You Can Now Buy These Gorgeous Peter Pan 50p Coins to Support Great Ormond Street Hospital

More fancy 50ps are coming that cost significantly more than 50p to purchase, because of course they do. In this instance, it's even more laughable as they're not even real currency. The good news is a portion of the profits will go to charity. Read More >>

Netflix is Upping its Subscription Cost Because Someone Needs to Pay for All of That Great Telly

Netflix has announced that it will indeed be hiking up its prices in the UK following a test run earlier this year that saw customers paying more for the streaming service's Basic, Standard, and Premium plans. Read More >>

Soon You’ll be Able to Use Apple Pay on the London Underground Without Verifying Every. Single. Time

The great thing about London's transport network, aside from the fact it's got excellent coverage, is that you can pop in and out with contactless payments. Cards, phones, wacky overpriced wearable accessories, you name it. The issue so far is that some of them, particularly Apple Pay, are a real stickler for verification. So instead of tapping your phone on the pad, you also have to verify yourself one way or another. Read More >>

Banks Start Refunding Transfer Con Victims

A few new paragraphs of boring text have been added to a voluntary code that covers dealings via the UK's main high street banks today, with the wording containing the positive news that innocent victims of money transfer scams may now see their lost money refunded. Read More >>

Pub Lets Locals Barter Veg for Beer

A glimpse into the barter-based economy of post-collapse Britain is being offered by the New Inn pub in Great Limber, Lincolnshire, which is currently letting locals swap their unwanted homegrown produce for some of the cheaper alcoholic beverages. Read More >>

Jamie Oliver’s Restaurants Plunged into Fryer of Administration

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's celebrity businessman credentials are about to be called into question, as the company that operates all of his high street restaurant brands has called in the administrators. It's the global finance equivalent of doing a runner without paying. Read More >>

Vandalised Model Railway Club Pulls in Enough Donations to Launch Mainline Franchise

You may have seen Market Deeping Model Railway Club in the news over the weekend, after some of those "youths" we are routinely menaced by broke into the club's hall and smashed up an entire installation of scores of people's beloved model rail lines and miniature trains. Read More >>

Royal Mint Will Make Over £885k From Limited Edition Sherlock Holmes 50p Coins

The Royal Mint is certainly on the case when it comes to making one, with its new Sherlock Holmes range of 50p coins ranging in price from a modest £10 for a brilliant uncirculated coin (translation: shiny) all the way up to a £795 Gold proof coin. Read More >>

Bankrupt Airline Bailout Tax Could Add 50p to a Flight Ticket

The nation could face a small new tax on the cost of flying overseas soon, with a review of the conditions of flight saying that a fee of around 50p per plane ticket should go into an emergency pool of money to get stranded passengers home should their airline go bust. Read More >>

UK Government Starts Accepting Apple & Google Pay

A small part of the government, that's probably only three people sharing a 1990s Dell and operating out of a high-ceilinged room that could really do with a refurb, has started accepting the modern mobile-only contactless systems of Apple and Google when paying for services. Read More >>

Europe’s Competition Police to Examine Spotify/Apple Fight

Spotify's complaint against Apple appears to be being taken seriously within the corridors of the European Commission, with the Financial Times saying the EC is about to launch a full competition inquiry over the music streamer's claim that Apple is restricting the business opportunities of its rivals. Read More >>

1p and 2p Coins are Here to Stay

After Philip Hammond floated a proposal in the 2018 Spring Statement that would scrap 1p and 2p coins for being too hard to store, the Treasury faced backlash from groups claiming that millions of people in the UK still relied on cash as their main spending method. Read More >>

The Treasury Might Finally Cancel 2p Coins This Week

A year ago, Chancellor Philip Hammond called 1 and 2p coins "obsolete." Read More >>

So Are Scottish Bank Notes Legal Tender Or What?

A liberal democrat MP is hoping to solve the long-running debate over whether Scottish bank notes are technically "legal tender" or not, by bringing the issue to the House of Commons in a possible future bill. Read More >>

Mike Ashley Says Debenhams Administration is a “National Disgrace”

National department store chain Debenhams has been sold, but not to Mike Ashley. Despite making several attempts to lend it money or fund it in return for having himself declared CEO, all of Ashley's efforts were turned down in favour of selling the assets of the shop to its basket of lenders. Read More >>