A Fleet of Hydrogen-Powered Double Decker Buses Will Debut on the Streets of London Next Year

London is rolling out a fleet of hydrogen-powered double decker buses starting next year as mayor Sadiq Khan highlights the importance of cutting down on emissions in the capital. Read More >>

Transport Week: London Bus Facts Revisited

All aboard! London's buses are as recognisable as cultural icons go, and as part of Transport Week were are revisit a great round-up of London bus facts, spanning from their Victorian origins to today's modern machines. Read it here. Read More >>

TfL’s New Bus Safety Plans Should Drastically Cut London’s Road Traffic Accidents

TfL’s getting serious about bus safety, announcing a series of new measures designed to save lives on London’s roads. The transport body will trial new collision avoidance sensors and emergency brakes on buses later this year, with a view to rolling them out in 2017. Drivers will also be provided with improved safety training and contracts with bus companies will feature greater safety incentives. Don't kill people = Make more money (we presume). Read More >>

London Buses Will Run On Waste Meat and Animal Fats Next Year

As of March next year, one in three London buses will run on fuel blended with waste meat, animal fats and cooking oil. 3,000 Stagecoach and Metroline buses will guzzle down B20 green diesel, a modified fuel that sounds like the favourite foodstuff of an evil robot gone wrong. In fact, it's designed to help lower our impact on the environment. Read More >>

Don’t Ride London’s New Routemaster Bus During Today’s Heatwave (Unless You Want to Cook)

London's new Routemaster bus is, for the most part, wonderful. Futuristic in design but retaining the "hop-on" curvy look of the traditional London double decker, it's also a hybrid vehicle which results in far more green-friendly journeys. Read More >>

London’s Iconic Heritage Routemasters to be Scrapped in Favour of Boris Buses

It's one of the most iconic vehicles on London's roads, but the ageing red Routemaster bus, currently serving two routes, now seems set to be replaced by the modern hybrid "Boris Bus" entirely. Read More >>

London Buses to Go Cashless This Summer

Londoners will need to protect their Oyster Cards with their lives come the summer, as all buses are to go cashless. Read More >>