Ofcom Makes Good on its Threat to Close Shut Down Any Discourse on Coronavirus it Deems Harmful

Well, it's all kicking off over at Ofcom who's having to deal with complaints about David Icke and Eamonn Holmes for not towing the line when it comes to 5G and coronavirus theories being bandied around right now. Read More >>

Ofcom Warns Media Outlets Not to Pedal Bullshit Claims About 5G Causing Coronavirus

In case you're in any doubt, 5G is not responsible for coronavirus. If we're not on the same page there, pop on the special helmet you wear indoors and trot along. Read More >>

BT Fined Almost a Quarter of a Million Pounds for 118 Call Overcharges

Ofcom has finished its investigation into EE not capping the call rate on 118 numbers and decided that, yes, it was playing silly buggers. Now BT, who owns EE, has to cough up over £245,000. Read More >>

UK 5G is Safe, Says Ofcom

The anti-5G looneys have been out in force lately, claiming that the ultra-fast mobile signals will fry our brains, sterilise our nice bits and cause the apocalypse, or something. Read More >>

Ofcom Opens Soft War on Paid-For Email Addresses

Ofcom has sent a letter to the likes of TalkTalk and BT, asking the ISPs to justify the way they charge former customers for continuing to use the free email addresses provided when they switch broadband providers. Read More >>

social media
Government Asks Ofcom to Attempt to Regulate Social Content

Ofcom's about to be declared king of all the known internet, as the communications regulator is expected to be granted new powers to control the operations of the many social networks that are currently left to decide amongst themselves what to shrug and leave and what to delete. Read More >>

Smartphones and Apps Have Replaced the Game Boys and Saturday Morning Cartoons of Our Childhood, Says Ofcom

Seems like Ofcom is stating the obvious here, but a lot of kids have smartphones, and - like the rest of us - they use them for all of their content consumption needs. Read More >>

Vodafone Tops the Table When it Comes to Broadband Complaints

Ofcom has published its latest telecoms and pay-TV complaints league tables and new(ish)comer Vodafone retains its position in the upper echelons. Read More >>

Ofcom is Proposing a Ban on the Sale of Locked Smartphones and We’re on Board

The regulator is considering the ban based on consumer feedback. Read More >>

The Next Ofcom Auction for 5G Airwaves is Set for Next Spring

Ofcom has set the window for selling off more bandwidth to network operators. Read More >>

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Ofcom Confirm Scousers Love a Chinwag

The people of Liverpool spend more time talking on their mobile than those in other major British cities. Read More >>

Reality TV Shows Told to Stop Hounding Participants to Death

Media regulator Ofcom is strengthening rules covering participants in reality TV shows, and is about to ask the broadcasters to take more care to protect the "welfare and wellbeing" of the people it makes dance for fun in impractical swimwear between the advertisements. Read More >>

Community Groups Gain Access to Unused Mobile Spectrum to Create Hyperlocal Networks

Communications regulator Ofcom is opening up access to some unused chunks of the mobile connectivity spectrum, allowing businesses, community groups and even the more savvy of the farmers to apply for the right to create their own mobile networks to connect all their things and alleviate the menace of rural boredom. Read More >>

EE Being Investigated by Ofcom for Not Capping 118 Calls for That One Guy Who Still Uses It

BT, who owns EE, could be in for a slap on the wrist from Ofcom after it owned up to not capping the call rate on 118 numbers for EE customers. Read More >>

The UK’s Favourite Broadband Provider Is Plusnet According to Broadband Genie

Roll out the red carpet and get your glad rags on, because it's time to announce the winners from the Broadband Genie Broadband Awards. Plusnet cleaned up after being voted the Best Value Provider, Best Broadband Provider, and winning Best Customer Care – which seems to fly in the face of Ofcom's own 2018/2019 report published last month that saw the provider getting far more complaints per 100,000 customers when compared to BT, TalkTalk, EE, Sky, and Virgin. Read More >>