The UK’s First Spaceport is Now One Step Closer to Reality

Three years ago the government (or former government, as it may be) backed plans to build a spaceport right here in the UK. Today, after a long bloody time of waiting, those plans took one big step closer to being a reality. Read More >>

Government Ministers Aren’t So Sure About This Whole ‘Latte Levy’ Idea

Thing back to the long distance past of two months ago, and you might remember that a government report from the Environment Audit Committee suggested a 'latte levy' that would see customers pay 25p every time they bought a hot drink in a disposable cup. A fine for buying something in a cup that is hard to recycle, basically, in an effort to cut down on waste. Read More >>

The Government Confirms Support for Opt-Out Organ Donation Bill

Today is a big day for the topic of organ donation in England, because a debate took place in the House of Commons regarding the topic of an opt-out system - also known as 'presumed consent'. The debate ended in good news, because the government has confirmed it will support a bill designed to introduce such a system. Read More >>

Jeremy Corbyn Pledges To Investigate The Rising Cost Of Freddos

There's an old saying that you can judge the state of the economy based on the price of a Freddo. Cadbury's dirt-cheap cartoon frog bars are staple stock in corner shops across the country, and the price means they're ideal pocket money fodder. In the good old days of 2000 they were 10p each, but 18 years later they're an extortionate 25p. Luckily Jeremy Corbyn has promised to investigate this matter, which will no doubt make him universally loved by the UK population. Read More >>

Fake Fake Fur That’s Actually Real Fur is Confusing Everyone

The Commons Environment Committee is launching an inquiry into fake fur on sale in the UK, suggesting that some fake fur is actually real fur that's being marketed as fake fur -- presumably because skinning a fox in some unregulated backwater is cheaper than importing a nice roll of the fake stuff. Read More >>

Your Council Tax is Probably Going to Go Up

Council tax is one of those things people tend to forget about, since it's not pulled from our payslips automatically. It's important to keep the local area maintained, so we can't complain too much. We can, however, complain about the fact that council tax is probably going to go up, or at least that's what new research claims. Read More >>

The Government’s Revealed How It’ll Boost Rights for Gig Economy Workers

The issue over the rights of workers in the gig economy have been disputed for some time, with the companies themselves insisting that workers are self-employed contractors and not entitled to rights like holiday pay or sick leave. The workers themselves, along with other organisations have issues with this for a long list of compelling reasons. Read More >>

Samsung’s Heir-Apparent Has Been Released From Prison by an Appeals Court

Back in August news broke that Lee Jae-yong, billionaire heir-apparent to the Samsung corporation, had been found guilty of charges involving corruption and sentenced to five years in prison. Lee had been arrested just under 12 months ago, and had continued to deny the charges brought against him. Now he's been freed, thanks to a South Korean court of appeals. Read More >>

MPs Vote to Leave Parliament for Refurb Works

After years of wrangling over what to do about fixing up the Palace of Westminster and all of its damp patches, wonky staircases and assorted legacy fire hazards, a decision has been made. The government will move out so the place can be renovated in a slightly easier fashion. Read More >>

MP Launches Personal App And Becomes Self-Facilitating Media Node [Updated]

In case you hadn't noticed finding different ways to communicate with one another is all the rage, and now members of Parliament have decided to give it ago. Well one of them has, anyway. Read More >>

The Court of Appeals Has Decided the UK’s Surveillance Regime Was Unlawful After All

The government has been doing its best to spy on everyone and everything, with the Snooper's Charter giving them much broader powers on who and what they can spy on. While there have been many legal challenges linked to the controversial bill, including rulings from the EU, a ruling from the UK Court of Appeals means large part of the Snooper's Charter are unlawful. Read More >>

Doomsday Clock Moves 30 Seconds Closer to Midnight Because The World Is Getting More Dangerous

It’s two minutes to midnight. And that’s really bad news if you’re a fan of planet Earth. Read More >>

London Says No to Public Thatcher Statue

People on a night out in London looking for something to vandalise are not going to get what they want, as Westminster Council has denied planning permission for a statue of Margaret Thatcher. Read More >>

Facebook Slowly Realising It Might Be Ruining Democracy

If you were even semi-conscious during the last two years, you’ll know that social media can wreak havoc on a functioning democracy. Facebook is finally admitting that it’s part of the problem. Facebook also wants you to believe in an imaginary future, a hypothetical someday when Mark Zuckerberg figures out how to stop his social network from enabling cyberwar and genocide, but the social network stops short of explaining how it’s going to get there. Read More >>

Branson Orders Staff to Resume Selling the Daily Mail on Virgin Trains

Richard Branson has waded in to the debate about selling the Daily Mail or not across his Virgin Trains network, and has asked staff to put the newspaper back on sale while they conduct a full review of their sales practises. Read More >>