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Legion’s Dan Stevens Faces a Nightmarish Cult in the First Apostle Trailer

What do you do when not facing mutant marvels and battling in wild mental planescapes in Legion? If you’re Dan Stevens, you apparently spend your time investigating old-timey cults that are proooooobably up to no good. Read More >>

Kin Would Be Way More Interesting If It Knew What Kind of Movie It Wanted to Be

There are a handful of scenes scattered throughout Lionsgate’s sci-fi thriller from directors Jonathan and Josh Baker that are direct callbacks to Bag Man, the twin directors’ 2014 short about a young boy hiding a dangerous secret from the world. In those moments, you can see how the Bakers have grown as filmmakers in the years since Bag Man’s release and just what having a proper studio budget behind a project can do to a full-length cinematic adaptation. Read More >>

Oh, Right, Keanu Reeves Has a Sci-Fi Film Called Replicas Coming Out

Last year, a Keanu Reeves sci-fi film called Replicas showed up at New York Comic-Con and debuted a trailer. Later, a release date was set for August 24, 2018, which has now come and gone with no fanfare or film release. Now, a new trailer has been released...which is odd, considering we first heard about the film a year ago. Read More >>

All the Cosmic Secrets We Uncovered in the Stunning Captain Marvel Trailer

It’s here! Captain Marvel has finally landed, before immediately blasting off again with a fantastic looking first trailer. Aside from looking great, the trailer also gives us our first good look at both the cosmic and earthly lives of Carol Danvers, and a hint of the threat’s she’s going to face. Here’s what we could find. Read More >>

The House With a Clock in Its Walls Has Some Enchanting Moments But Is Mostly Forgettable

Sitting down to watch The House with a Clock in Its Walls, you know exactly the movie you want to see. A fun, exciting, kind of scary but whimsical adventure with great visual effects, fun characters, jokes, chills, thrills—all of that. The actual film has some of those things, but not enough to make it truly worth your while. Read More >>

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Relive The Creation of The Original Predator Costume in This Excellently Detailed Video

A huge part of why the Predator franchise is still relevant is the work of the late Stan Winston and his team. Their Oscar-nominated creature effects on the original 1987 film turned what could have been just a simple, scary monster into something iconic and timeless. Read More >>

Captain Marvel’s Triumphant First Trailer Shoots for the Stars

It’s nearly four years to the day since Marvel announced Captain Marvel was going to be part of its Cinematic Universe. Since we’ve waited, civil wars have been fought, Thanos has come and culled half of existence, and little by little we’ve had teases of her arrival. And now we finally have our first look at her in action. Read More >>

Man Who Uploaded Deadpool to Facebook May Get Six Months in Prison

A California court will soon decide sentencing for a man who posted the entirety of Deadpool on his Facebook page. If the U.S. government gets its way, the man will spend half a year in prison. Read More >>

Blockbuster Video Has Returned to London… But It Only Stocks Deadpool 2

Remember the good old days of going to your latest Blockbuster, grabbing a VHS off the shelf and a bag of popcorn to go with it, then spending your Saturday night watching the latest video release before having to post it back through Blockbuster's door the next day? It's a hazy, distant memory by now. But if you live in London, you can relive those glory days. But just for today. And as long as the film you want to watch is Deadpool 2. Read More >>

Let’s Talk About the Ending of The Predator, Shall We?

Whether you loved or hated Shane Black’s new film, The Predator, you probably walked out and immediately wanted to talk about that ending. Yes, it’s bonkers. It’s out of left field. And we’re here for you. Read More >>

The New Trailer for Mary Poppins Returns Reveals a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Emily Blunt

When I heard that Disney was making a sequel to the beloved Julie Andrews film Mary Poppins, I was...hesitant. Now, we’ve gotten a new look at Emily Blunt’s debut in Mary Poppins Returns. And let me just say: This woman is practically perfect in every way. Read More >>

IMAX Says it Has Talked With Every Major Subscription Service About Theatrical Releases

Every major streaming video service has approached the IMAX theatre chain about the possibility of theatrical releases, Imax CEO Richard Gelfond told investors at a conference this weekend. Read More >>