artificial intelligence
There’s an Automation Crisis Underway Right Now, It’s Just Mostly Invisible

What actually happens to workers when a company deploys automation? The common assumption seems to be that the employee simply disappears wholesale, replaced one-for-one with an AI interface or an array of mechanised arms. Read More >>

UK Faces a Looming Fizzy Drinks Shortage

The good type of carbon dioxide is apparently in short supply at the moment, with one of the country's two (on-purpose!) producers of CO2 for the drinks industry offline for maintenance and EU sources struggling to meet demand. Hence manufacturers worrying that we may soon run out of pumped supplies of CO2 to carbonate our precious drinks with. We could be bombed back to the flat mead ages. Read More >>

Coloured Light Makes This Magical Origami Fold Itself One Step at a Time

Much like cassette tapes, land lines, and broadcast TV, one day, “some assembly required” might be a phrase that’s completely foreign to kids, as researchers at North Carolina State University take another important step toward creating objects that can automatically assemble themselves. Read More >>

Ikea’s Now Making Chairs the Same Way Nike Makes its Knitted Sneakers

There’s nothing quite as comfortable as wearing a sweater knit by a grandparent, right? That’s why Nike started using digital knitting machines to create its colorful Flyknit sneakers back in 2012, and why Ikea has now adopted the same technology to create a pair of chairs designed to pamper your posterior. Read More >>

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This Machine Weaves Chain Link Fences Like it’s Knitting a Sweater

We were totally wrong in assuming that chain link fences were made by a warehouse full of people tirelessly bending wires with pliers. It turns out this giant machine does it all autonomously, bending, twisting, and weaving wires like it’s making a giant metal sweater you never want to wear. [YouTube via The Awesomer] Read More >>

3d printing
These Crazy Robots are 3D Printers That Build Together

3D printers are getting much faster and more intricate. Now, Siemens has created a swarm of spider-like robots that can collaborate with each other to build large and intricate structures. Read More >>

3d printing
MIT Scientists Can Now 3D Print Optically Transparent Glass

3D printing has become a cheap and versatile way of creating new solid objects but some materials have so far refused to be shaped using the manufacturing technology. Now, researchers at MIT have finally developed a way to 3D print optically transparent glass. Read More >>

These Slithering Modular Snakebots are the Future of Robotics

A snakebot recently crawled up my leg. The engineers sort of grinned while I grimaced, wondering if I should try to attack it or cry for help, an impulse that comes from watching too many sci-fi movies, I guess. I expect most robots to destroy me, but these snakebots are designed to do the opposite. And they could change robotics as we know it. Read More >>

3d printing
New Super-Fast 3D Printer Builds Inch-Deep Objects in Six Minutes

Last week we reported on Carbon3D, who had announced a 3D printing system that's 25 times faster than traditional 3D printers. Now, a company called Gizmo 3D has revealed that it's developing a system that can also achieve incredible speeds. Read More >>

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These Fiery Hot Chains Look Like They’re Being Made in Mordor

I'm halfway certain that there is sorcery from Middle Earth involved in building this humongous chain. But it's pure human ingenuity. The chain is meant to be used on Shell's Prelude project (a floating liquefied natural gas platform) which is basically some enormous platform that's permanently moored offshore. Read More >>

3d printing
The First 3D Printer in Space 3D-Printed its First Object

While you were probably wishing the Christmas break would arrive and be done with already, the astronauts on the International Space Station made history. They 3D-printed a spare part for the 3D printer. In space. Read More >>

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Seeing Cast Iron Skillets Get Made Makes Me Want to Cook

Cineastas spent some time with Mike Whitehead and Finex Cast Iron Cookware Co. to give a glimpse of how Finex is trying to reinvent something that has existed for thousands of years: cast iron. I love the slow and considered process that goes into each skillet. And I love to imagine the delicious food that will be inside them. Read More >>

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Watching Crayons Being Made is Even More Fun Than Using Them

We're all kind of old. It's OK! Happens to everyone. And while our collective childlike wonder at the world has been gradually erased by the realities of Life, there are still a few simple things that wield the power to make us go "Ooooh." Crayons are kind of like that. Turns out, how they're made is just as fun as making art with the finished paper-wrapped product. Read More >>

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Cruise Ship Cabins are Built on an Assembly Line Just Like Cars

Ever wonder how cruise ships are built? Well, Royal Caribbean just released a new video that sheds a little bit of light onto the process, specifically how the cabins are manufactured. It's surprisingly similar to how your car was built. Read More >>