Disney Is Moving Forward With Construction on Its Marvel Theme Park Expansion

With Galaxy’s Edge a success, it’s time for Disney to move forward on its next franchise-incorporating theme park project: a Marvel park. Read More >>

This Captain Marvel Deleted Scene Has Some Serious Sexual Vibes

Alien: Covenant’s got nothing on this. Disney has posted another deleted scene from Captain Marvel, showing Yon-Rogg having a tense meeting with the Supreme Intelligence. But not just normal tension: It’s sexual tension. Read More >>

Dark Phoenix’s Simon Kinberg Took Inspiration From Nolan’s Batman to Bring the X-Men Down to Earth

There’s an unsteady, chaotic energy coursing through much of Simon Kinberg’s Dark Phoenix. It almost feels like an extension of the existential crisis its titular hero finds herself in as she becomes the most powerful mutant to ever walk the Earth. That feeling, according to Kinberg, was a wholly intentional part of his directorial debut. Read More >>

A Brief Explanation of Dark Phoenix’s Confusing Alien Villain

While Fox was perfectly fine spoiling Dark Phoenix’s major death in early advertisements, the true identity of Jessica Chastain’s alien character was kept conspicuously hush in the weeks leading up to the film’s premiere. Though an explanation for the codename she was referred to by the studio (“Smith”) is never explained in the film itself, a brief exchange is packed with just enough information about Chastain’s character to reveal who they are and how they fit into the larger Dark Phoenix Saga. Read More >>

Part of Dark Phoenix’s Box Office Failure Might Be Thanks to…Alita: Battle Angel?

In the sort of nerdy debate over who would win between the cosmic fury of the Phoenix Force and a cyborg warrior from Mars, you never thought the answer “whichever was backed by James Cameron” would be the deciding factor. And yet, here we potentially are? Read More >>

We Love This Blurry Yet Intriguing Glimpse at the Upcoming Loki Show

When he escaped with the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame, there was no telling what Loki might do next. Turns out, he may have just gone to see Jaws. Read More >>

Get Your First Look at The Avengers, Earth’s Mightiest New Video Game

Announced years ago by Square-Enix and Crystal Dynamics as part of a new concerted effort by Marvel to return to AAA-gaming, we’ve finally just gotten a decent look at what exactly The Avengers is going to be—and it seems pretty damn great looking so far. Read More >>

The Original Men in Black Marked a Transition of the Hollywood Blockbuster

When most of us think of the original Men in Black, it’s not that significant. It’s a blip on the blockbuster scale. A film that used Will Smith at his prime, had a hit pop song in its credits, and spawned a few sequels. Watching it now though—over 20 years since its 1997 release, on the eve of a franchise reboot—and you come to appreciate the film in ways you never thought possible. Read More >>

This Interactive Timeline Helps Make Sense of Avengers: Endgame’s Time Travel Logic

Time travel is complicated, which means it’s time for some charts. Read More >>

Watching Gwyneth Paltrow Realise in Real Time She Was in Spider-Man: Homecoming Is the Delight You Need Today

You know how it is, in between days of shilling scientifically dubious lifestyle methods to women and filming cameos for Marvel movie after Marvel movie. They all blur together to the point that you just don’t have a clue where you’ll eventually show up. Read More >>

Here’s What Could’ve Happened in an X-Men vs. Fantastic Four Movie

Earlier this decade, as Marvel Studios was building toward its own mega-movie crossover, Fox was doing the same thing. A new report claims the studio hired writers and even courted a director to make an X-Men vs. Fantastic Four crossover movie, and now details have emerged on what that might have looked like. Read More >>

Simon Kinberg Likens Dark Phoenix’s Original Ending to Captain America: Civil War and Captain Marvel

While the cast of Simon Kinberg’s Dark Phoenix has spoken about the similarities between the film’s original ending and the ending of another recent big superhero film – similarities that were so extensive they required the final X-Men installment to undergo extensive reshoots – everyone has been coy about what that other superhero film was, as well as how Dark Phoenix’s new ending sets it apart. Read More >>

Lego’s War Machine Buster is a Great Set With a Dash of Disappointment

Of the sets Lego released to tie into the release of Avengers: Endgame, the one I was most looking forward to was the War Machine Buster. Because, honestly, a Hulkbuster in the style of War Machine has the potential to be one of the coolest suits of armour in the entire MCU. Because it's a Hulkbuster that's heavily armed with dangerous and powerful weaponry, which is exactly what you need when you're going up against Thanos and his armies. But unfortunately the fact this set was revealed before the film's release means it's still rather disappointing. Read More >>

Jessica Jones Season 3 Is a Last Call That Feels Too Familiar

Jessica Jones understands that recovering from psychological trauma is often a lifelong process, something marked by countless instances of backsliding and false starts that can make it feel like one might never be whole again. In the Netflix series’ third and final season, the MCU’s favourite nihilist detective is extremely back on her bullshit, which is to say that she’s getting by via the only ways she knows how: drinking, fighting, and doing the occasional bit of heroic vigilante work. Read More >>