Even Cities Pick a Side in the Never-Ending Battle Between Samsung and Apple

The majority of people have an opinion when it comes to the whole Apple v Samsung spat that's been going on for nearly a decade, even if they claim not to. As it turns out you can also make the conflict on a city by city basis, to see which phone maker is more popular in specific areas of the country. Read More >>

Oppo’s Confirmed it Will be Officially Bringing its Smartphones to the UK

Oppo is one of those Chinese smartphone companies you hear a lot about, especially now it's developed a bezel-less phone with a pop up camera, but its devices aren't that easily available here. OnePlus is technically part of Oppo, but it doesn't count for reasons. Now the company has confirmed that it will be officially bringing its phones to the UK, so anyone wanting to buy one won't need to grab an imported model from a third party. Read More >>

Leaked Poster Shows Off a Blue Galaxy Note 9 and Yellow S-Pen

So far we've seen from the official teaser video that the one of the Galaxy Note 9 models will come with a yellow/gold S-Pen, while regulatory filings supposedly revealed a number of colours the phone may come in. Now the latest leak is some sort of official poster, revealing a blue Note 9 ad yellow S-Pen. Read More >>

Report Claims Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Will Go on Sale on 24th August

We've known for a while that Samsung is set to unveil the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone on 9th August, but now we have to ponder the release situation. When will it be released to the hordes of early adopters who are really hoping it doesn't explode? A new report claims it'll be 24th August, 15 days after launch. Read More >>

Phone Signal Scanners to Remind Drivers Not to Call-and-Drive

Norwich is about to open up a new front in the war on imbeciles talking on their fun devices while in charge of massive metallic battering rams, with a trial scanner able to detect mobile phone call signals installed to warn drivers to put it down and pay more attention to the road and humans instead of live notifications about sports. Read More >>

New Rumour Claims Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Will Have Five Cameras

A few years ago phone makers were obsessed with adding extra resolution to their devices' cameras, because more megapixels was better, right? While that trend has thankfully died off, it seems we're jumping into a brand new smartphone camera war: the inclusion of as many camera lenses as is humanly possible. Currently the top dog is the Huawei P20 Pro, which has a triple lens rear camera system and a single front-facing lens, but Samsung might be coming for its Chinese rival with the Galaxy S10 Plus. Read More >>

Don’t Forget the Red OnePlus 6 Goes on Sale Today

When the OnePlus 6 was announced, the company announced it would be available in three colours (mirror black, black, and white) - suspiciously leaving out the red hue that had been rumoured for so long. That red phone hadn't been forgotten, and last Monday OnePlus announced that it would be arriving at 9am on 10th July. In case you hadn't noticed, that's today. Read More >>

Don’t Expect Apple to Have a Folding iPhone Anytime Soon

Ten years ago Apple was at the forefront of smartphone innovation. The iPhone fundamentally changed what it meant to be a smartphone, but these days it seems to take a more reserved approach to things. Unless those things include trying to kill off analogue audio. So it makes sense that Apple probably isn't going to release a foldable phone in the immediate future. Read More >>

Galaxy Note 9 Case Pre-Order Page Seemingly Shows Off Final Design

At this stage there doesn't seem to be very much we don't know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but the leaks are still coming further proving that the leaks have been right all along. The latest is a pre-order page for one of the phone's cases, complete with renders of what seem to be the final phone. Read More >>

The Latest Very Unsurprising Galaxy Note 9 Rumour Says it’s Quite Similar to the Galaxy S9 Plus

All the leaks we've seen about the Galaxy Note 9 has been pretty standard of the phone development cycle. It's different, but not too different, from its predecessor, even coming bundled with the same sort of design as the Note 8. Well now there's been another leak and it points to a phone that isn't all that different to the last big phone Samsung made - the Galaxy S9 Plus. Read More >>

The Folding Samsung Galaxy X May Come Before the S10, Not After

Rumours are a fickle thing. Plans change, some things were never true to begin with, and it's basically impossible to tell what's real and what's not - especially this early in the cycle. We've been seeing rumours on the folding Samsung Galaxy X trickle out for a few months, and more recently some bits and pieces about the Galaxy S10. Now it seems the release date rumours we've heard have been flipped. Read More >>

OnePlus 5 and 5T Will be Getting Faster Android Updates As Well

Back during the keynote speech at I/O, Google updated people on something called Project Treble, the latest project designed to get third-party manufacturers to roll out Android updates more quickly. Plenty of them signed up, including OnePlus, but it's just been announced that the brand new OnePlus 6 won't be the only phone benefiting from that initiative. Read More >>

Light Takes the Multi-Camera Trend to the Extreme With a Nine-Lens Camera Phone

When the first dual lens camera came out people were a bit sceptical, but accepting. Then Huawei pushed out a phone with three lenses and people started wondering whether this was going to be an ongoing trend. Now camera-maker Light is taking the multi-camera trend to its extreme pretty early on, with reports that it's developing a phone packing a ridiculous nine camera lenses. Read More >>

Samsung’s Folding Galaxy X Could Have a Curved 6,000 mAh Battery

The of the major issues with folding phones (that don't rely on hinges) is making sure the internal components can fold along with the screen. That's especially true of the battery, because damaging it is guaranteed to end up with explosive consequences. But with the folding Samsung Galaxy X on the way we can only assume that problem has been dealt with. Case in point: reports that Samsung has developed a curved battery with up to 6,000 mAh of capacity. Read More >>

Benchmark Claims to Show off How Powerful the iPhone XI Plus is

We know for a fact that Apple has more iPhones coming sometime later this year, and that those phones are bound to be faster and more powerful than what came before, but there's a benchmark test claiming to be for the iPhone XI Plus circulating the web, with some noticeable upgrades from the iPhone X. Read More >>