The Weirdest and Most Wonderful Alternate Dimensions in the Marvel and DC Universes

Comics are filled with alternate realities — that’s why they call them multiverses, after all. While strange, most of these worlds are just variations of the primary universe, where Superman landed in Russia instead of America, or the radioactive spider bit Gwen Stacy, and so on. But underneath all those realities lies an altogether weirder set of alternate dimensions for heroes to visit, get stuck in, or be freaked out about. Here are our favourites from DC Comics and Marvel’s lengthy history. Read More >>

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Deadpool’s Looking for a New Crew in This Charming Musical Parody

I’m a sucker for musicals — put something into song and I’m sold. For instance, you can damn well bet I’m gonna see the Mamma Mia! sequel, even though I know it’ll be terrible. But in the meantime, here’s a musical sequel that actually is worth a watch: A Deadpool musical crossover extravaganza. Read More >>

The Avengers: Infinity War Blu-ray Is Going to Be Packed With Over 2 Hours of Cool Extras 

In a few weeks’ time, the internet is going to suddenly be full of a whole lot more GIFs of some of those epic fights from Avengers: Infinity War because you’ll finally be able to watch it on Blu-ray or digital in the comfort of your own home. As always, it’s going to be packed with extras. Read More >>

Disney Shuffles the Release Dates for Marvel, Indiana Jones, and More

As expected, Indiana Jones 5 has now officially been moved to a 2021 release date. But that’s just one of several premiere shifts Disney announced today, which include a Marvel movie, live-action adaptations, and more. Read More >>

The Perplexing Legal Saga of Stan Lee Continues With Dropped Pow! Lawsuit

Two months ago amid increasingly public turmoil about his private life, Stan Lee announced he planned to sue Pow! Entertainment—the media company he co-founded in 2001—for allegedly stealing his identity. Now, that’s no longer the case, as Lee has dropped the lawsuit in the wake of other legal battles the beloved comics icon is embroiled in. Read More >>

Thanos Has Snapped His Fingers and Killed Half of a Subreddit

Perfect balance has been achieved. The r/ThanosDidNothingWrong subreddit is now better equipped to allocate its precious resources after moderators randomly banned half of its members. Was I among those culled? Well, all I can say is: I don’t feel so good right now, Mr. Stark. Read More >>

This Video Thinks Through Thanos’ Big Motivation Change in Avengers: Infinity War 

In the comics, Thanos is a menacing but almost tragic figure motivated by a deranged love for the personification of Death. In Infinity War, he’s a little different. Read More >>

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I Wish There Was a Spider-Man TV Show Like This Videogame Fan Trailer

With just the right song, and some good edits, this game footage looks like it stepped out of the Spider-Man cartoon of my dreams. Read More >>

Even Thomas the Tank Engine Was a Digital Fake in Ant-Man

Visual effects studio DNEG just released a behind-the-scenes look at its post-production work on the original Ant-Man movie, ahead of the sequel’s delayed release in the UK in a few weeks. It’s no surprise that shrinking actors to the size of an ant requires extensive digital fakery, but even the film’s cameo by Thomas the Tank Engine (both the small and large versions) was realized through CG. Read More >>

Evangeline Lilly Fought to Make Ant-Man and the Wasp More Radically Feminine

Ant-Man and the Wasp is a madcap adventure of a movie about Scott Lang learning to get out of Hope Van Dyne’s way while she takes care of business and saves the day. Unsurprisingly, Evangeline Lilly is one of the major reasons this is an indisputably factual statement. Read More >>

Luke Cage’s Showrunner Says His Harshest Critics Helped Him Make the Second Season Bulletproof

Before Black Panther and Black Lightning were bringing epic, distinctly black superhero stories to the big and small screens, Luke Cage set out to tell a poignant, timely story about just what it would mean for a black man to be gifted with near-invulnerability in a world trying to destroy him. Read More >>

How Both Captain America: Civil War and Infinity War Impact Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp was born when director Peyton Reed first saw an early version of Captain America: Civil War. In that film, Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is recruited to help Captain America fight Iron Man, and ends up revealing in addition to shrinking, he can also grow very big. As audience members, we can see that moment and just kind of enjoy it. But, with a new Ant-Man movie to make, Reed had a completely different thought. Read More >>

Harlan Ellison Wrote One of the Best Daredevil Stories Ever

The first place I fell in love with the late, beloved science fiction author Harlan Ellison was in comics. Specifically, it was in Daredevil #208, a comic I obsessively read over and over again when I was a kid. After re-reading it last night, I can definitely state that it holds up extremely well. Read More >>

Early On, The Wasp Was Actually Planned to Appear in Captain America: Civil War 

When Captain America: Civil War came out, a lot of hardcore fans had a question. We’ve got Ant-Man. Now where’s the Wasp? Now, we know that at one point, that was actually the plan. Read More >>