There’s Another Avengers Lego Set on the Way, and it’s a Giant Hulkbuster

Earlier this week we got our first official look at the first wave of Lego sets tying into Avengers: Infinity War. It didn't take long for Lego to announce something new, though, because today's it's unveiled the Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition set. Read More >>

Sony Very Nearly Had the Movie Rights to Almost Every Marvel Character Decades Ago

This year, Marvel Studio’s cinematic universe of superhero films turns 10—a milestone for a movie franchise that’s had such a fundamental impact on Hollywood, and shows no signs of stopping. But it only happened because of what turned out to be a monumental mistake a decade before Iron Man hit screens... a mistake by Sony, not Marvel. Read More >>

8 Times Black Panther Was an Unbelievable Badass

Black Panther isn’t just one of the Marvel universe’s smartest and most powerful heroes, he’s often the one with the most tricks up his sleeve. If Batman is DC Comics’ king of out-of-nowhere moments of surprise, T’Challa handily takes the crown for Marvel. Here’s a few times he grandly let us know he’s always a few steps ahead of Marvel’s mightiest. Read More >>

Where is Black Panther’s Museum of Great Britain?

If you haven't seen Black Panther yet you should stop reading this and buy a ticket. Not just because it's a brilliant film, but also because we're getting into a few minor spoilers you may want to avoid for the time being. Read More >>

Lego’s Officially Revealed the New Sets for Avengers: Infinity War

With the third Avengers film now less than three months away, it's time for Disney and Marvel to start releasing the official merchandise - and with it may come a slew of spoilerific materials. While these sets might have leaked just after Christmas, Lego has now officially unveiled six sets to accompany the film. Read More >>

All the Easter Eggs and References We Spotted in Black Panther

The first Marvel movie is 2018 is already here, with Black Panther hitting cinema screens today. We had the chance to see the film ahead of time, meaning we could write down all the different easter eggs and references we could see and put them together for the intrepid Marvel geeks out there. Read More >>

Black Panther’s Politics Are More Than Skin Deep

After seeing Black Panther last week, I’m fairly convinced that the pundits are right: this film really does look like it is going to be a cultural “moment”. Though the underlying film hits all of the standard superhero beats, it feels as subtly refreshing as you might expect for the first super-mega-blockbuster scale film to feature a majority black cast. Read More >>

Ryan Coogler Wanted To Put Kraven The Hunter in Black Panther

For a Marvel fan, the opportunity to play in the MCU sandbox must be a thrill. Think of all the characters yet to be introduced! Director Ryan Coogler recently revealed the one character he wished he could have included in Black Panther, and it’s a good one. Read More >>

James Mangold Would Prefer You Not Call Logan ‘High-Octane’

James Mangold, director of Logan, is an individual of strong opinions. And he has very specific ideas about the ways he does and doesn’t want his latest film to be received. Read More >>

Black Panther Is Marvel’s First Shakespearean Epic

There are a great many things that make Black Panther a Marvel film like no other, but one of the most striking things about it is how thoroughly familiar the world of Wakanda feels. Not in the sense that you’ve seen anything like it before (trust me, you haven’t), but rather that seeing it feels like coming home. Read More >>

At One Point, Marvel Was Seriously Considering Making a War Machine Movie

Though Black Panther will be Marvel’s first film with a black lead and a predominantly black cast, the Wakandan king isn’t the first black hero to take center stage in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That distinction belongs to James Rhodes—War Machine—a character who almost got his own solo movie. Read More >>

A Brief History of Black Panther’s Wakanda Under T’Challa’s Reign

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s depiction of Wakanda is undoubtedly going to become the definitive take on the secretive nation for many people once Black Panther hits theaters, and that’s understandable. But there is so much more to Wakanda’s rich history in the comics that just won’t fit into the film. Read More >>

In the New Jessica Jones Trailer, the Ghosts of the Past Come Back at the Worst Possible Time

The first season of Jessica Jones left the surly, superpowered private investigator left to pick up the pieces of the abuse she suffered at the hands of Kilgrave. The next season will seemingly see her try to put another long-suffering trouble to rest: The mysterious accident that killed her family and gave her her powers. Read More >>

Thanos Doesn’t Have the Only Gauntlet In This New Avengers: Infinity War Footage

The first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War was insanely massive. The TV spot that just debuted at the Super Bowl is too but, the coolest part is, well, we’ll let you see. Read More >>

Marvel Studios Has Yet to Consider How the X-Men or Fantastic Four Would Fit Into Its World

If the X-Men and the Fantastic Four are entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige doesn’t know about it. Read More >>