Marks and Spencer Adds Birthday Cakes to Its Food Hamper Range for Fun Times Delivered to Your Door

Lockdown birthdays are a bit shit, even if your friends have been nice enough to thrown you a party in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, or on a video call, but as long as there's cake involved, it'll be exactly 50 per cent better. M&S has twigged that people may want to celebrate the big day even if they're stuck indoors, alone, so has added a bunch of yummy-looking cakes to its food hamper range. Read More >>

M&S Now Has Even More Food Available to Order Through Deliveroo Depending on Where You Live

If you've been dreaming about licking and nibbling on Percy Pig while his wife watches, you can make that a reality and order a bunch of your other M&S favourites along with him. Read More >>

M&S ‘Essentials’ Food Box Under Fire for Bringing a Little Joy Into People’s Lives

Supermarkets are starting to capitalise on the need for 'essential' shopping by putting together boxes containing what they deem to be necessities, and the fact that M&S has chucked a few sweets into its package seems to have riled up some customers. Read More >>

M&S Teams Up With Deliveroo So You Can Get Still Get All of Your Essentials

Deliveroo has announced that you can now get your groceries delivered with no delivery charge if you order from M&S Simply Food at BP. Read More >>

Marmite is Finding its Way into Butter and Cream Cheese Now Over at M&S

Marmite's insidious spread to everyday products is getting out of hand, as M&S announces some store exclusive Marmite contaminated products. Read More >>

M&S is Staying on the Bandwagon of Sustainability With Extended Self-Packaging Scheme

The retailer may not have been the first to make the effort to scrap unnecessary plastic packaging, but after a successful trial in a Southampton store, the self-packaging scheme is rolling out in a Manchester city centre store too. Read More >>

M&S’s Percy Pig Pancakes Have Upset the Internet

It's a hard life being a brand manager on social media these days. You can't do anything right. Read More >>

Forget Your Love Sausage This Valentine’s Day – M&S is Flogging Heart-Shaped Cucumbers

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and if your one true love has forsaken your love sausage, you're in luck with M&S' Love Cucumber. Read More >>

Percy Pig Sauce is a Thing Now

While it might sound like a niche fetish you'd find in the darkest corners of an adult interests website, Percy Pig sauce is in fact Marks & Spencer's latest attempt to capitalise on the popularity of their best-selling pig-shaped gummy sweets. Read More >>

Percy Pig Fans Rejoice With This New Marks and Spencer Pink Piggy Muffin

Percy Pig, the delicious, unofficial mascot of Marks & Spencer, is now available to eat in muffin form. Read More >>

Marks and Spencer is Giving You Money off Your Lunch if You Remember to Bring Your Own Container

Bravo, Marks and Spencer, for rewarding its customers rather than punishing them for corporate decisions they've had absolutely jack all to do with. Read More >>

M&S Has Made A ‘Love Sausage’ for Valentine’s Day

We're used to bonkers meat-based foods being released for Christmas, but Marks & Spencer has won the entire game with today's announcement of its Valentine's Day special, the Love Sausage: Read More >>

Marks and Spencer is Today’s Data Leakage Scandal Loser

A web site glitch on the portal of M&S let Shopper A see the personal details of Shopper B when logged in yesterday, with the shopping giant taking its entire web presence down last night while it worked out exactly what had gone wrong. Read More >>

Marks & Spencer’s Fish and Chips Pie is Everything But Humble

The Random Food Generator really has pulled something out of the bag with this one. This has to be the pinnacle of off the-shelf supermarket pies, surely? Can any food ever be more British than a Marks & Spencer fish and chips pie? Read More >>

M&S Builds “Lifestyle” App for Samsung Smart TVs

That image up there is the aspirational lifestyle of the average Marks & Spencer shopper, as presented through the shopping chain's new app for Samsung Smart TVs. Read More >>