Why Boba Fett’s Sound Was a Mystery for Almost 20 Years

If I say “Bad Guy in Helmet from Star Wars” first you think of Darth Vader and then you think of Boba Fett. However, while everyone knows what Darth Vader sounds like when he walks around, what about Boba Fett? Read More >>

Tom Cruise Blags Exemption from UK Quarantine Rules

It will be a completely straightforward and routine mission for Tom Cruise to enter the UK soon, thanks to the government issuing a series of exemptions from quarantine rules for anyone able to convince authorities they're essential sports or film stars by gesturing at their faces while looking over the top of their sunglasses. Read More >>

Ennio Morricone, Movie Composing Legend, Has Passed Away

Ennio Morricone, one of the most beloved movie composers of the 20th century, has died. The legendary Italian artist, who was 91, passed after suffering complications from a recent fall. Read More >>

First Look at the James Bond Gadgets in Aston Martin’s £2.75 million Goldfinger DB5

Over a year ago we discovered Aston Martin was releasing its first DB5 vehicle in 50 years. This stunning car was made famous by Sean Connery’s portrayal of James Bond in Goldfinger. So naturally, Aston Martin filled this new version full of spy gadgets. Now, the first one has come off the production line. Read More >>

This Star Wars Concept Art Shows Off the Complex Stylings of Enfys Nest’s Gang

When it comes to character designs, Star Wars gets criminals right. Read More >>

Mike Flanagan’s Version of Stephen King’s Revival is Going to Be Bleak

Mike Flanagan’s version of Doctor Sleep was a fairly hopeful film. It had closure, the overcoming of trauma, the tying up of loose ends. Revival, Flanagan’s next tackling of a Stephen King property, looks like it’s going to have none of that. Misery it is! (Not Misery, though.) Read More >>

Who Framed Roger Rabbit’s Most Traumatising Death Scene Recreated With Coloured Crayons

On paper, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, featuring cartoon characters from both the Disney and Warner Bros. worlds, sounds like the perfect kids film. In reality, it’s got some rather unsettling moments, including the death of the film’s antagonist, Judge Doom, which is made all the more horrific here thanks to melting crayons. Read More >>

The Old Guard’s New Trailer Dives Into the Painful Side of Immortality

I think Tuck Everlasting put it best when Winnie said: “Don’t be afraid of death, be afraid of an un-lived life.” But what happens when you don’t have that option? In the latest trailer for The Old Guard, starring Charlize Theron and KiKi Layne, the latest immortal member of the squad finds herself face-to-face with an eternity she didn’t sign up for. Read More >>

Godzilla Says Trans Rights

Well, skreeonked it. You know how the Big G is. Read More >>

New Zealand Authorises Several Film and TV Productions to Start Up, Including Lord of the Rings and Cowboy Bebop

New Zealand is handling Covid-19 better than most, with ongoing cases in the country down to a handful. That makes it a promising place to resume production on all those TV shows and movies we love, and the country has recently authorised a handful of productions to resume or begin inside the country’s borders. Read More >>

10 Years Later, Christopher Nolan’s Inception Remains Magnificent

Somehow, 2010's Inception has suddenly become topical again – an idea that seems like it was mysteriously planted in our minds by Leonardo DiCaprio himself. In reality, though, people are talking about Christopher Nolan’s trippy hit for a few good reasons: the film has been a Netflix staple for all of 2020 (when lots of people have been streaming heavily); it’s about to celebrate its 10th anniversary; it recently screened inside Fortnite; and there’s even a potential return to cinema as an appetiser for Nolan’s new sci-fi opus, Tenet. Add it all up and, yes, it’s time to revisit Inception. Read More >>

15 Movies That Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

Being an adult is hard nowadays. There’s the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic, further escalated by bad behaviour and even worse policy decisions. Sometimes, you just need to go back to the days when things weren’t nearly as complicated – even if it’s only for a couple of hours. Here are 15 movies that will help make you feel like a kid again. Read More >>

The Jurassic Park Trio Have a Lot to Do in Jurassic World: Dominion

Thus sayeth Sam Neill, and frankly, when he says things, we’re inclined to listen. Read More >>

Justice League’s Ray Fisher Alleges Joss Whedon Fostered a ‘Gross, Abusive’ Environment On-Set

With the announcement that HBO Max would be bringing some version of Zack Snyder’s take on Justice League to the streaming service, actors involved with the production have become increasingly frank about the movie’s troubled path to box office and critical disappointment. But in recent days, Ray Fisher has made those discussions even franker. Read More >>