Pancake Day: This Mathematical Formula Will Help You Make Perfect Pancakes

This article was originally posted on 9th February 2016. Read More >>

Pancake Day 2015: The Essential Guide to Making the Best Pancakes at Home

Shove Tuesday, or Pancake Day, is a widely observed festival in the UK by religious types and non-churchgoers alike. Traditionally, the day before Lent is thought of as a time to take stock of ourselves and think about how we can repent for any wrongdoings. In contemporary times, though, this usually translates into trying to give up a personal vice for the duration, be it drinking, smoking or playing video games till 3am on weekdays. Read More >>

What’s Your Favourite Pancake Filling?

It's Shrove Tuesday today; if that's totally passed you by, you're not alone. But it's better known, at least in non-religious circles, as Pancake Day. So, in the fine tradition of exploratory food consumption, what's your favourite pancake filler, and why? Read More >>