Now TV Deal Lets You Pick up Sky Sports Pass for Just £25 a Month

It's not really a British summer until the sun is shining, the grass is green, you've got a Pimms in your hand, and the cricket's on the telly. Well, the sun is attempting to shine at least, somewhere up there. And the grass is more of an off-yellow because it's been exposed to sporadic bouts of direct sunlight, but you definitely can't escape the cricket (hence the need for the Pimms), and Now TV is offering a Sky Sports Pass for just £25 a month for four months, saving you more than 25 per cent off the usual price. Read More >>

Finally, Now TV is Getting Full HD

Am I dreaming? Is this real? Now TV, Sky's answer to contract-free on demand streaming, forever plagued by an image quality capped at 720p, is finally getting 1080p. You better believe it... but it sounds like you're possibly going to have to pay extra for it. Read More >>

Sky and Now TV Now Let You Stream to Six Devices

How much TV can one household watch? Well, if you have Sky or Now TV, the answer is apparently "insane amounts." Read More >>

Now TV is Doing a Limited Edition Formula 1 Season Ticket (Updated)

Update: Sky has apparently pushed this offer back to 5th of March, and never bothered to tell anyone. So those of you who've been looking for discounted sports, and couldn't find this offer, now have your answer. Thanks, Sky. Read More >>

You Can Now Watch Now TV Offline on Your Mobile [Updated]

[Update - 15:15: The original version of this article said offline viewing was only available on iOS. The updated Android app has since been rolled out, and the piece updated to reflect that change] Read More >>

Now TV is Going to Pay Someone £35k to Watch Box Sets For a Year

Those 'win the best job ever' competitions are officially A Thing now, but we have to say Now TV has outdone a lot of them with its version. Read More >>

black friday
Here Are Your Now TV Black Friday Deals

Literally everyone is doing Black Friday deals this year (except our landlords, ho ho), and Now TV have just thrown their proverbial hat into the ring with a whole list of deals for you telly fans out there. Read More >>

Sky Celebrates the Ryder Cup by Giving You Money off Sky Sports Passes

Back in June Now TV announced that it was launching a very special (limited time) discount for golf fans, getting nearly 50% off a Sky Sports pass that covers an entire year of the golfing season. While the pass had a golfing theme it could also be used to watch other sports, and if you missed your chance to get your hands on one Sky has something for you. Read More >>

Now TV has a Brand New, More Powerful Streaming Box, and it has Netflix Now

Yesterday I wrote about some new Roku devices that aren't coming to the UK, or at least Roku told me there are no plans to announce on that front. Well today we have some good Roku-centric news, now that Sky has announced it's launching a new Now TV box. Not only does this new box promise to be more powerful than its predecessors, Sky has revealed it actually have Netflix on it. Read More >>

Watch Sky Sports On Your Phone For Just £6 a Month With Now TV

Now TV, the streaming service operated by Sky, has just announced a new monthly pass: Sky Sports Mobile. Priced at £5.99 a month, it gives subscribers access to four Sky Sports channels on their mobile device. Read More >>

Now TV Would Like You to Watch Football, so its Discounted the 10 Month Sports Pass

I don't pay attention to football if I can help it, so being told that the new season is upon us is news to me. The people who care probably already know that, but what you don't already know is that Sky is willing to go to great lengths to have you hand over your money to watch sportball games on one of its own platforms. That's why the Now TV 10 month sports pass has had a 45 per cent price cut. Read More >>

Now TV’s Latest Sports Pass Lets You Watch Men Hit Tiny Balls With Sticks

If you want to watch lots of sport, but don't want to shell out for Sky TV, the only real (legal) option is to go for Now TV and its sports passes. Those can be quite expensive if you buy them repeatedly, but if you're a golf fan you're in luck, because Sky has launched a Golf-centric pass so you can watch golf all summer long for a fraction of the cost. Read More >>

Sky’s £15 Now TV Smart Stick Goes on Sale Tomorrow

Last month Sky announced that it was launching a £15 Now TV streaming stick, the cheapest device of its kind in the UK. Today Sky has announced that the Smart Stick will be available from retailers tomorrow and direct from Sky itself on Monday (26th February). Read More >>

Sky Fiddles With Channels To Create More Sports Output For Now Customers

Sky Sports continues to dominate in the coverage of the world's various sports. It had the one with the egg ball at the weekend, and has apparently considerable coverage of the zoomy cars and the round ball one. So sports-are-go over at Sky. Read More >>

Sky TV Customers Are About To Lose 13 Channels

If you're a Sky or NowTV customer, you might want to get your phone ready to make some disgruntled calls: come 1st February, it's very likely that all channels owned by Discovery Communications are going to be axed from your package. Read More >>