OnePlus is Bringing Nightscape Mode to All of the OnePlus 7 Pro’s Rear Cameras

OnePlus has announced that its low light Nightscape mode is coming to all of the OnePlus 7 Pro's rear cameras. Read More >>

The OnePlus 7 Pro Bug That’s Shutting Down Phones is Getting Worked On So Don’t Panic

OnePlus 7 Pro owners have been reporting instances of their phones shutting down, but happily, it's not a hardware issue and OnePlus is on the case. Read More >>

OnePlus is Willing to Pay You to Switch Over to Its 7 Series

OnePlus wants to lure you over to its 7 series so much that it's offering cash incentives and money off if you trade in your old iPhone, Samsung, or Huawei, which it will presumably use to forge the smartphone equivalent of the iron throne. Read More >>

If you’re a OnePlus 7 Pro Owner and Got a Bunch of Weird Messages, Don’t Panic

Earlier today, a select few OnePlus 7 Pro users received gobbledegook spam messages that the company has now confirmed were accidentally sent out during an internal test. Read More >>

The Almond OnePlus 7 Pro Goes on Sale on 25th June

So the OnePlus 7 Pro came out last month, shortly followed by the OnePlus a couple of weeks ago. Now all OnePlus fans had to wait for was the limited edition Almond OnePlus 7 Pro, sporting everything from the 7 Pro but in a colour that isn't blue or black. Well it's just been announced that it goes on sale on 25th June. Read More >>

Shopping List
The Best Cases for the OnePlus 7 Pro

You've just bought the OnePlus 7 Pro (hopefully from one of our excellent deals) and you've already tried lifting a dog with the selfie camera. Now what? Time to protect your investment, that's what. Read More >>

OnePlus 7 Pro’s Popular New Features Will Be Getting Official Roll-Outs on the 5 and 6 Series

The OnePlus 7 Pro launched today, and if you've read our review, you'll know that a couple of the fancy new features that have been introduced include Zen Mode and screen recording. While OnePlus has confirmed that it'll be rolling these out as updates to older phone models, eager fans have decided not to wait and just gone ahead and done it themselves. Read More >>

OnePlus Brings Out the Big Guns By Getting Robert Downey Jr. to Promote its New OnePlus 7 Pro

The OnePlus 7 Pro was officially unveiled this week alongside the OnePlus 7, and the company is really taking it up a notch by dropping a load of cash for Robert Downey Jr. to hold it in his hand while posing in front of a gorgeous McLaren, decked out in a suit and trainers. Read More >>

The OnePlus 7 Pro’s Pop-up Camera is Strong Enough to Lift Your Dog if You Can Get It on There

The OnePlus 7 Pro was debuted yesterday alongside the second smartphone in the 7 series, the OnePlus 7. One of the more fun features of the OnePlus 7 Pro is the 16MP pop-up front camera that allows for a roomier display by hiding inside the body until it's time to jump out and start snapping. But if you're worried that this design feature errs more on the side of novelty and could be prone to breaking, OnePlus has performed a couple of tests to demonstrate just how durable it is. Read More >>

The OnePlus 7 Pro 5G Will Make Its Debut Exclusively on EE in the UK

EE has announced its partnership with OnePlus that will see the service provider bring the newly announced OnePlus 7 Pro 5G to its customers. The news comes straight from the OnePlus event in London. Read More >>

The OnePlus 7 Debuts Today – Here’s How to Livestream the Launch Event

Today is the day that OnePlus will officially lift the curtain around its 7 series smartphones. If you've been waiting with bated breath ever since co-founder and CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau, teased the unveiling last week, here's how, where, and when you can watch it. Read More >>

OnePlus 7 Pro Pricing Has Leaked, and Doesn’t Look Like it’ll be Cheap

The OnePlus 7 series launch event is taking place tomorrow, May 14, and it seems that the once bargain basement prices associated with the brand are now a thing of the past as the lift doors close and we start climbing towards the lofty heights of the penthouse. Read More >>

“No Bells and Whistles” Says Advert for OnePlus 7 Pro, a Phone With Lots of Rumoured Bells and Whistles

For the past few years OnePlus has been pushing on its philosophy that it doesn't include features that aren't necessary. Features that don't offer enough to warrant a price increase (like IP water resistance certification), or that aren't good enough for the company's high standards (wireless charging). So it's not surprising that the ad campaign for the OnePlus 7 Pro mentions how the company doesn't do "bells and whistles", though the irony is that all the rumours we have for the OnePlus 7 Pro point to a phone with more than its fair share of them. Read More >>

Alleged Prices for the OnePlus 7 Pro Have Leaked

The leaking powerhouse that is Ishan Agarwal, a 16-year-old who somehow knows exactly what's coming up in tech, has struck again. Read More >>