Millions of Android Phones Are at Risk Due to “Achilles” Flaw in Qualcomm Chips

When you’re on the hunt for a new smartphone, it’s likely that you’re focused on price, design, and features first – and probably not the silicon inside powering it. However, researchers have found that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip, one of the most widely used in Android phones, has hundreds of bits of vulnerable code that leaves millions of Android users at risk. Read More >>

A Foldable Pixel Could be Coming, According to a Leaked Document

We're still a way out from the launch of the Pixel 5, but obviously the phone business doesn't just look a few months ahead. No doubt there are years of Pixel devices in the pipeline, and apparently one of them is a foldable device codenamed 'passport'. Read More >>

The Pixel 5 and 4a 5G May Arrive in Early October

Earlier this week Google announced that the Pixel 4a was coming to the UK, but not until 1st October. That has widely been regarded as a strange move, since it's hitting the US on 20th August, and people don't really want to wait that long to buy the phone for themselves. Well, there may be another obstacle, because by the time the Pixel 4a arrives in the UK, we may well be days away from the launch of the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G. Read More >>

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 Looks Like a Big Step for Forward for Foldable Phones

With the original Galaxy Fold, Samsung took a major leap into creating an entirely new type of mobile device. However, like a lot of innovative first-gen gadgets, the Fold was just as much of a tech demo as it was a true retail device. But with the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G, Samsung appears to have addressed many of the original Fold’s shortcomings while also refining and evolving its flexible display tech. Read More >>

Pixel 4a vs OnePlus Nord: Which Mid-Range Phone is Best?

Today Google finally got round to launching the Pixel 4a, the second mid-range Pixel device that the company has produced. And possibly the most delayed Pixel yet, thanks to all the issues with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing Google to scrub a suspected launch back in May. Read More >>

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Everything You Need to Know About the Pixel 4a

After a few months of stalling, and hoping nobody notices the phone was due to be announced in May, Google has finally come around and told us all about the Pixel 4a. Because it's about time, and people were starting to get impatient. So before we lose you to the lures of the OnePlus Nord or some other mid-range device we haven't thought to recall, let's get all these details out of the way. Read More >>

Earbuds That Fit Inside a Smartphone Is Equal Parts Smart and Stupid

With phones like the MiMix Alpha and its mysterious tri-fold prototype, Xiaomi is no stranger when it comes to dreaming up far out concept devices. But in a recently discovered patent, Xiaomi may have come up with a novel smartphone idea that’s better left on paper. Read More >>

OnePlus Nord Review: A Weird Mix of Improvement and Compromise

It's here. Nearly anyway. OnePlus has announced the Nord, promising us the OnePlus experience without having to pay what is now a OnePlus price point. Or the price point of the bigger companies like Apple and Samsung. The phone was announced last Monday, and is set go to on sale on 4th August. I've had my hands on the phone for a few weeks now, and am here to tell you what it's like. Let's take a look. Read More >>

Samsung Just Announced the Galaxy Z Flip 5G Early, for Some Reason

Even though all rumours and leaks pointed towards Samsung announcing the 5G version of the Galaxy Z Flip at Unpacked next month (which would have made a lot of sense), Samsung's gone and launched it today. I guess it's because there's already so much going on at Unpacked that there wasn't time for such a small announcement to be included. Read More >>

OnePlus Nord Hands-On: Packing in Flagship Features for a Price as Low as Promised

After a lot of teasing, OnePlus has finally got around to announcing the OnePlus Nord for real. After leaks, deliberate teases, and bonafide spoilers, this is it. It's here, a phone from OnePlus that's actually under £500 for once, even if the company is trying to make it look as close to one of its flagship devices as it possible can. Read More >>

How to Watch the OnePlus Nord Launch Event in AR

After several weeks of teasing and trickling out information, OnePlus is ready to announce the OnePlus Nord this afternoon. The whole thing kicks off at 3pm UK time, though the difference this time round is that OnePlus has opted for a 'world's first' by streaming the entire launch event in augmented reality. Read More >>

OnePlus Just Told us Pretty Much Everything We Didn’t Already Know About the OnePlus Nord

I always wonder why companies bother with big flashy launch events, because they're kind of pointless at the best of times. That said, OnePlus is making tomorrow's OnePlus Nord launch even more redundant with it's constant trickle of announcements in the run-up to the day. Today's big news? Pretty much all the features we don't know about already. Read More >>

Samsung Confirms the Galaxy Fold 2 is Coming on 5th August

We already knew that Samsung's next big launch event, dubbed Galaxy Unpacked as always, was coming on 5th August - complete with the new Galaxy Note 20 (and maybe some other stuff). The fate of the next big foldable was less clear, however, but now Samsung has confirmed that the the Galaxy Fold 2 (or Z Fold 2, if the rumours are correct) will arrive at Unpacked with everything else. Read More >>

The OnePlus Nord is Having an ‘Online Pop-Up’ on Launch Day

If there's one thing OnePlus loves more than teasing its upcoming product line-up, it's giving people the chance to get hold of those products slightly earlier than everyone else. After three rounds or pre-sales for the OnePlus Nord, the company has announced it will be holding an 'online pop-up' after Tuesday's launch event. Read More >>

OnePlus Shows Off the OnePlus Nord, Comes With Another Camera Redesign

OnePlus is really going hard on the OnePlus Nord, so much so that even with an impending launch day it can't stop teasing us with details about the phone. Today we get a look at the phone itself, including another redesign of the camera array. Read More >>