Google’s Pixel Buds are Finally Available in the UK

Google's Pixel Buds have been available over in the US and Canada for months now, but they're only just making their way to the UK Play Store - which is weird because I've had a review set lying around since at least November. So if you want a pair of earbuds that come with Google Assistant built in, you've got another option. Read More >>

Google’s Pixel Buds Aren’t Even Close to Being Good

There was always something off about the Pixel Buds. Google released the smart, wireless headphones a full year after Apple released the AirPods. But the Pixel Buds aren’t exactly wireless, and they’re not exactly smart, either. In fact, after spending a few days with the product, I’m prepared to say it: The Pixel Buds suck. Read More >>

PSA: The Pixel Buds’ Wire is Important, So Don’t be the Moron That Cuts It

Properly wireless earbuds are all the rage these days, with Samsung, Apple, and other big name companies releasing their own totally-wire-free audio pods. Google said to hell with that, and released a pair of earbuds with a wire attached - for reasons they haven't fully revealed. Read More >>