You Animals Love Vertical Video So Much Samsung Made a TV That Turns Sideways

It was bound to happen at some point. Realizing that young people like to look at social media on their phones, Samsung is releasing a new TV in Korea that can flip from landscape mode to portrait mode. That means millennials can beam their Snapchat to a big screen, and who knows if that’s a good idea. Read More >>

London Theatre Job Ad Offers To Pay Peanuts With Insulting Recruitment Post

A London theatre has attempted to recruit a new, underpaid staff member by insulting an entire generation of people.The Tea House Theater offered between £15,000 and £20,000 per year for an office administrator. The full-time position was posted with the most remarkable job advert of all time. Read More >>

Young People Have No Hope Of Owning A Home, Report Confirms

You smashed it at university, got a great degree - with the unfortunate side of debt they serve it with - and now you're in a good job that pays decent money. In the old days that would see you on the housing ladder in no time. Not any more though, because there aren't enough houses, the ones that exist are massively overpriced, and London's flats are acquired as investments and left empty. Read More >>

A Study Claims All the Cool Kids Say “Fuck” At the Office

You know what’s no surprise at all? A survey (nationally representative of the US) of 1,500 workers nationwide found that younger people—especially women—swear like sailors in the workplace. Read More >>