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Mark Zuckerberg to Somehow Become Even More Unlikable in the 2020s, Mark Zuckerberg Says

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has an ominous message for the rest of us: You may not like me, but you will understand me. Read More >>

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Big Praise: Trump Says Elon ‘Does Good at Rockets,’ Zuck’s ‘Done a Hell of a Job’

While attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, a few thoughts tumbled across the barren dunes of the US president’s skull space, out through his mouth hole and out onto Squawk Box on Wednesday. He spoke with the programme’s co-host Joe Kernen about tax cuts, the impeachment inquiry, the US Federal Reserve’s balance sheet, relations with China (“President for life – not bad”). And then he turned to starry visions of wingless rocket ships gliding high, like way up high, in the sky. Read More >>

Watch Out, Opportunity, Mark Zuckerberg Is About to Fuck You Up

On Thursday, Facebook overlord Mark Zuckerberg published his annual New Year’s resolution list. Last year, he promised to hold a series of public talks on issues posed by the tech industry (and boy, did he ever). Read More >>

Jack Dorsey Just Unfollowed Mark Zuckerberg on Twitter

Jack Dorsey is sitting, plotting, thinking about how much he hates his enemy Mark Zuckerberg for reasons unclear to the public but apparently very clear and ever-present in Jack Dorsey’s mind. Mark Zuckerberg was doing other stuff today, possibly work, probably thinking about bigger-picture nefarious schemes like world domination, but all of his plans are now cancelled because Jack Dorsey has unfollowed him on Twitter. Read More >>

Mark Zuckerberg Basically Only Invited White Men to His Conversation Series, the Result is a Gruelling Endurance Test

Mark Zuckerberg cares deeply about the voice of the people, so this year, he invited a bunch of white dudes to discuss that and other Big Stuff in six pre-recorded conversations. This was Zuckerberg’s 2019 “personal challenge”: A series of “public discussions” aimed, in his words, to “engage more in some of these debates about the future, the tradeoffs we face, and where we want to go.” Read More >>

Top Civil Rights Lawyers Warn Mark Zuckerberg of Potential Criminal Liability in Scathing Open Letter

In a letter aimed at gutting Facebook’s rationale for allowing misleading and dishonest political ads across its platform, a prominent civil rights organisation on Tuesday issued a stern warning to Mark Zuckerberg, outlining a number of federal laws to which, the group claims, Facebook may theoretically be held to account. Read More >>

Facebook’s Pretty Sure It Won’t Mess Up the News This Time

On Friday, Facebook started tests of what seems like its umpteenth attempt at handling journalism on the platform – a dedicated Facebook News section for users that lives separately from the standard News Feed on its mobile app and licenses content from the outlets writing it. Read More >>

Zuckerberg is Testifying Before the Financial Services Committee This Afternoon About Libra

The guy who just last week tried to claim his data sieve social network could have prevented the Iraq War is at it again. And by “it” I mean talking out of his arse in public. Read More >>

Zuckerberg: I Only Wined and Dined Right-Wingers to, Um, Engage in a Meaningful Exchange of Ideas

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg briefly poked his head out of his gilded panic room on Monday to address reports that he ran a quiet lobbying campaign to reassure right-wing critics of his company that he shares their concerns. In his view, he’s guilty of nothing more than “hearing from a range of viewpoints” and “learning.” Read More >>

Zuckerberg Livestreams Facebook’s Internal Q&A in Response to Audio Leaks

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the unprecedented call to publicly livestream the company’s weekly Q&A session with employees Thursday after audio recordings from similar meetings in July were leaked and published earlier this week. Read More >>

Worse Than Previously Reported: The Facebook Story

The most powerful tool in Facebook’s considerable arsenal isn’t its incalculable trove of user data or yearly revenue that exceeds the GDP of more than a few sovereign nations – it’s the platform’s ability to spread out any PR disaster over months or years so that all but the most dogged beat reporters stop giving a shit entirely. Read More >>

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Most Powerful Person in the World Meets Donald Trump

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg met with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office of the White House on Thursday. And while Zuck didn’t bother to mention the meeting on any of his social media channels, the president proudly posted a photo of the two men shaking hands on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (which is also owned by Facebook). Read More >>

Before US Senate Inquiry, Facebook Scrambles to Look Busy

“There’s been a general feeling from the platform companies of kind of playing rope-a-dope with the Congress,” Senator Ed Markey told a small audience gathered in the US Federal Election Commission’s headquarters around 9am on Tuesday. Four hours later, Markey’s well-informed inference was proven true yet again when Facebook trotted out a new blog post titled “Combating Hate and Extremism,” Read More >>

Facebook is a Dating Platform Now

Facebook – a company that knows everything about you – is a dating platform now. Seemingly it’s deeply invested in getting you to fuck your friends! You can start screaming now, or in unison with me as I read through their announcement post. Read More >>

Instagram is Reportedly Building a New Messaging App Named Threads

Instagram is working on a new messaging app called Threads “meant to promote constant, intimate sharing between users and their closest friends,” the Verge reported on Monday, in what seems like yet another attempt by a Facebook-owned property to edge in on Snapchat’s turf. Read More >>