Welsh Medical Museum Promises 8K Videos of Anatomy and Science

Aldershot's Museum of Military Medicine is planning to move itself to Cardiff in time for the 2022 tourist season, with the new premises enabling exciting new things to lure in kids and their educational-day-trip-seeking dads, not least an 8K video space to push the human eye to the limits of its comprehension. Read More >>

Vagina Museum’s Alcohol License Will Lead to Rowdy Parties, Say Locals

The opening of the Vagina Museum is due in a few weeks, but the alcohol license it just got has residents worried that it'll become party central. Read More >>

Doctor Who’s TARDIS Will be at the NHM on 25th October, In Case You Want an Autograph

Have you ever wanted to meet the star of one television's most enduring science fiction series? I'm of course talking about Doctor Who, but I'm not talking about the Doctor herself. I'm talking about the TARDIS, whose bright blue phone box look has been a constant presence in the series since its inception in 1963. There's no Doctor Who without the  TARDIS, and now you can go and meet it for yourself at London's Natural History Museum. Just in case you want an autograph, or a selfie. Read More >>

Manchester Museum Sends Australian Artifacts Home

The people who've been living in Australia for around 70,000 years aren't massively happy about celebrating the forthcoming 250th anniversary of their country being "discovered" by original travel influencer Captain James Cook, but there's a bit of good news coming their way as the sensitivity surrounding the Cook celebrations is encouraging the return of artifacts taken from indigenous peoples for the amusement of UK museum-goers. Read More >>

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Northumberland Dalek Wins 12-Month Time War

The controversial Northumberland dalek shed will not have to be destroyed after all, at least not this year, as the order to remove the temporary external structure outside a Grade II-listed home-slash-museum has been suspended. Read More >>

How the Smithsonian Prevents Neil Armstrong’s Spacesuit From Slowly Destroying Itself With Harmful Gases

Short of entombing it in a giant resin block like a prehistoric mosquito trapped in amber, the Smithsonian’s conservators can’t stop Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit from slowly breaking down over time. But, as Adam Savage discovered, they have come up with a clever way to slow down the degradation. It’s not obvious to museum visitors, but Armstrong’s spacesuit now actually breathes to help dispel gases that contribute to its slow decay. Read More >>

The Bayeux Tapestry is Leaving France for the First Time in Almost 1,000 Years

France is lending the Bayeux Tapestry to England which is kind of a big deal as the 70-metre long tapestry hasn't left the country for 950 years, but we won't see it on these shores for a good while yet. Read More >>

Dalek Faces Ultimate Enemy in Northumberland County Council

A man who built a sizeable science fiction museum in a cellar in Northumberland is currently in a battle with his regional equivalent of Thanos, thanks to the local council demanding he removes a wooden shed built to protect a Dalek from the elements. Read More >>

Enjoy a Night at a Multitude of Museums This Week as Part of the Museums at Night Festival

The Museums at Night festival is kicking off this week, giving punters the chance to visit their favourite museums under cover of darkness. Read More >>

Cow-Slaughter Game Removed From Bristol Museum

A museum in Bristol has temporarily suspend access to one of its interactive exhibits, with the fun-for-all-ages touchscreen game Beat Bovine Tuberculosis cordoned off and powered down thanks to a public complaint. Read More >>

Google Unveils Digital Catalogue of Lost Artefacts From Brazil’s Fire-Ravaged National Museum

Following a catastrophic fire in September that destroyed millions of priceless items at the National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, Google has unveiled a project that preserved some of those precious artefacts and can now be explored through Google Street View. Read More >>

Easter Island Mayor Says “Keep the Statue” as Locals Won’t Look After it Properly

The mayor of Easter Island has decided it might be best if the request to have an old stature returned is rejected by the British Museum, as the country is in fact littered with such things and the museum might do a better job of preserving it for future generations. Read More >>

Pieces of Ancient Luzia Skull Recovered From Scorched Brazilian Museum

A recovery team working at the site of Brazil’s burnt-out National Museum in Rio de Janeiro have rescued several pieces of the 11,500-year-old Luzia skull—one of the most ancient human fossils ever discovered in the Americas. Read More >>

Mysterious New Plant Discovered in Museum Collection Is Probably Already Extinct

It took a little while, but a tiny, delicate plant found in Japan 26 years ago has been formally classified as a new species. But after residing in a museum collection since the early 1990s, the single specimen of Thismia kobensis remains the only one ever found. Tragically, this means the so-called “fairy lantern” may already be extinct. Read More >>

Flames Engulf Brazil’s National Museum, Destroying Massive Cultural and Scientific Collection

11,000 years’ worth of artefacts went up in smoke as the 200-year-old National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro—one of the largest collections in the Americas—burned down in a massive firestorm early this morning. Read More >>