Google Bans Ads for ‘Experimental Medical Treatments’

Google plans to crack down on ads for unproven medical treatments, as the company has observed a rise in predatory scams that target desperate patients. Read More >>

Scientists See Human-Like Brain Waves in Lab-Grown Mini-Brains

One way that scientists can non-invasively study the human brain is by growing “mini-brains”, clusters of brain cells each about the size of a pea, in the lab. In a fascinating progression of this line of research, a team this week reports that they observed human-like brainwaves from these organoids. Read More >>

Medicine Swap Screwup Gave Babies ‘Werewolf Syndrome’

A medicine imbroglio left several parents in Spain scrambling to figure out why their children were growing hair all over their bodies. Read More >>

Preliminary Data Shows Two New Ebola Drugs Dramatically Decrease Mortality Rates

Two new clinical treatments for the infamous Ebola virus may result in it becoming a “preventable and treatable” disease, the BBC reported on Monday, with a study of four drugs finding that two treatments called REGN-EB3 and mAb114 were effective in limiting mortality from the disease. Read More >>

What’s the Worst Thing That Could Happen if You Hold in Your Pee Too Long?

Unless there are some truly radical advances in catheter technology, having to pee and not being able to will remain a universal predicament, albeit one more acute for some (Amazon warehouse workers, for instance) than for others. Certainly it can feel, in the moment, like you’re doing real, irreversible damage to yourself, but that feeling often fades the moment you make it to a bathroom. But do the effects of not peeing linger beyond temporary discomfort? What are you really doing to yourself, when – via not wanting to shoulder your way out of a crowded movie cinema aisle, or displease your sadistic boss, or because of some kind of medical condition – you put off what badly needs doing? Read More >>

Listening to Music Before Getting Anaesthesia Can Help You Stay Calm

A dose of music might be enough to calm your worries before certain medical procedures. According to a new study out this week, patients who listened to music before having anaesthesia injected into them had their level of anxiety lowered as much as those who took a mild sedative. Read More >>

elon musk
Elon Musk’s Neuralink Says It’s Created Brain-Reading ‘Threads,’ Surgical Robot That Inserts Them

On Tuesday evening in San Francisco, SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk finally shed some light on what Neuralink, his company that has raised $158 million (£126 million) to develop “ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers,” has been up to since its launch in 2017. Read More >>

Health Care Workers in London Turned Over an Undocumented Immigrant Trafficking Victim to Police, Case Report Says

Doctors are getting increasingly entangled in anti-immigrant rhetoric—and, predictably, it’s having horrible consequences for their patients. Read More >>

Scientists Find a New Kind of Cell That Helps Heal the Heart

The human body has plenty of nifty tricks to keep itself alive for as long as possible, and scientists still haven’t come close to figuring them all out. Case in point, a team of researchers this week describe a previously unknown type of cell near the heart that helps it heal from injury. The discovery could lead to new therapies or, at the very least, change how heart surgeons operate on our most precious organ, according to the researchers. Read More >>

Researchers Use CRISPR to Remove HIV From Mice

An interdisciplinary team of scientists is claiming to have eliminated the HIV virus from the genomes of mice by combining the CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing tool with an experimental new drug. It’s a promising development in the battle against HIV and AIDS, but more work is required before clinical trials can begin. Read More >>

Police Let Mom Keep Feeding Son Bleach After She Showed Them YouTube Videos, Doctor Approval

Search YouTube for “Miracle Mineral Solution” or “MMS” and you will find a trove of videos about how consuming bleach will treat various illnesses—acne, flu, malaria, HIV, hepatitis, cancer, and autism. Read More >>

Goo From Giant Salamanders Is Impressively Good at Sealing Wounds

When Chinese giant salamanders are injured, they discharge white mucus from glands on their skin. As new research shows, this sticky salamander goo makes for an excellent medical glue, sealing wounds and encouraging them to heal. Read More >>

Five Years After Surgery, Face Transplant Recipients Experience Significant Improvements

A five-year follow-up of six face transplant patients has found significant improvements in their sensory and motor functions, along with reported improvements to their quality of life. Read More >>

Medicinal Plants Used During the US Civil War Are Surprisingly Good at Fighting Bacteria

With conventional medicines in short supply during the US Civil War, the Confederacy turned to plant-based alternatives in desperation. New research suggests some of these remedies were actually quite good at fighting off infections—a finding that could lead to effective new drugs. Read More >>

Instagram Is Doing an Anti-Vaxxer Hashtag Purge

It takes mere moments to find thousands of Instagram posts from anti-vaxxers, but users spouting straight up bullshit about vaccinations on the photo-sharing platform are going to have a trickier time circulating their misinformation. Read More >>