We Can Ditch the British Stereotype and Get Back to Sorting Our Teeth Out From June 8

Lockdown has left a lot of people looking extras from Monty Python and The Holy Grail, but you can prepare to kiss goodbye to peasant-chic as dentists prepare to open their doors on June 8. You'll have to keep the wild mane and overgrown body hair for a bit longer though. Read More >>

Lockdown Eases Up: Six People Can Meet Outside and in Private Outdoor Spaces From June 1

Lockdown is about to get a bit more bearable under the new guidelines which the Prime Minister announced yesterday. So fire up the barbecue and dust off those social skills. Read More >>

Pornhub Data Shows New Lockdown Rules Aren’t Really Changing Our Wanking Habits

It's not really news to say that being stuck inside on a lockdown was sending people flocking to the porn sites, especially the porn sites that offered free access to their normally-paywalled premium content. But lockdown is slowly being relaxed in England and (to an extent) Northern Ireland, while Scotland and Wales continue with stricter measures that were imposed at the end of March. How has this affected the porn-watching habits? Apparently not that much. Read More >>

A Cheeky Nando’s is Back on the Menu

One of the UK's fast food staples is opening up its doors in a handful of locations, so you can once again confuse the Americans with suggesting a socially distanced cheeky Nando's. It doesn't take much. Read More >>

The Internet Reacts to Dominic Cummings’ Trip to Barnard Castle With Slew of Fake Tripadvisor Reviews

In case you missed it, Dominic Cummings is getting reamed right now for his antics of driving with his family to Durham during lockdown, and nipping to Barnard Castle - 30 miles away - before driving them back to London, on a round trip made with the explicit purpose of testing his eyesight. Whilst exhibiting coronavirus symptoms along with his wife. Read More >>

Woman Breaks Lockdown Law With Welsh Excursion Claiming She Didn’t Know It Wasn’t in England

We bloody love the Welsh here at Giz UK, but one English woman has declared them all to be a "bunch of bastards" after travelling 100 miles across the border for a day trip and getting reprimanded by police. Read More >>

Lockdown Exit Strategy Will See Non-Essential Shops Open Their Doors on June 15

Boris Johnson's lockdown exit plan is forging ahead with step two next month, with plans for more kids to be sent back to school and the phased reopening of shops. Read More >>

Helena Bonham Carter and Sam Neill Star in a Short Film About a Sentient Phone

One thing that global isolation has been good for (other than not getting sick) is the wave of lo-fi homemade short films from the sort of people who would normally be starring in, y’know, big expensive movies instead of making silly movies for Twitter. Read More >>

Dyson Employees Tell the Company to Stick Its Return to Work Order up Its Arse

Dyson faced an employee uprising after disregarding government advice and trying to force people back to to the office who have been happily working from home. Read More >>

Gyms and Leisure Centres Could Reopen in July Which Seems Optimistic Bordering on Delusional

It seems that everyone with a business that was forced to shut down during the pandemic is hedging their bets by telling everyone that they're reopening on July 4. Read More >>

Government Starting to Realise its Plan to Get Kids Back in School Next Month is Ridiculous

The government's plan to get young kids back in school from June 1 has gone down about as well as a fart in a perfume store, and now that everyone has been huffing on it for a while, they've decided it's not for them. Read More >>

Neil Gaiman in the Shit for Impromptu Trip Across the World During a Pandemic

Neil Gaiman has apologised for disregarding travel advice and quarantine rules by hopping on a plane from New Zealand to the UK, stopping in the US on the way, and making his way to his home on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Read More >>

BBC Together Lets You Watch Your Favourite BBC Content With Pals in Lockdown

Remember Rabbit? The service that let you watch content with friends online in shared sessions? Well BBC Together is that, but with purely BBC produced content. Read More >>

KFC Celebrates Reopening 500 Stores With a Video Montage of Your Sad Fried Chicken Efforts

KFC has announced the reopening of 500 of its restaurants, meaning you can get your finger lickin' chicken delivered straight to your door and stop trying to crack the Colonel's recipe. Your attempts suck anyway, and KFC knows it. Read More >>

Dutch Officials Advice on Shagging in Lockdown Will Make You Yearn for Your Own ‘Seksbuddy’

The Netherlands has made the move to change official advice to account for its citizens who aren't living with a permanent partner and still need to get their rocks off, pandemic be damned. Read More >>