China Using Drones in Increasingly Dystopian Ways to Combat Coronavirus Outbreak

Authorities in China have deployed drones to combat the spread of coronavirus in a variety of ways since the outbreak began, including disinfectant drones and drones that fly around with a loudspeaker to tell people they should keep their masks on. But there’s another way that police in China have started to use drones, and it makes you feel like we live in the future. But maybe not the future we were hoping for. Read More >>

This Is the Perfect Reason To Spend Tens of Thousands of Dollars on a Robotic Dog

With a price tag of tens of thousands of dollars, Boston Dynamics’ Spot robodog was a tough sell when it officially went on sale last September. A real dog was much cheaper, and arguably more useful, but as an alternative to an electric car, presenter and all-around geek favourite Adam Savage might have found the perfect way to justify buying a robotic dog. Read More >>

Robot That Can Perform ‘Supermicrosurgery’ Passes First Test in Humans

A surgical robot capable of reconnecting vessels with diameters as tiny as 0.3 millimetres has been tested on human patients, and the results are promising. Read More >>

A Robotic Swinging Spider-Man is Coming to Disneyland This Summer

After first revealing what many speculated to be robotic stunt doubles several years ago, today the official Disney Parks Blog confirmed that Disney Research’s swinging, posing, self-contained animatronic trapeze artists will be used to create a real-life version of Spider-Man swinging over the upcoming Avengers Campus attraction in Disneyland. Read More >>

star trek
A History of Star Trek’s Uneasy Relationship With Androids

Sci-fi has been fascinated with sentient synthetic life since its earliest days, but Star Trek, in particular, has had quite the tumultuous history with its own consideration of androids and their place in its far future. From classic interpretations of sinister ‘bots to one of the franchise’s most beloved characters, here’s everything you need to know about Star Trek’s androids. Read More >>

Using Force-Like Powers This Robotic Gripper Can Grab Things Without Touching Them

Engineers have developed robots that are capable of picking up objects as delicate as eggs or grapes without damaging them, but soon they could handle even the smallest and most fragile components using a new gripper design that can lift and manipulate objects without actually touching them. Read More >>

Scientists Built a Robot From 40 Pigeon Feathers and It Flies Beautifully

Scientists seeking to understand the mechanics of bird flight have constructed PigeonBot, a robot made from 40 pigeon feathers (and a few other components). Read More >>

Save Over £200 on a Brand New Roomba Robot Vacuum

Robots are expensive, and honestly a bit rubbish right now. Which is a good thing because it means they can't rise up and kill all the humans. But people still want them, because automating stuff is a lot nicer for our lazy selfish selves than getting out of bed and doing some proper work. Which is why you might be interested in this Roomba discount. Read More >>

HBO Invited Us to a Westworld Dinner Party, Where We Were the Ones Roasted

“Ms. Cranz, would you prefer a tequila or vodka shot? Don’t worry. We know the difference.” With one question a Westworld “robot” had roasted me to a cinder and brought into relief everything cool and terrifying about HBO’s Westworld “activation” at CES. Read More >>

Walmart Wants to Build 20,000-Square-Foot Automated Warehouses With Fleets of Robot Grocery Pickers

Walmart has unveiled a new initiative that aims to make in-store fulfilment, one of the biggest challenges for its online grocery business, more efficient. Say hello to Alphabot, a robotic fulfilment system that uses human labour and robot speed to pick more than 800 products per hour. Read More >>

CES 2020: Meet Samsung’s Cute (But Sinister) Ball-Shaped Robot, Ballie

At CES this week Samsung showed off a cute robot assistant for the home. It's called Ballie because, well, it's a ball. Read More >>

ces 2020
CES 2020: Robot Cat Aims to Replace Human Waiters

To the delight of introverts everywhere, a robot cat waiter has debuted at CES, meaning we could soon see the end of awkward small talk and obsequious tip-baiting from human serving staff. Read More >>

ces 2020
CES 2020: Purring Robot Cat Cushion Gets a Tiny Sibling

Emotional support animals aren't yet much of a thing in the UK, which means sadly you can't drag a recalcitrant cat out to the shops with you, yowling and clawing, while you pick up some food for its ungrateful bum. Read More >>

Vector, the Little Robot That Could(n’t Do Much) is Back From the Dead

Vector, a tiny desktop companion robot that was both surprisingly endearing and unsurprisingly useless, met its demise earlier this year when its creator, Anki, ran out of money and shut down. But despite the robot failing to justify its expensive price tag, it apparently has its fans, and Vector is being brought back from the dead. Read More >>

CES 200: Poo-Spotting Cameras Could Be This Robovac’s Secret Weapon

The biggest problem with even the smartest robovacs is that they’re not actually that smart. They can navigate your home and avoid collisions with large pieces of furniture, but smaller obstacles, like hazards left behind by pets, they’ll simply plough right through creating even larger messes. Lucy, a new robot vacuum from a company called Trifo, thinks an extra camera, and AI powered smarts, could finally put an end to encounters of the turd kind. Read More >>