We Took a Deep Dive Inside Maserati’s Innovation Lab

It’s not that often a car manufacturer opens its factory floor to outsiders. Even less likely to happen is getting an opportunity to take a peek at where the real research and development goes on. Surprisingly, Maserati recently did just that by allowing journalists in to take a look around its Innovation Lab. And, to be honest, it was bigger than we were expecting with a total footprint of 33,744 square metres. With 1100 or so employees divvied up across a huge low-rise workspace in via Emilia Ovest, Modena it’s an impressive facility for sure. Read More >>

One-Off Maserati Boomerang Goes to Auction This September

An amazing collection of rare cars is set to be auctioned this September, with the highlight being this Maserati Boomerang -- a one-off prototype that's still road legal. Read More >>

Bowers & Wilkins Team Up With Maserati for Cash-Injected Cans

Bowers & Wilkins have announced the release of a new special edition Maserati collaboration, the P5, which they promise delivers "the perfect marriage of brand partnership that celebrates luxury, elegance and unrivalled performance". This perfect marriage will set you back £329.99. Read More >>