The O2 Arena is being Turned Into a 5G Test Bed

Networks are big on sponsoring real locations, and they do love turning those locations into testing ground for new mobile signal. EE's done it with Wembley quite a lot, and now O2 is doing something similar at the O2 Arena and turning it into a test bed for 5G. Read More >>

Virgin Mobile is Launching an Unlimited Data Plan With Zero Limits, Even for Tethering

If you want an unlimited mobile data package in this country, your options are pretty limited. Until today the only network to offer that was Three, though it put had to put strict limits on tethering to stop people abusing the system. Now there's a second option from Virgin, and has promised there are absolutely no limits. No fair use policy on data, no speed throttling, and no limits on your tethering. Read More >>

Gove Tries to Befriend Farmers by Promising Brexit Money for Rural 4G

Environment secretary Michael Gove has had another idea about where all that money we soon won't/might not have to pay the EU could be used -- better rural 4G and broadband. That's what he told a meeting of the National Farmers Union anyway. Maybe he just wanted to get out of the countryside alive. Read More >>

Get Ready for 4G Antennae to be Added to Church Spires Across the Country

The government's spent a lot of time moaning about how there are lots of spots in the UK where there's no signal, but so far hasn't been able to do anything about it. Suggestions have been made, like telling networks to share signal or making it easier to put up new masts, someone had the bright idea to get the churches involved. Read More >>

Vodafone’s Successfully Tested the UK’s First 4G Mini Mobile Mast

Nothing is more irritating than being stuck in a signal black spot, especially if that black spot is your house. While the government has been trying lots of ways to increase phone coverage, the fact is you need more masts to boost signal and installing them takes time and money. Vodafone has a new potential solution, however, having successfully tested its first 4G mini mast. Read More >>

The Government Just Announced its Plans to Boost Mobile Signal on Trains

When you're travelling across the country by train, there's nothing worse than dealing with the fact you don't have phone signal. Sure you can get wi-fi onboard, but it costs £4 for a couple of hours and doesn't even work 75 per cent of the time. Well a new government initiative is looking to sort this out, helping us all get better mobile signal on Britain's increasingly overpriced rail system. Read More >>

EE and Three Have Lost Their Respective Legal Fights Over the 5G Spectrum Auction

Both EE and Three have issues with how Ofcom is handling the upcoming 5G spectrum auction, and have taken the matter to court to try and get their own way. Both fights were over different things, but the courts have ruled in favour of Ofcom. Read More >>

Soon You’ll be Able to Switch Mobile Network With a Text Message

Signing up with a mobile network couldn't be easier. You ring them up, fill out a form online, or go into a shop, and the network will do all the hard work for you. Leaving a network is another matter entirely, and they'll seemingly do everything in their power to avoid letting you cancel your contract and keep your existing number. Read More >>

Ofcom Urged to Take Action Over Poor Mobile Coverage

Lord Adonis, the head of the National Infrastructure Commission, has called on Ofcom to take urgent action against the problem of poor mobile coverage in the UK Read More >>

EE Wants to be the Network You Leave Your Kids With

Mobile network EE has teamed up with a thing called Internet Matters to teach both parents and kids about mobile technology safety, and is hoping this is enough to supercharge the sales of iPhones and SIMs for kids this year. Read More >>

Three’s ‘Feel at Home’ Roaming Just Added 11 New Countries

Three seems to have been a champion of free data roaming for quite some time. It offered the service long before the EU said networks had to, and has been adding more and more countries to the list of 'Feel at Home' destinations. It's also the only major UK network that would commit to keeping free roaming around after Brexit when we asked about it earlier this year. Read More >>

EE is the King of British Mobile Speeds, but it’s Got Some Competition from Three

When you're looking at switching networks, there are a lot of things to consider. Price, perks, signal range, speed, and so on. You need to make sure you get the best package for your needs, after all. If you're mostly concerned with downloading fast, fast, fast, OpenSignal's latest report might be of interest. It found that EE dominates that category, but in some regions there's some serious competition from Three. Read More >>

Carphone Warehouse Has Been Told Off for a Radio Advert That Forgets Three Exists

You need to be careful when you're advertising, because some people aren't too bright and need things spelled out to them. You also need to be careful not to withhold information that makes you look better than you are, which is what Carphone Warehouse did with one of its radio adverts. Read More >>

Vodafone Enters the World of IoT with ‘V by Vodafone’

Everyone wants to get into the Internet of Things now, despite the crippling security flaws that continue to plague the sector, and Vodafone is apparently no exception. It's launching a new IoT platform called V by Vodafone, and with it comes four new connected devices. Read More >>

The Razer Phone is Available to Pre-Order, Exclusive to Three

Razer unveiled its very first smartphone to the world earlier this week, and if you decided it's the kind of phone you need in your life there's some good news. The phone is available to pre-order now, but you'll have to go to Three to get it for now. Read More >>