‘Bitcoin Maven’ Jailed for Multi-Million Dollar Bitcoin-for-Cash Money Laundering Operation

Bitcoin has lost most of its (likely inflated) value in the last few months, but it still has plenty of value for law enforcement agencies looking for financial crimes to punish. The latest cryptocurrency criminal to get the book thrown at them is “Bitcoin Maven,” a 50-year-old woman who ran a bitcoin-for-cash exchange operation. Read More >>

Classic “Shopping Basket” Will Soon Include the Junk We Buy Online

The way the suits count how the prices of things are going up is about to change, with our online boredom shopping soon to form part of the standard UK shopping basket that makes up retail inflation figures. Read More >>

Elderly People Are Too Embarrassed to Admit to Being Scammed

Research into cases of modern online fraud has found that elderly victims are likely to keep quiet about being tricked into handing over bank details or money, with the shame of being fooled by a scammer making it too hard for them to admit to friends and family that they've been done over. Read More >>

Tesco Tests Cashless Checkouts and Mobile Self-Scanning

Tesco is using an innovation hotbed within its Welwyn Garden City headquarters to test a wholly cashless shopping experience, with staff who shop at the in-house mini Tesco Express using their mobiles to scan their own shopping, and simply walking out with it to leave the apps and passwords and clever things to handle payment in the background. Read More >>

Chinese Rail Giants Tipped to Win HS2 Operator Contract

The two Chinese entrants on the HS2 operator bids shortlist are likely to win, according to sources, not just because they're the best and have the deepest, state-backed pockets, but also due to the UK's rail franchises not exactly filling everyone with confidence. Read More >>

Netflix Joins “Tax-Efficient” Tech Elite With UK Bill of £0

Netflix has truly joined the ranks of the transglobal superjumbo tech titans, as it's gone down the road of complex offshore taxation shenanigans to ensure a UK corporation tax bill of... zero. Not only that, but it somehow wangled a rebate from the government of around £174,000. Maybe that was a thank-you for keeping all the youths inside and sedated in front of their screens? Read More >>

Country People Can’t be Bothered With Your Urban Digital Banking Obsessions

People who live in the rural masses of the UK aren't so bothered about banking apps, according to the Financial Conduct Authority, which says that just 23 per cent of country folk bother to do their banking through a smartphone – whereas 45 per cent of their clean-shod urban counterparts do. Read More >>

Uber’s Latest Test Feature Gives You a Discount if You’re Patient Enough to Wait a Bit

If you've used Uber for any extended period of time, you'll know full well how the pricing system works. Basically if there's high enough demand, ie too many customers and not enough drivers, the far price goes up. Not enough customers and too many drivers, price goes down. Usually there's not much you can do about that, but Uber has confirmed it's testing a feature that lets people request at a later time and save themselves some money. Read More >>

Card Paying Overtakes Cash for the First Time

The number of payments made via debit card have overtaken cash transactions in the UK at last, with the new wave of just-working contactless debit card systems helping to make paying for stuff without using money more commonplace than ever. Read More >>

Fire-Sale Alert: Tesco Direct is Sluicing the Junk out of its Warehouses Ahead of July 9 Closure

A machine that cooks chips. A plastic bed with a pink princess on it. Lamps and duvets and curtains and things. That's what you can expect to find in the Tesco Direct pre-shutting clearance sale, should you be bothered enough to sort through the intermixed pages of deals and not-really-deals to find the genuine discounts. Read More >>

13-Year-Old Blew £80,000 Gambling With Dad’s Credit Card

A child, generously described as a teenager due to scraping in above the 13-year-old bar when he committed his crimes, is in trouble. Quite a lot of trouble, thanks to taking photos of his dad's credit cards with his telephone and using the details to rack up a staggering £80,000 online gambling loss. Read More >>

Cheap Advance Train Tickets Could Go in Massive Industry Shake Up

A group of men sipping tea from chipped Intercity mugs are bored of being told that buying a train ticket is too complicated a task, so have decided it's time to simplify the process. Which is lovely, although one idea they're putting forward won't go down well -- binning advance tickets. Read More >>

Massive Network Crash Temporarily Renders Visa Cards Useless in UK and Europe

Despite the prevalence of credit cards and payment services like Venmo and Apple Pay, when things go wrong, cash is still king. And today, Europe and the UK got a really good reminder of that after a network crash prevented millions of Visa credit and debit card holders from making any transactions. Read More >>

Salaried Author Positions Might Get Your Book off the Ground

A new publishing company thinks it might have found a way to encourage the next generation of novel writers to ditch the day jobs and start generating book-based content. It's offering paid author jobs that put writers on a salary of around £2,000 a month, then sees what happens. Come on then, 100,000 words that make sense. By December. Read More >>

Buskers in London Are Starting to Take Card Payments

We are living in an increasingly cash-free world, because cash is far more annoying to handle and carry around compared to a thin piece of card or a mobile phone. However this does mean that certain parts of life will suffer and possibly die out if they don't adapt, including charity boxes, buskers, and more. That's why buskers in London have started accepting card payments. Read More >>