EU Lawlords Put O2 and Three Merger Back on the Cards

The European Court of Justice has thrown out an earlier European Commission antitrust ruling that barred mobile giants O2 and Three from merging, freeing parent companies Hutchison and Telefonica to have another shot at synergising at boardroom level should they remain pumped for that sort of thing. Read More >>

O2 Saves You a Tenner off Your Uber Eats Order Every Friday Night for the Next Month

If you're an O2 customer who likes to splash out on a takeaway on a Friday night, start browsing Uber Eats in preparation for tomorrow because O2 is giving 10,000 customers £10 off. Read More >>

O2 Teams Up With Charity Hubbub to Give Free Phones to the ‘Digitally Disconnected’

Community Calling is a new initiative from O2 and environmental charity Hubbub to get refurbished phones into the hands of ‘digitally excluded’ people in Southwark, London. Read More >>

Virgin and O2 in Potential Merger Talks to Create a New TV and Mobile Service

O2 and Virgin Media could be coming together to birth a new mobile and TV service, with parent companies Liberty Global and Telefonica in talks to hammer out the details of what such a deal might look like. Read More >>

Lockdown is Getting Old and Young People to Use Smartphones to Actually Talk to People

These days, people are either too young to be comfortable making calls, or too old, but in a serendipitous turn of events, both of these demographics have turned to the antiquated/newfangled method of keeping in touch. Read More >>

O2 Products and Services Will No Longer Be Available at Carphone Warehouse

After unsuccessful attempts to renegotiate its the terms of its arrangement with O2, Dixons Carphone is saying goodbye to the mobile operator after 20 years in business together. Read More >>

O2 Lifts Cap on UK Voice Minutes During Coronavirus Pandemic

O2 is stepping up to support its customers during the current pandemic by giving its pay monthly customers a break for the foreseeable future. Read More >>

O2 Extends Its List of Sites That Won’t Eat Your Data to Include Even More ‘Vital’ Services

O2 is the first network to announce a slew of zero-rate websites that aren't the NHS, including services that provide "financial, health, and emotional advice and support." Read More >>

ASA Tells O2 and BT to Stop Running Their Bullshit Adverts

Hot on the heels of it £245,000 fine from Ofcom, BT has now drawn the ire of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) over a misleading advert, and it's not the only one. Read More >>

Disney+ is Now an O2-Exclusive Phone Contract Perk

Remember several weeks ago when we heard rumours that EE was trying to get Disney+ on board to add to its range of swappable streaming perks? Well, if there was any truth to them it turns out EE was beaten to the punch by O2, because the network just confirms it's the "exclusive mobile distributor" for Disney+. Read More >>

O2 Plans to be the UK’s First Net Zero Mobile Network

Mobile network O2 has said it wants to be the first of the Big Four to go Net Zero. Read More >>

5G Will Be the End of Queuing at Gigs, Says O2

We've heard a lot of big and bold claims for 5G to try to get people hyped, but O2's latest is a new one on us. Read More >>

Win Tickets to See Every Event at The O2 This Year Including Elton John and WWE Wrestling

The O2 is home to a tonne of events and this year is no different with a stellar lineup, and you could be at them all for free if you win O2's Blue Ticket. Read More >>

Apple’s iPhone XR Won’t Play Nice With O2

If you're an iPhone XR user on O2 and your connection has been squiffy lately, it's not just you: Apple and O2 have confirmed the smartphone isn't working properly on Britain's second most popular mobile network. Read More >>

O2 Now Has 20 UK Places on 5G

O2 promised it'd have 20 places in the UK connected to 5G by the end of 2019, and it did -- just. Read More >>