Breaking Down the Deadly Past and Comic Book Connections of Black Widow’s First Trailer

Yesterday, out of nowhere, Marvel Studios gave us our first surprise look at Black Widow, the solo spy movie fans have been dying to see since Scarlett Johansson pummelled the hell out of some dudes in a corridor in Iron Man 2 nine years ago. Now, even if Natasha Romanoff has exited the MCU, there’s still a chance to delve into her history. Read More >>

Josh Trank Reviews His Own Fantastic Four Film, Gives It a Generous Two Stars

Honestly, Josh Trank, director of the most recent (and famously flopped) Fantastic Four film, had his work cut out for him. Between the need for Fox to compete with the growing MCU, a troubled production, and Max Landis, this project was never going to turn out well. Read More >>

star wars
What You Need to Know About Star Wars’ Imperial Inquisitorius

Jedi: Fallen Order presents Star Wars fans with a foe that may be a bit unfamiliar to them, as young Jedi purge survivor Cal Kestis goes up against the sinister agents of the Emperor known as the Inquistorius. But these saber-spinning acolytes already have a rich and tragic place in Star Wars’ canon. Here’s what you need to know before you go slicing them up. Read More >>

Watch Saladin Ahmed Talk About His Love For Marvel and His Work on Miles Morales: Spider-Man and The Magnificent Ms. Marvel

Saladin Ahmed is one of Marvel’s most interesting writers right now. Working on two of their youngest, most vibrant characters, Miles Morales and Kamala Khan, Ahmed is doing work that could easily shape the future of one of the Marvel Universe’s most interesting corners. Read More >>

Another of Dwayne Johnson’s Jungle Cruise Collaborators is Joining Him for Black Adam

Much to the surprise of all, the Black Adam movie seems to be actually moving forward, with Shazam or without him, and this weekend another crucial bit of information about the film dropped. Read More >>

Sophia Di Martino Is Joining Tom Hiddleston for Marvel’s Loki Series

With Disney Plus launched in some regions, a slow trickle of news related to Marvel’s upcoming TV shows for the platform has begun. We still know very little about Loki’s series, which will feature Tom Hiddleston reprising the role of the trickster Norse god he made his own in the Avengers and Thor movies. But at least we know one of the other stars now. Read More >>

Don’t Worry, Your Marvel Movies Aren’t Stopping Anytime Soon

This summer, Marvel Studios announced titles for all its movies coming out through 2021. A few months later, we found out what movie was coming out in May 2022. At that point, the last movie on the studio’s schedule was slated for July of that year. Now, it goes much further than that. Read More >>

You Can’t Watch Any of the New Marvel Shows Yet, But Here’s Some Concept Art

Disney+ has finally arrived, at least in the US, and with it comes hundreds of classic Disney movies, some impressive original content, and zero new Marvel Studios shows. Which, of course, we knew. Those shows aren’t going to start rolling out until late next year. However, to tease fans of what’s to come, Marvel Studios did add a 12-minute featurette to the streaming service featuring lots of cool stuff. Read More >>

You’re Damn Right Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Moon Knight Will Be in the MCU Movies Too

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe prepares for Phase 4 with The Eternals, a new crop of heroes are rising over on Disney’s streaming service. But don’t take that to mean those characters are being sidelined on the small screen. According to Marvel’s chief creative officer Kevin Feige, the shows are only the beginning. Read More >>

Marvel’s She-Hulk and Moon Knight Shows Just Landed Their Leaders

She-Hulk and Moon Knight may be two of the newest shows Marvel Studios announced for Disney+, but the studio has already begun putting together their creative teams. Read More >>

Ben Mendelsohn Dunking on Every Marvel Hero That’s Not Spider-Man Is Exactly What We Needed Today

Remember that wild month where we all thought Spider-Man might not be in the MCU and everyone promptly got a bit wound up about it? Well, even if that ended up not being the case, it turns out no one might have kicked off more than Ben Mendelsohn. Read More >>

Report: Peyton Reed Will Return for Ant-Man 3, Coming 2022

The Ant-Man will ride again. But will the Wasp? Read More >>

While We’re Arguing if Marvel Movies Are Art, Let’s Also Let Them Be Sexy, Dammit

The internet is currently in what feels like an endless cycle of asking artsy film directors their thoughts about Marvel movies and then getting mad at those thoughts. So, you know, it’s just a regular time on the internet. But among that tiresome discourse, at least one director had a point we could get behind: Let these people fuck. Read More >>

Spider-Man Noir Lives, and Is Heading to London, for His Brand New Comic Series

Back when the moviegoing world was introduced to a Nic Cage-voiced, Nazi-punchin’, Rubik’s-cube-enchanted Spider-Man Noir in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Marvel Comics had the grand idea to kill the character off as part of Spidergeddon. Well, good news! The Peter Parker of Earth-90214 is coming back, and getting his own series to boot. Read More >>