GiffGaff is Increasing the Amount of Data it Gives People, at (Mostly) No Extra Cost

While lots of people tend to focus on the big four mobile networks, there's a lot to be said about the smaller virtual networks - even if some of them are owned by the bigger companies that own all the infrastructure. GiffGaff is one of the ones that has a reputation for offering as much as it can without ridiculous prices, and if you thought it was a good deal before you're going to love this. Read More >>

O2’s Family Plan Comes With Helpful Features Like Parental Controls and Up to 50% Off for 20 People

O2 wants to make everything easier for families, launching a new Family Plan that will bring everyone onto a single account and monthly bill. That makes organising everything nice and easy, while giving everyone access to a bunch of perks, features, and discounts. Read More >>

EE’s Fibre Max Broadband Offers up to 300Mbps Speeds, Plus Extra Mobile Data

EE might be best known for mobile services and Kevin Bacon, but being part of BT means it has plenty of other telecoms services to offer. Broadband is one of them, and now the company has just announced a new pair of ultra-fast packages. The best part? You'll also end up with extra mobile data to use every month. Read More >>

Vodafone Will Let New Customers Escape Their Contracts With a 30-Day Guarantee

When you switch providers, there are a few things you can do to make sure you're going to get good service - especially if you're signing up for a multi-year deal with a phone network. Check the signal maps for your area, check what people have been saying online, and so on. But even then you may find yourself unhappy with what you're getting. Well Vodafone has your back, offering a new 30-day guarantee to help you escape its contracts scot-free. Read More >>

O2’s Changing its Postal Policy to Avoid Any More Racist SIM Cards

Last month O2 apologised after it turned out some mystery racists tricked the company into sending free SIM cards to a British-Iraqi family in Wembley addressed to 'Mr  Getout Ofengland' and 'Mr  Mr Isis Terroriste'. The network blamed automated systems and a third party responsible for sending out the SIMs at the time, and as a result has announced it's changing policy. Read More >>

Vodafone is Launching its Own 5G Trial in Seven UK Cities

Right now we're at the stage where all the different networks are announcing their plans for 5G trials, ahead of a proper launch over the next couple of years. O2 are turning the O2 Arena into a 5G test hub, EE are putting together a 5G network in central London, and Three has confirmed it's doing something next year. Now Vodafone has revealed some of its own plans, including a seven city 5G trial. Read More >>

South Korea is Resurrecting the iPhone 3GS

It doesn't matter which era in history you're in, there will be people telling you that mobile phones are bad. They cause cancer, they keep you up at night, they're too addictive, and so on. Some people have ditched smartphones as a result, sticking with the old fashioned pre-internet phones that can only send calls and texts, but over in South Korea things are a bit different. Read More >>

O2’s Going to Start Giving Customers Free Netflix Subscriptions, for a Limited Time

Networks want your business, and to try and entice you into signing one of their contracts they will offer all sorts of perks and freebies. Sometimes it's extra data, faster speeds, early access ticket booking, and others it's offering free subscriptions to various streaming services. Vodafone has been partnering with third party services for a while, and now so is O2. To get you to sign up it's offering new and upgrading customers free subscriptions to Netflix, but they won't be around forever. Read More >>

EE’s Letting You Use the Same Number Across Multiple Devices

We're in a time where plenty of devices have cellular connectivity, letting them access the internet using mobile phone signal. Phones, obviously, tablets, watches, laptops, and so on. The problem is they all need a new SIM card with a different phone number, which can be a pain. To fix that problem, EE's taking it upon itself to launch new 'smart number' technology that lets you use the same number across multiple devices. Read More >>

EE’s Launching a Proper 5G Trial in London This October

Now that networks have purchased their first allotments of 5G spectrum, things are gearing up for the launch of the network proper sometime before the end of 2020. But before the networks can launch 5G services, they have to test them out. So the 5G trials are coming, and following on from O2's promise to turn the O2 arena into a 5G test hub sometime in the next 6-7 months, EE has announced its own trial will start in October. Read More >>

Superdrug is Launching a Mobile Network, But Only for People With One of its Reward Cards

Everyone has a mobile network these days, it seems. Tesco, Asda, Carphone Warehouse, and even O2 owner Telefónica runs giffgaff on the side. And now there's a new one, from Boots rival Superdrug, because it's 2018 and a shop that sells shampoo and makeup needs to have a mobile network. A mobile network that's only available for people with a Superdrug Health and Beautycard. Read More >>

Vodafone Adds Free Amazon Prime Video to its Red Entertainment Deals

For the past several years Vodafone has been enticing people into joining its network with free subscriptions to popular streaming services. Spotify, Now TV, and Sky Sports Mobile TV were on offer, and you got to pick which one you were able to enjoy when you signed up for the right contract. Today Vodafone has announced it's adding Amazon Prime Video into the mix. Read More >>

Buy a Phone or Tablet From Sky Mobile, and You’ll Get a Free Return Flight to Europe

People don't upgrade phones as much as they used to, and they never really replaced old tablets on a regular release cycle, so it's hardly surprising when mobile networks try and do what they can to flog new devices (along with some usage contracts). Some might offer free gizmos or special data bundles, but Sky Mobile has teamed up with to give anyone who buys a new phone or tablet a free return flight to somewhere in Europe. Read More >>

EE Now Lets You Give Your Unused Data to Family Members

Given how much networks like to charge for mobile data, it can be irritating to get to the end of the month and find you've got some left over. Some networks let you keep hold of it to use later, like Sky, though EE's taking a new approach. It's offering people the chance to give away that data to other members of their family. Read More >>

EE Hits Back at O2’s ‘5G Lite’ Comments

Yesterday we brought you news that O2 had made some comments about the upcoming launch of 5G, specifically dismissing any possibility that it would be launching 5G services before the year 2020. While not mentioning it by name, the network took a swipe at rival EE by claiming any 5G services launching in 2019 would be '5G lite' - referencing the fact EE parent company BT announced its intention to launch its first commercial 5G services next year. Well EE has some thins to say about those comments. Read More >>