Rage Against the Machine Wishes it to be Known That They do Not Endorse Nigel Farage

90s rock-fury band Rage Against the Machine is once again back in the headlines, this time because of Brexit vox-pop king Nigel Farage and his niche podcast for similar middle-aged white outcasts. Read More >>

Apple Music Has Reportedly Beaten Spotify in the US With the Users That Matter Most

As Tidal continues to struggle, Apple Music has found major success, and if a report leaked to Digital Music News is true, Apple Music may have just become the most popular on-demand streaming music service in the US—at least as far as paying users go. Read More >>

In a World First, a Danish Court Just Ruled a YouTube Ripping Site is Illegal

Sites that offer users the chance to rip the audio from online videos, whether it's YouTube or someone less popular, are nothing new. They've been enabling a new form of piracy for years, and as a result the entertainment industry has been trying to have them shut down. While the EFF may have told the US government that ripping sites were not illegal, the Danish court system clearly didn't get the memo. Read More >>

north korea
President Trump Sends North Korean Dictator a CD of Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man’ Because Our World is Just One Big Joke

President Trump gave a speech at the United Nations in September of 2017 where he famously called Kim Jong Un, “rocket man.” Now, in one of the most bizarre stories we’ve heard this week, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will deliver a CD of Elton John’s song “Rocket Man” to the North Korean dictator today. Our world is truly beyond parody. Read More >>

watch this
Rescued Computer Hardware Performs a Near-Perfect Rendition of the ’80s Airwolf Theme

Paweł Zadrożniak’s Floppotron, a desktop orchestra that uses old computer components as musicians, performs one of the greatest ‘80s TV show earworms ever aired with a thrilling rendition of the Airwolf theme. I’m also going to award bonus points for using the clicking sound of a wall of disk drives to recreate the sounds of a spinning helicopter rotor. Read More >>

Lewis Hamilton is an R&B Superstar Now

Lewis Hamilton, the driver and advanced facial hair sculptor, has a new career -- singer. He's recorded his debut public work with long-time pop celebrity Christina Aguilera, so that's why I was watching the Dirrty video when the wife came in with a cup of tea just then. Read More >>

doctor who
Meet the First New Doctor Who Composer Since 2005

Ever since Doctor Who returned in 2005, its music has been composed by Murray Gold, who defined the sound of Who for hundreds of stories over a decade-plus’ worth of pieces. But times are changing in the TARDIS, and now a new face is behind the keys: up and coming composer Segun Akinola. Read More >>

Do People Still Buy CDs? YouGov Figured it Was Worth Finding Out

These days any mention of CDs online ends with some snarky mid-30s dude making a comment that goes something like "hur hur, what's a CD?", because digital downloads and streaming has caused people to somehow forget about decades of abundantly available physical media. Those people may be shocked to find that music is still available on compact disc, as a trip to any HMV will tell them. But the question is, with the prominence of digital consumption, and the rising popularity of vinyl, do CDs still have a place in modern life? YouGov decided it was going to find out. Read More >>

Westworld’s Composer Breaks Down the Best Musical Moments from Season Two

Ramin Djawadi has an important job. As the composer for Westworld, he has to somehow keep topping himself by creating atmospheric, thematically resonant musical cues to ground and frame the android action in the show. Read More >>

The UK Singles Chart is Going to Include YouTube Views as Well

Last week YouTube Music launched in the UK, letting people on the UK stream music videos in the background and without ads. This week, by sheer coincidence, the singles chart rules are changing to take video streaming views into account - four years after the music people decided to start paying attention to music streaming. Read More >>

Ed Sheeran Concert to Bring Misery to People Who Can’t Even Hear it

Four solid gold nights of Ed Sheeran singing his song about that woman's body are to bring chaos to the people of Bristol, with drivers warned that the M4 and M5 and all their glorious associated interchanges might be clogged more than usual because of all the people heading in to see the singer's shows. Read More >>

Newts Delay Construction of Church of Sheeran

Musical magnolia man Ed Sheeran has been forced to pause development of a little chapel he was planning to build on his estate in Suffolk, thanks to concerns that his expansive ill-gotten grounds may contain colonies of great crested newts. Read More >>

How to Find the Best Free Movies and Music on the Web

Whoa, hold on there, person about to exchange money for movies or music — do you know how much free stuff is out there on the web, all legally released and available for anyone to listen to or watch? If you want to spend less on your entertainment budget and maybe discover some interesting new stuff at the same time, here’s where to look. Read More >>

YouTube Music Isn’t Even Close to a Spotify Killer

After trying and failing to launch a competitive music streaming service for years, Google released YouTube Music last month. You might’ve thought Google’s latest attempt to compete with the likes of Apple Music and Spotify would’ve pushed forward with new ideas. Nope. A quick browse through the app reveals that at the moment it’s simply a lacklustre Spotify clone. Read More >>

Spotify Backtracks on Controversial ‘Hateful Conduct’ Policy

Spotify doesn’t want to police the content on its platform and the company finally admitted as much in a press release on Friday. The Swedish music service has updated its ‘Hateful Conduct’ rules by effectively walking the entire idea back. Read More >>