Germany Refuses to Let Boeing’s 737 Max Fly Over it

Boeing's troubled 737 Max aeroplane has been troubling German air traffic officials this week, who refused to let one of the controversial planes fly over the country. Read More >>

Boeing Reports Up to 148 Parts For Its Aircraft Were ‘Improperly Manufactured’

Adding to an ever-growing list of Boeing public relations issues, the aircraft manufacturer has informed the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that some of its 737 jets may have “improperly manufactured” wing parts that don’t meet strength and durability standards. Read More >>

America’s Failed Airlines That Were Too Weird for This World

Flying can be an excruciating experience these days. The CEO of United Airlines recently admitted that by the time passengers sit down on his planes, they’re already “pissed at the world.” But plenty of airlines have tried to make things more fun over the years, even if they were incredibly weird. So weird, in fact, that they went out of business. Read More >>

Experimental Plane Shows Supersonic Blasts of Air Could Simplify the Way We Pilot Aircraft

The more moving parts a machine has, the more likely it is to eventually fail. It’s an especially problematic rule of thumb for aircraft given the fact that a mechanical failure during a flight can be catastrophic. To help remedy this, BAE Systems recently tested a unique plane that replaces its wing’s adjustable ailerons with powerful blasts of air to steer the craft. Read More >>

Virgin Flight into Heathrow in Drone Near-Miss

This happened back in February, so the fact that it didn't make the proper TV news and the BBC didn't interrupt Pointless to tell us about it means nothing bad happened. What did happen, though, is that a Virgin Atlantic flight reported drones breaching safety guidelines and getting within around 90 feet of an airplane as it came in over Essex. Read More >>

Airlines May Start Secretly Weighing Us All

A UK-based startup thinks it's happened upon a sly way of saving the airlines a bit of money on each flight, and is pitching the idea of quickly and unobtrusively weighing each passenger before they board their flights -- so the plane can be fuelled with precisely the right amount of flying petrol. Read More >>

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A New Design Promises to Quiet the Terrifying Roar of Flushing an Aeroplane Toilet

Flying has become an altogether unpleasant experience, from long security lines at the airport to cramped, uncomfortable seats. But one of the more unsettling parts of flying, those aeroplane toilets that sound like jet engines when flushed, might soon be much quieter thanks to some long overdue research from Brigham Young University. Read More >>

Boeing Promises to Release Software Update For 737 Max Planes by April

Boeing announced overnight that the company would release a software update for its 737 Max planes “no later” than next month. The announcement, which was posted to Boeing’s website, calls the software release an “enhancement” and explains that it’s related to the October crash of Lion Air Flight 610 which killed 189 people. Sunday’s crash that killed 157 in Ethiopia is only mentioned in passing. Read More >>

Virgin Atlantic Flight Tops 800mph

A Virgin Atlantic 787 Dreamliner running from from Los Angeles to London has set an astonishing new speed record thanks to the good old mysteries of the jet stream, hitting a maximum speed of 801mph in tailwinds at 35,000 feet above the US. Read More >>

£32 For a Sit Down in Gatwick’s Newest Posh Lounge

Gatwick's South Terminal is the latest part of our airport infrastructure to be diseased by a stupidly expensive luxury pre-flight seating area, with the aspirational chairs of No1 Lounges taking over another key spot in the departures zone. Read More >>

Drone Pilot 10 Feet Away From Hitting Passenger Jet Jackpot Over London

The nearest near-miss in the short history of drone enthusiasts flying their toys too close to passenger aeroplanes has been recorded, with the UK's aviation collision police reporting that a drone came within just 10 feet of a Virgin Atlantic plane as it was coming in to land at Heathrow. Read More >>

BA Shamed as Least Efficient Transatlantic Passenger Hauler

If you want a slightly less environmentally toxic way of managing your luxury winter shopping holiday to New York, use any airline that isn't British Airways. That's the conclusion of a report into transatlantic passenger flights assembled by the International Council on Clean Transportation, which blames everything from old planes to space for more luxury seating for BA's poor economy averages. Read More >>

Airline in Trouble for Filtering Out Boys as Pilots and Giving Girls the Drinks Trolley

There's a minor sexism furore kicking up around small UK flier TUI, which thought it was doing a great job of engaging with child travellers by giving them stickers. Two gender neutral stickers — as in, neither of them are pink — have been created to be handed out to kids, celebrating careers in the sky. Which is lovely, except whoever's doing the handing out has been guilty of a bit of entrenched sexism, as the girls have all been given "Future Cabin Crew" ones while the "Future Captain" stickers all found their ways onto the yoghurt-covered lapels of boys. Read More >>

Ryanair Says No to Strike Cancellation Compensation

This week's Ryanair strike that saw as many as 600 flights cancelled across Europe and perhaps 100,000 travellers having their flights axed is not the end of the nightmare for company bosses, as it's now embroiled in a battle to avoid having to pay out compulsory compensation to all 100,000 binned-off passengers. Read More >>

Live Python ‘Artfully Concealed’ in Hard Drive Enclosure Fails to Get on Plane

A snake is still stranded in the United States after airline security refused to allow it to board a plane to the Caribbean. Read More >>