Petition War Declared on London’s Congestion Charge for Key Workers

London's congestion charge is back, and will soon be set at a higher level, which is good news for TfL and bad news for workers. Such bad news, in fact, that workers' unions and staff themselves are asking for an exemption for key workers, seeing as everyone's being told to stay off public transport if possible. Read More >>

London’s Mayor Says We Need Compulsory Face Masks for Shopping and Commuting

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is pleading with the government to make the wearing of face masks a compulsory thing in the city, saying he's seen evidence that their use in other countries has had some effect in limiting the spread of the coronavirus. Read More >>

The Queen Hits London Billboard to Motivate the Empty Streets

A selection of quotes from the Queen's national address are playing out to the empty streets of London, seeing as the usual paid-for advertisers have left all the spots empty. Read More >>

London’s ExCeL Arena to Become 4,000-Bed Emergency Hospital

News that should get even the hardiest of coronavirus refuseniks to start thinking about giving up their thrice-daily walks to the local Spar for milk, a newspaper and a Twix has arrived, as the NHS and the military are to begin converting London's ExCeL centre into a hospital to cope with the imminent spike in the number of people requiring critical care. Read More >>

One London Street Solves EV Charging Dilemma

This is a bit of a PR stunt and is in no way happening anywhere other than along one privileged road right now, but it does at least show it's possible to charge electric cars when they're all nose-to-tail down a residential road, as occupants of London's Sutherland Avenue have all been sorted with an entire street's worth of lamppost electric charging hardware. Trip hazards be-mostly-gone. Read More >>

Coronavirus Pandemic Causes ‘Inevitable’ Crossrail Delay, Says Sadiq Khan

If the Crossrail project is getting inexplicably delayed during normal circumstances, you can bet your arse it's going to be pushed back in the midst of a global pandemic. Read More >>

London’s Closing 40 Underground Stations and Suspending Night Service

London is going on a semi-lockdown from the looks of things, with TfL announcing that it's closed down up to 40 Underground stations from today. This is all to encourage people to only make essential journeys, and for that reason the Night Tube services are being suspended until further notice. Read More >>

4G Goes Live This Week on the London Underground’s Jubilee Line

The eastern half of the Jubilee line will have full mobile connectivity starting this week, and it's right on schedule, which is perhaps the biggest surprise of all. Read More >>

giz explains
Revealed: Where TfL Is Deploying 20 AI Cameras Around London, and Why

London’s CCTV cameras are about to get a lot smarter, thanks to a new partnership between Transport for London, the capital’s transport agency, and VivaCity Labs. Together, the pair are rolling out 20 new artificial intelligence enabled cameras across the centre of the city. Read More >>

Air Quality Protesters Hack London Road Signs With A4 Paper and Big Fonts

A bit of low-key guerilla environmental protesting has been spotted in London, where road signs with letter Os and Ns in them are being altered to contain references to urban horror pollutant nitrogen dioxide. Read More >>

London Drops 20mph Limit on Key Central Roads

Transport for London is about to introduce the polarising 20mph urban speed limit on some of the critical central London roads it manages, arguing primarily that it's about enhancing road safety. Read More >>

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Facial Recognition Less Scary than ‘a Knife in the Chest,’ says Met Police Chief

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick has had it, officially, with people criticising the police's facial recognition tech. Read More >>

Police Started Using Facial Recognition in Central London with 2 Hours’ Notice

The police's appalling record of using facial recognition tech on the public with little to no notice continued yesterday, as the Met Police in London pointed a live facial recognition (LFR) camera at people on Oxford Street with just two hours' notice. Read More >>

Primark Has Opened a ‘Wellness’ Focused Pop-Up Shop in London

Budget favourite Primark has taken the unusual step of opening a 'wellness' (blergh) focused pop-up shop in Boxpark Shoreditch in London, two months on from disappointing Christmas sales. Read More >>

Heathrow Holiday Inn Turned into Emergency Coronavirus Quarantine Centre

Guests at one Holiday Inn branch conveniently placed near Heathrow have been removed and booked into other locations, thanks to the government block-booking out the whole building to use as a potential coronavirus quarantine holdout. Read More >>