EU Draft Law Would Fine Companies for Failing to Adequately Deal With Extremist Content

The EU is always getting into fights with social media companies, especially where the topic of extremist content comes up. Social Media insists that it's putting loads of effort into removing that sort of thing quickly and efficiently, but the EU (along with our own government) doesn't think that's good enough. So now there's a new draft law on the cards that would fine them for not removing flagged content quickly enough. Read More >>

The Chancellor is Threatening New Taxes Again, This Time Aimed at Online Retailers

Phillip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, was in the news back in March for threatening tech companies with extra taxes - because they still manage to get away with paying almost nothing. That was a threat that originated in the Autumn budget last year, and still nothing seems to have come to fruition. Now he's back at throwing around threats of extra taxes, except this time he's targeting online retailers. Read More >>

Anatomy Of A Tweetstorm: Looking At The Numbers Behind #ResignWatson

Ahh, Sunday evening. An opportunity to sit back and relax for a precious few hours before the work week begins again. But it turns out that not everyone last night was watching Ed Balls don a leotard on the telly, or grinding through a pile on ironing. Some people spent their evening furiously tweeting about the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson, and calling for him to resign. Read More >>

Report: Trump’s Dumb Tweets Could Finally Add Up to Big Trouble

It feels like it was only a matter of time before Robert Mueller started investigating Donald Trump’s tweets. And it seems that time has come. The New York Times reports that the special counsel “is scrutinising tweets and negative statements” from the president about James Comey and Jeff Sessions. Specifically, Mueller reportedly wants to know if Trump’s behaviour adds up to obstruction of justice. Boy, there sure are a lot of tweets, too. Read More >>

The Government Wants to Ban Children From Owning and Flying Drones

For a while the government has been scrambling to try and figure out what it should do about regulating drones, especially since there are dumb fucks out there that think it's still acceptable to fly them into planes. We already know that there are laws in the works that would prevent anyone owning a drone over 250 grams without registering and passing some sort of proficiency test, but now the government would like to stop children from flying them too. Read More >>

A Casting Agency Is Booking A Crowd Of Protesters For The Emir of Qatar’s Visit To Downing Street [Updated]

Have you ever dreamed of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood? Tomorrow could be your lucky day if you're willing to start by treading the boards at... umm.... 10 Downing Street. Read More >>

Noel Sharkey on AI, Sex Robots and Why Politicians Need to Understand the Limits of Technology

“I sound like I don’t like technology, but I actually do, sorry,” Professor Noel Sharkey laughs. “But this just really upsets me.” Sharkey is just getting into the swing of his 20-minute lecture: a talk at FutureFest entitled “Sex, race and gender in robotics and AI,” and he’s not pulling any punches. Throughout the talk he reveals example after example of how human biases have crept into a technology which promised to fix our weak, fleshy human subjectivity. Justice algorithms that see black prisoners as more likely to reoffend due to past prejudiced police targeting; facial recognition software that can only spot white faces, and so on. Even our search engines are picking up on our prejudiced under and overtones, as an image search for ‘professional hair’ and ‘unprofessional hair’ depressingly demonstrates. Read More >>

There’s a Place That Actually Wants a Margaret Thatcher Statue

The Margaret Thatcher statue that wasn't allowed to be displayed in London because her family and several millions of other people thought it would be a bad idea, may soon have somewhere to be dumped. In Grantham, her home town. Read More >>

An Orange Supremacist and Other Nicknames: What Charlie Brooker’s Cancelled 2017 Wipe Could Have Said About Trump

Last year Charlie Brooker announced that he was going to ruin everyone's Christmas by cancelling 2017 Wipe, the cynical yearly round up we really could have used after that abysmal year. Brooker was "too busy" apparently, because the end of last year also saw the release of a new selection of Black Mirror episodes on Netflix alongside Cunk on Britain. Read More >>

Even the Jehovah’s Witnesses Have to Abide by GDPR Rules

There's nothing more annoying that having to get up and answer your front door because someone is trying to peddle something. Especially in the middle of the day, when you're only home because you ave more important things to deal with like sick kids, incoming deliveries, or trying to get some work done away from the office. Jehovah's Witnesses are some of the most infamous, especially the ones near me that try and trick you into not immediately realise they're not there to talk about Jesus and the Apocalypse. But an EU court has said that even they need to abide by GDPR rules. Read More >>

The Government is Proposing All New Homes Be Built With Electric Car Chargers

When it comes to finding places to charge your car, the available options are a lot better than they used to be. That said, given how much more popular electric cars are becoming, we can't be complacent and stop improving the EV charging infrastructure. Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has some ideas on that, and part of it involves requiring new-build suburban homes to have electric car chargers installed from the get go. Read More >>

Corbyn Calls For Extra Bank Holiday If Something That Definitely Won’t Happen Actually Happens

Jeremy Corbyn is a big fan of bank holidays. He can't stop suggesting that people take a day off work, to the point where I think he might have partially reversed his republican image if the government had given everyone an extra day off for Harry's wedding. In addition to the four extra bank holidays he's been promising since last April, Jeremy has suggested people get the day off work should England win the World Cup. Read More >>

Walsall MP Declares UK Government Needs a ‘Chief Blockchain Officer’

Eddie Hughes, Conservative MP for Walsall has called on our government to create the new position of 'Chief Blockchain Officer', and to embrace blockchain technology as a method of transforming the UK's data systems. Let's say that again. He wants a 'Chief Blockchain Officer', because everything should be blockchain these days. Read More >>

MPs Will Debate Whether to Ban ‘Prostitution Websites’ for Aiding Sexual Exploitation

If you've been paying attention to internet law in the US recently, you'll know that there's been a crackdown on websites used to advertise prostitution services in a bid to tackle sex trafficking and modern slavery. The move has been criticised by sex workers and activists alike, and now MPs in the House of Commons will be debating whether to implement a similar ban on such websites in the UK. Read More >>