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A Familiar Star Wars Face Returns in This Excerpt for Thrawn: Treason

Timothy Zahn’s return to his most famous creation, Grand Admiral Thrawn, has been one of the consistent highlights of the new canon of Star Wars under Disney. So far we’ve got to see Thrawn’s early days in the Empire and a fateful encounter between him and Anakin Skywalker, and we just got a look inside the third entry in this new Thrawn series. Read More >>

The Latest Star Wars Animated Short Actually Makes the Ewoks Kind of Scary

Ewoks are controversial among certain elements of the Star Wars fanbase. Cute, fluffy, and awfully goofy, a lot of people find their defeat of Imperial forces in Return of the Jedi unlikely. On the one hand, come on: it’s a movie. On the other hand, the newest Galaxy of Adventures short finally provides an answer to this problem by making the Ewoks, um, kind of terrifying. Read More >>

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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker May Feel Like a Different Genre, According to Daisy Ridley

As the ending to not just the sequel trilogy, but a trilogy of trilogies, we all expect Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker to be unique. However, in a new interview, star Daisy Ridley went a step further to describe just how different it would be. Read More >>

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge FOMO Has Turned Me Into a Monster, and I Hate It

Ever since it was announced, I managed to care very little for Disney’s reveal that Star Wars would be coming to its American theme parks in the form of a whole new land. “Sounds neat, but it’s on the other side of the planet, I’ll never go so why think about it?” I’d tell myself, a man who cares a lot about Star Wars but not a lot about theme parks. Oh, what a fool I was. Read More >>

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Thanks to This Cover, the Cantina Theme From Star Wars is Going to Be Stuck in My Head All Day

Back in the day, before all the Nazis and creepy algorithmically generated children’s shows, YouTube was great for two things: old Saturday Night Live clips, and song covers. It’s honestly still pretty great for the latter. Read More >>

When Fandom Is the Problem

“Fandom” – the participatory community that grows out of a piece of media – has come to dominate pop culture. Fandom is not simply being a fan of something. Fandom is performing being a fan by creating transformative works, collecting knowledge, cosplaying, attending conventions, and, ever-increasingly, being vocal online. Some of this has been really great for people seeking communities they can’t find in real life, empowering them to be part of something that means a lot to them. And some of it has empowered only the worst elements of fan culture. Read More >>

This Fun Spider-Man: Far From Home Scene Was Cut, But You’ll Still Get to See it (and Its Star Wars Connection)

After you see Spider-Man: Far From Home next week you’re bound to wonder what happened to a few scenes from the trailers. One in particular, of Spider-Man messing with the NYPD, isn’t in the movie at all, so director Jon Watts told us what happened. Read More >>

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in California is Now Open to All

If you’re reading this, you can now go to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Read More >>

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The Mystery of Star Wars Legend Willrow Hood Has Finally Been Revealed

He only appeared for one second in The Empire Strikes Back, but Willrow Hood became a Star Wars icon. Not for any reason in particular, however. Just because he looked kind of funny running across Cloud City with what Star Wars fans have long since settled on is an “ice cream maker.” Read More >>

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The Next Marvel Star Wars Miniseries Includes a Teeny Bit of Snoke Backstory

Fans hoping to learn more about Supreme Leader Snoke before that minor incident of him getting sliced in half by a lightsaber in The Last Jedi, rejoice! But not that much. Read More >>

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Gets Even More Intriguing Thanks to Mysterious Kyber Crystals

Kyber crystals don’t only make up the heart of a Jedi’s lightsaber, now they’re the focus of one of the best mysteries in Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Read More >>

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A Crew of VFX Artists Take on the CGI of the Star Wars Prequels

The people at the Corridor Crew production studio run a series of YouTube videos called “VFX Artists React,” where their artists dissect, respond to, and try to understand the effects work in TV and film. This weekend, they tackled the harbinger of modern VFX: the Star Wars prequels, which pioneered and heavily used many techniques and styles that would define visual effects work in the 21st century. Read More >>

Apparently, Replicating the Star Wars Wipe in Jedi: Fallen Order Was a Nightmare

Developing a complicated, high-tech action game with robust physics, stunning graphics, and a lore-accurate Star Wars story? Oh, that’s tricky, but doable. Getting those wipe transitions correct? Dear Lord. Read More >>