombies. With this awesome trailer setting the mood for the event, it looks like you could be in for a real treat, especially if the photos from the Bristol event below are anything to go by. Read More >>

Study: T. rex Had the Strongest Terrestrial Jaws of All Time

It turns out that T. rex's physical size might not have been the only thing we underestimated. A new study suggests that the king of apex predators may have also possessed the most powerful jaws in history. Read More >>