Black Mirror Just Ruined My Marriage

Over the course of just a few seasons, Black Mirror has ruined social media, political engagement, augmented reality, nerd culture, video gaming, and basically everything else—so of course love would be next. This Valentine’s Day, Black Mirror’s new social media campaign brings its True Love Test to the real world, which has given my nuptials an “expiry date.” Now, to break the bad news to the cat. Read More >>

Altered Carbon’s Showrunner Talks The Show’s High Nudity Quotient

Altered Carbon is a show that is obsessed with nipples. There are nipples, and butts, and general displays of nudity, absolutely everywhere, from the pilot on. According to showrunner, writer, and executive producer Laeta Kalogridis, that’s done for intentional effect. Read More >>

Report: The Netflix Deal Saved Cloverfield Paradox From Being a Total Disaster

A new report shows Netflix may have paid at least $50 million to secure the rights to The Cloverfield Paradox, a move that reportedly kept Paramount happy and managed to rescue a film that was in danger of collapsing at the box office. Read More >>

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Will We Ever Be Able to Upload a Mind to a New Body?

In Altered Carbon, the body no longer matters. As one character quipped: “You shed it like a snake sheds its skin.” That’s because the human consciousness has been digitised, and can be moved between bodies—both real and synthetic. Read More >>

Here’s How The Cloverfield Paradox Links to the Other Cloverfield Movies

There’s a new Cloverfield movie out, so obviously it’s time to talk about some of its mysteries and how all the films connect. Read More >>

The Cloverfield Paradox Lacks the Tension and Twists of Its Predecessors

The third Cloverfield movie, The Cloverfield Paradox, was unexpectedly released on Netflix Sunday night. It was a landmark moment for film distribution because never before has a film of this magnitude been released without reviews, notice, or promotion. Unfortunately, the film itself doesn’t live up to its historic release. Read More >>

Here’s the First Footage From The Cloverfield Paradox, Which Is Already On Netflix

The first footage from the new Cloverfield movie debuted during the Super Bowl and, in an unprecedented move, the full movie went up on Netflix right as the game ended, so you can go and watch it right now. Read More >>

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Duncan Jones Makes an Exciting Return to Scifi With Mute, and Here’s the First Trailer

Filmmaker Duncan Jones has been teasing fans about his passion project, Mute, for years. Well today, right now in fact, you can finally watch its trailer. Read More >>

Netflix Has 55 Million US Subscribers, But CEO Says “There’s Still a Ways To Go”

Netflix, the TV and movie streaming giant, is celebrating its most successful quarter so far in terms of subscriber count — in just three months, it's gathered 8.3 million new subscribers globally. Read More >>

Netflix’s CEO Believes Critics Trashed Bright Because They’re Out of Touch

There’s a cornucopia of things to dislike about Netflix’s orc cop movie Bright like the writing, the plot, and the way it literally uses demons as stand-ins for people of colour to make a point about systemic racism. But from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’ perspective, the only people who weren’t really here for the film were critics and the only reason critics didn’t like it was because they didn’t get it. Read More >>

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Star Trek: Discovery Asks the Age Old Question: If You Kill Your Mirror Universe Self, Is It Murder or Suicide?

Ah, Discovery. This might be the best exploration one of these episodes has ever done in encapsulating just how miserable the Mirror Universe really is. Like, we all joke about goatees and the agony booth, but the idea’s existed for so long it’s almost been kitschy. Not anymore. But, of course, the true betrayal isn’t this universe’s versions of themselves, but something Discovery brought along with it. Read More >>

Netflix Is Officially Making a Sequel to Bright But Leaving One Player Behind

There’s a moment early into Netflix’s Bright, a cop movie that tries to blend social commentary about race with high fantasy, where Will Smith’s character beats a fairy to death with a broom while saying “fairy lives don’t matter.” Bright was not a good movie, but apparently, Netflix wants a sequel. Read More >>

You Now Can Watch All of Friends on Netflix in the UK

Usually when people talk about changes to the Netflix catalogue, it's because Netflix released a new original production or something good got taken off for one reason or another. Today's a little bit different, since Friends has made its way onto Netflix's UK catalogue in its entirety. That's 10 series, totalling 236 episodes that should keep you occupied for around 86 1/2 hours. Read More >>

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The First Teaser for A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2 is Here

Count Olaf is here to help you celebrate the New Year. Read More >>