William Hill Shuts 119 Shops for Good

Legitimate high street face of gambling William Hill has said it will not bother reopening 119 of its betting sites – expanding on last year's pre-pandemic closures – as it expects fewer customers to return to its dens of sporting loss even when the pandemic is but a weird, distant memory. Read More >>

New Student Loan Repayment Tool is ‘Dangerous,’ Says Martin Lewis

The government has made some changes to its Student Loans Company website, and finance expert Martin Lewis is vexed. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos Makes Over £10 Billion in One Day During Pandemic

The U.S. is hanging on the precipice of economic collapse, with around 25 million Americans slated to be kicked off extended coronavirus pandemic uninsurance later this week and the White House mulling tax cuts and screw you as a replacement. But every cloud has an obscene silver lining: world’s richest man and ghoulish Amazon overlord Jeff Bezos is doing great! Read More >>

Robinhood Trading Platform Abandons UK Launch

The Robinhood share trading platform, which has ironically been accused in the US of letting normal everyday folk run up massive and life-ruining debts payable to banking giants, will no longer launch in the UK. Read More >>

Teetering Universities May Apply for Emergency Government Loans

The education secretary is preparing to hand out emergency financial support to some of the England's most Covid-struck universities, but at the cost of cutting pay for senior managers and altering the balance of subjects taught. Read More >>

Apple and Ireland Have Won an Appeal Against the European Commission’s €13 Billion Back Tax Bill

Way back in 2016, the European Commission declared that Ireland and Apple had broken the law, ruling that the tax arrangement between the two was illegal. Apple was then told to pay back €13 billion (nearly £12 billion) in back taxes. Obviously this being the law, appeals were made while the money was placed in an escrow account waiting for everything to wind down. And they just might have done, now an appeal has ruled in Apple's favour. Read More >>

Free Parking for NHS Staff in England May End Soon

The government thinks we've stopped paying attention enough to allow it start charging NHS staff to park at their places of work again without triggering a massive online furore! Silly old government. What a silly government you are. Aren't you? Silly. Read More >>

Netflix Donates £500,000 to Help UK Theatre Staff

Netflix has added some money of its own to the UK's bailout of the creative industries, putting £500,000 into a theatre artist fund designed to help those who don't qualify for any government assistance. Read More >>

Royal Mint Unveils £1,000 Gold Coin Featuring Elton John

Sir Elton John has been having a bit of a revival lately (not that he ever went away, to be fair) with the immense success of the Rocketman film based on his life, his 2019 autobiography, his successful lockdown benefit gig and now a set of tremendously fancy coins celebrating his contributions to music and culture. Read More >>

Wetherspoon Boosts Prices on UK’s Grand Pub Reopening Weekend

The Wetherspoon chain picked the date of July 4 for a series of price rises, with the entirely coincidental boost to the cost of everything it sells coinciding with the reopening of some of the nation's pubs to some of the nation's more unstoppable and won't-be-told drinkers. Read More >>

NatWest Payit Launches Cardless Online Payments Service Payit

NatWest has used the Open Banking framework to create a new cardless payment service for online shopping. Called Payit, the service is a bit like PayPal: money comes directly from your bank account rather than via your credit or debit card, and you don't have to be a customer of NatWest to use it to make instant payments to participating shops. Read More >>

O2’s Suddenly Sending 15-Year-Old Refund Cheques

If you got a letter in the post with a cheque for an account you closed a decade and a half ago, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was some kind of scam. But apparently O2 really is sending out refunds 15 years later, after spending a lot of time and effort tracking down people who were overcharged way back when. Read More >>

The New Samsung Pay Card is Coming to the UK

Samsung Pay has never quite made it in the way that Apple Pay and, to a lesser extent, Google Pay have. But it's still fighting for your contactless love, and its latest move on that front is... a physical card. Read More >>

Electricity Companies Told They Can Start Chasing Debts Again

Power regulator Ofgem has told the electricity utilities that they may once again begin chasing down the debts of people who can't/won't pay their bills, although it has warned them to calm down a little on the threatening behaviour, as everyone's finances have been at least a little shaken these past few months. Read More >>

Current Lockdown Rail Subsidy Bill Stands at £3.5bn

The government's sort of emergency nationalisation of the railways has cost it, and therefore us, a staggering £3.5bn so far, as the mess of coronavirus ratchets the good old national debt up by yet more unimaginable piles of money. Read More >>