The NHS Needs the Blood of the Sickest Coronavirus Survivors

The NHS is launching a blood donation push, only this time it's after an unusually specific type; it needs large quantities of the blood of people who were hospitalised from severe covid-19 reactions, so antibodies may be extracted and streamed into the bodies of today's sickest victims. Read More >>

The Government Has Admitted COVID-19 Contact Tracing System Broke Privacy Laws

It's a big day for the government admitting shit. First it was admitting Trump pressure really did have a big part in the recent Huawei Ban, and now it's admitted that privacy advocates had a point to complain because the NHS contact tracing services were indeed breaking data privacy laws. Read More >>

Free Parking for NHS Staff in England May End Soon

The government thinks we've stopped paying attention enough to allow it start charging NHS staff to park at their places of work again without triggering a massive online furore! Silly old government. What a silly government you are. Aren't you? Silly. Read More >>

Boris Unironically Suggested We Clap for Bankers

In a bizarre and rambling speech that seems to have angered more people than it placated, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has suggested we clap for bankers. Actual bankers. You know, the ones who caused the last big economic collapse? Read More >>

The Government Has Asked Germany for Help With its Coronavirus Tracking App Shitshow

In case you've been living under a rock, you should know that the government's attempts to create an app for tracking the coronavirus has been an absolute shitshow. And that's putting it nicely. Seriously, if there's anything that perfectly exemplifies the incompetence of the current government, it's this. Read More >>

NHS and Care Workers Have ‘Til Tomorrow to Get Unlimited Data on Vodafone

Like lots of companies, Vodafone is running a special offer for NHS and care workers – but there's not much time left to claim it. Read More >>

Our Corona-Tracing App is Such a Shitshow, Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales is Offering to Put Us on Germany’s

In case you haven't noticed from our near-daily coverage of the issues being faced by the NHS's track-and-trace app, the whole thing is an absolute shitshow. The latest balls-up in series of balls-ups is the news that the app is no longer considered a priority by the government, and we're looking at a potential release window of "for winter" - whatever that actually means. It's actually got to the point where Jimmy Wales, best known as the co-founder of Wikipedia, has offered to get us on the track-and-trace system developed by Germany - and without eating up any tax money. Read More >>

31,000 Contacts Were Identified by the COVID Contact Tracing System’s First Week

A couple of weeks ago, right at the very start of the manual contract tracing system's life, there was a data breach of sorts. A breach that said only 4,634 contacts had been identified. That wasn't a very good look, even if the system had only been running for a few days. Well things may be looking up for the system and those championing it, because the official figures show 31,000 contacts were identified within the first week of operation. Read More >>

NHS Contract Tracing App is Delayed Again, Now Due in Extra-Vague ‘Coming Weeks’

Back at the end of April the government announced that the impending NHS track and trace app "could be ready in three weeks" which puts the original release estimate sometime in May. But May came and went with the date being pushed back to some point in mid-June. Now we're back to the extra-vague coming weeks timeframe. Read More >>

NHS Deals With Big Tech Finally Revealed After Threat of Legal Action

You know what would be great? A government that uses citizens' data responsibly and isn't doing shady shit that I have to spend my morning waffling on about. But here we are. Read More >>

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NHS Test and Trace System Isn’t Fully Operational Yet and Won’t Be Until September

The NHS Test and Trace system went live last week and while we suspected it's an absolute mess based on everything we've heard about it do far, it seems that's exactly the case, and it won't be up to speed for another three or four months. Read More >>

NHS Tracing App: We Shouldn’t Have to Sacrifice Our Privacy to Get Back to Normal

So despite the fact that we're still technically under lockdown, and the COVID-19 pandemic is still having a lot of fun killing and hospitalising far too many people, things are vaguely on the way to going back to normal. If you believe the government that's because we're getting this virus under control, with help from large-scale testing and this thing the NHS pumped out commonly referred to as the 'Contact and Trace app'. Read More >>

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Matt Hancock Threatens to Make NHS Test and Trace System Mandatory if You Don’t Play Nice

The contact tracing system is live and you'd better comply - or else. That's the official word from Matt Hancock, who seems to have bumped his colossal head on something and forgotten all about his old mate Dominic Cummings' COVID-19 road trip that resulted in zero consequences. Read More >>

Scottish Island Hospital Tests 10-Mile Drone Delivery of Protective Equipment

What looks like a proper, useful, and entirely legitimate trial of drone delivery technology (rather than an advert for a pizza company) is about to take place on the Isle of Mull, where the local hospital will take delivery of protective equipment by air. Read More >>

MP’s Call for NHS App to Delete All Data Once Pandemic Ends

The Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) has drafted a bill to pass through government that will stop any data collected through the NHS contact tracing app to be retained after the pandemic ends and the app is no longer required, and that stipulates the data only be used for the explicit purpose of combating the virus while the app is in service. Read More >>