Smartphone VR Might Be Dead. Good.

Alongside all of Google’s new hardware and software announcements yesterday, there was another development that a lot of people might have missed: Google’s Daydream VR headset appears to be going away. Read More >>

The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are Here, and Here’s Everything You Need to Know

We feel like we all already know what the Pixel 4 is all about, thanks to the myriad of leaks that have hit the net over the past few months. But now the big Made by Google event is here, and the phone has been unveiled. Here's everything you need to know. Read More >>

How to Skive Off Work and Watch Google’s Pixel 4 Launch Event

Today is the day that Google launches the Pixel 4, and probably a bunch of other stuff too, as part of its 2019 'Made by Google' event. Obviously there's a big event that a bunch of important people (and journalists) have been invited to, but most people have to sit at home/work and find out all that new information some other way. Fortunately there is a way for you to tune in without getting out of your chair. Read More >>

The Pixel 4 Won’t Come With USB-C Earbuds or a 3.5mm Adaptor

Nobody was really happy when the phone companies decided that the headphone jack was to be made extinct, but the blow was softened by the fact they started throwing in 3.5mm adaptors and USB-C (or Lightning, if you're an iPhone user) earbuds into the box. But that trend is slowly dying off, and it seems Google is sticking to that trend for the Pixel 4. Read More >>

Here’s the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition, Which Was Already Confirmed Last Week

Today was OnePlus's big London event, and alongside the disappointing OnePlus 7T Pro OnePlus revealed the details of the McLaren Edition OnePlus 7T Pro. It's basically the same phone, but with extra RAM, a fancy colour scheme, and a bit of licensing from an motorsport company. Read More >>

The OnePlus 7T Pro is Such a Non-Update it Doesn’t Even Deserve to Call Itself One

We are long past the days where smartphone launches would be grand exciting things where phone companies would pull out all sorts of new features and flashy hardware that wowed people all over the world. Right now we are at a point where smartphones are pretty boring, and year after year we see smaller incremental updates instead of the mind boggling innovations of 10 years ago. The OnePlus 7T Pro takes that status quo and pushes it to its extreme, and not in a good way. Read More >>

The OnePlus 7T Price Just Leaked, Hours Before the 7T Pro Launch Event

One of the most irritating things about the OnePlus 7T reveal was that the company flat out ignored the European and UK pricing, which is a spectacularly stupid thing to do. Instead it looked like we'd have to wait until today, when OnePlus had a separate event in London where we will presumably hear about the 7T Pro. Well, it looks like the price for the 7T and 7T Pro McLaren Edition has gone and leaked just a few hours before that event. Read More >>

Essential Debuts Phone, Just Cut in Half and With a Creepy Backstory

Here’s something to raise your eyebrows. Essential, the company founded in 2015 by disgraced former Google exec Andy Rubin, released images of its Project Gem smartphone on Tuesday – and it basically looks like a phone chopped down the middle. Read More >>

Google Pixel 4 And 4 XL Spec Sheets Just Leaked

Just when you didn't think more Pixel 4 info could possibly drop, the spec sheets decide to roll up to leak party. Read More >>

The Surface Phone Is Real

No, that is not the just-announced Surface Neo in Panos Panay’s hand. That’s the Surface Duo, the long-rumored Microsoft Surface phone. Read More >>

The OnePlus 7T Takes the OnePlus 7 Pro’s Best Feature, but Keeps the Notch

Back when OnePlus launched the 7 series back in May, there was quite a lot of difference between the two devices. The OnePlus 7 was very much a minor step up from the 6T, while the OnePlus 7 Pro got all the nice fancy features like the improved display and the pop-up camera. Five months later and the base model has caught up, taking many of the best features from the OnePlus 7 Pro - but maintaining the notched screen. Read More >>

Kickstarter Campaign for a Phone That’s Just a Phone Has Smashed its £80k Goal in Just One Day

In the kingdom of smartphones, the dumb phone is king apparently, given the rate at which the Kickstarter for the Mudita Pure minimalistic phone has been funded. Read More >>

The iPhone 11 Is Legitimately Great

The iPhone 11 is good. Some of its most touted features might feel more like gimmicks, and I definitely miss a few features limited to the pricier Pro. I still find myself reaching for the iPhone 11 even when my iPhone X, which fits in my hand a little better, is sitting close by. A brilliant camera and a handful of other new bits make this a phone you can upgrade to with little of the usual guilt. Read More >>

What Is Ultra-Wideband and What Does It Do in the iPhone 11

There’s a new (ish) technology in town, one that’s made it to the consumer smartphone market with the arrival of the iPhone 11: ultra-wideband (UWB). What is this tech, which now lurks on the Apple U1 chip? And how is it going to change how you use your phone in the future? Here’s what you need to know. Read More >>

Huawei’s Mate 30 Series Leaks in Its Entirety Days Before the Official Launch Event

The Huawei Mate 30 launch is set for September 19, but the entire line up has leaked ahead of the event in Munich. Read More >>