Police Declare War on Rogue Snowdonia Car Parkers

A nice little British police crackdown was undertaken over the weekend, when North Wales Police decided to get out of bed early and make numerous examples of the drivers of cars littering the roadside in the busiest parts of the Snowdonia National Park. Read More >>

Free Parking for NHS Staff in England May End Soon

The government thinks we've stopped paying attention enough to allow it start charging NHS staff to park at their places of work again without triggering a massive online furore! Silly old government. What a silly government you are. Aren't you? Silly. Read More >>

NHS Car Park Fees Lifted for Health Workers

Well that didn't take long. Once again, in response to massive uproar that temporarily made even Piers Morgan look good, the government has moved to eliminate a hugely unpopular thing overnight, with the UK's health secretary waiving all on-site parking fees for NHS staff. Read More >>

A Pavement Parking Ban Could be Coming

Parking on the pavement because you can and no one ever does anything more than tut and take a photo to tut about later on social media could soon be stopped, as the Department for Transport is at last looking to add the option of banning pavement parking to future road laws. Read More >>

MPs Ask For Nationwide Ban on Pavement Car Parking

An isolated pocket of MPs having meetings that aren't about Brexit has had an idea, and would like to see the Department for Transport make our small town and village pavements more welcoming by banning the parking of cars atop them. Read More >>

There May Soon be a Nationwide App for Car Parking Spaces

A little tech thing with potentially amazing consequences is about to kick in in some council offices around the country, with a handful of our regional administrators offering their car parking data in one unified "parking language" format. This could mean it'll be possible to browse available car parking spaces in towns you're nowhere near. How exciting does that sound? I know. I know. Yes, I know. I know. Read More >>

electric vehicles
Man Charged For Parking Non-Charging Car In A Charging Space With No Charger

A 72-year-old pensioner has received a fine for parking his non-electric car in an electric car charging space which didn't yet have a charger. Read More >>

Airport Parking Scammer Dumped Cars in a Field, Court Told

The operator of boring-sounding business London Parking Gatwick Ltd is in court at the moment, charged with massively exaggerating the seriousness of his airport parking systems. As in, he's accused of picking up cars, driving them around for a bit, using them to get his shopping in and dumping the cars in a field. Read More >>

Local Faked Council Parking Signs to Keep Commuters Away

A person in Bath, driven mad by outsiders dumping their cars on his or her road, has created their own restricted parking area — Zone F. Zone F doesn't actually exist, but the parking signs this road vigilante made look very authentic indeed. Read More >>

Government Ploughs £4m into Weird Local Council Idea Apps

The government's decided to weigh in on the digital cities side of things again, with today seeing £4m awarded to a basket of apps and data streaming solutions that might help near-future you avoid traffic and find a parking space via the magic of a smartphone. That you shouldn't be looking at while driving, but still. Read More >>

San Francisco Still Owes Steve Jobs $174 for Overpaid Parking Tickets

It turns out Steve Jobs’s legacy isn’t all rounded corners and chamfered edges: he also (accidentally) bequeathed the San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority $174 in overpaid parking fines. He’s not alone: the SFMTA is trying to return $6 million in overpaid fines dating back to 1995. Read More >>

Parking Wardens Have Snagged £700m in Fines in a Year

English councils are raking it in from whacking tickets on the people carriers of the nation, with stats from the RAC Foundation suggesting they took in a whopping £693m during 2014/15 -- a nice four per cent increase on the previous year. Read More >>

Birmingham and Manchester are the Most Expensive Places to Park in the UK

Drivers in Manchester and Birmingham are paying paying on average £750 for to park annually, according to a new study. That's ten times higher than the national average. Read More >>

Street Parking Won’t Be a Chore When Your BMW Finds Spots For You

A full third of all vehicular congestion in cities is estimated to be caused by people circling—and circling... and circling... and circling—as they look for parking. A new tool that will be onboard all new BMWs will aggregate real-time data to point drivers towards potential parking spaces and away from inevitable parking headaches. Read More >>