The BBC’s New Doctor Who Bot Lets You Play Companion

It seems that Skype chatbots are the new in thing in TV circles: not long after Heston Blumenthal got his own chefbot, the BBC has announced they've made one for Doctor Who. Read More >>

Dr. Who Joins the March For Science in London

Governments may govern nationally, but scientists must work globally by requirement, as the folks who establish human truths based on evidence. So while scientists took to the streets in Washington D.C. yesterday, marches in 600 cities globally joined them. Read More >>

Peter Capaldi Is Leaving Doctor Who

It’s time to say farewell to the latest incarnation of the world’s most beloved Time Lord: Peter Capaldi has officially announced his departure from Doctor Who at the end of the current series. Read More >>

This Quote From Peter Capaldi Totally Nails the Appeal of Doctor Who

Long before he became the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi was a diehard Doctor Who fan—so he knows his stuff when it comes to talking about why the show has worked so well for over 50 years. But this new nugget of Capaldian wisdom is maybe one of the best things we’ve ever heard said about the show. Read More >>

‘The Thick Of It’ Cast in Bizarre ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Cameo

A teaser image for a forthcoming Marvel Spider-Man comic has erupted into viraldom today, after The Thick Of It creator Armando Iannucci noticed his creations sitting atop a double decker bus in the background of a scene and asked the internet what was happening. Read More >>

Unfinished Doctor Who Series 8 Opener Leaks Online

A rough, half-finished, black and white version of the first Peter Capaldi episode of Doctor Who has appeared online, with the antennae of blame pointed at the same BBC Worldwide studio that let the scripts escape. Read More >>

Doctor Who Scripts Leaked in BBC Worldwide Translation Error

Five scripts for the upcoming Peter Capaldi series of Doctor Who were accidentally made public on the website of one of the BBC Worldwide's overseas divisions, with the highbrow literary masterpieces quickly finding their way onto the torrent sites. Read More >>

New Doctor Who Starts on August 23rd

This ridiculously short teaser trailer gives us our first look at Mr Capaldi's Doctor in action, in which he asks that young woman he always hangs around with if he's a good man or not. He is, that's been established over the last 50 years, he's just pretending to be confused for dramatic effect. Read More >>

Here’s Peter Capaldi’s New Doctor Who Costume

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I don't really care about Doctor Who. But even my interest was piqued when it was announced that Peter "Malcolm Tucker" Capaldi was going to be the new Time Lord. And now, we've got a glimpse of the pockets he'll be storing his sonic screwdriver in. Read More >>

Is This the Real Face of Doctor Who’s Time Lord?

You may well be gearing up for the big Christmas Doctor Who special, but, for a guy who has had more regenerated faces than Jackie Stallone, you might be wondering which is the Doctor's real mug. Researchers at the University of Aberdeen Face Lab believe they have the answer. Read More >>

This Chart Shows Which Doctor Who Spent the Most Time (Travelling) On Our TV Screens

They may dart liberally across space and time, but when it comes to screen time, each successive Doctor Who has a very finite tenure on the show. So who's had the keys to the Tardis the longest? Read More >>

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If the New Dr Who Channelled Malcolm Tucker, This Profanity-Filled Hoot is What It Would Be Like

At last we have a new Dr Who, and surprisingly the BBC's picked none other than Peter Capaldi, who's best known as the foul-mouthed spin-doctor Malcolm Tucker from The Thick Of It. Some enterprising video remixer spliced together Dr Who footage with Malcolm Tucker scenes to produce this little hilariously abuse-filled diatribe. Something tells me this wouldn't fly with regular Dr Who fans. Read More >>

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What Do You Think of the New Dr Who?

We finally have a new Dr Who, as 55-year-old Peter Capaldi, best known as the foul-mouthed spin-doctor Malcolm Tucker, has been lined up to replace the pristine Matt Smith. That's quite a change. Is Dr Who going to get a bit more hard-core, at last? Read More >>