Gen Z Is Already Afraid Automation Will Eat Their Jobs

A middle-aged man, holding a tool from the machine shop, looking forlorn and wistful. That’s what we might call the stock image of automation fears. It’s the picture that graces the news story about grim job-loss forecasts or think pieces about whether the robots are ‘coming for our jobs.’ (It’s either that or a menacing android.) This is who the robot threatens, who is afraid of the robot: older, semi-skilled, probably uneducated men in the manufacturing industries. Read More >>

MIT Researchers Designed this Robotic Worm to Burrow Into Human Brains

Robotics engineers at MIT have built a threadlike robot worm that can be magnetically steered to deftly navigate the extremely narrow and winding arterial pathways of the human brain. One day it could be used to quickly clear blockages and clots that contribute to strokes and aneurysms, while at the same time making the current state of robotic evolution even more unsettling. Read More >>

The Coolest Futuristic Deaths

The far future is notoriously unknowable, but one thing we can be reasonably certain of is that we will die. Some very rich and imaginative people like to think that this is not the case—which will honestly make it pretty funny when they eat it like the rest of us proles. Read More >>

Sphero Just Bought littleBits to Become One of the Largest Makers of Educational Toys

Late last year Sphero revealed that it was going to stop producing toy robots based on popular characters like R2D2, BB-8, and Lightning McQueen. Many wondered if the company’s decision to return its focus to the educational market signified the beginning of its end, but on Friday Sphero announced it has acquired littleBits, creating one of the largest makers of STEAM-focused toys. Read More >>

The US Air Force’s New Robot Can Fly Any Plane and Turn It Into an Autonomous Drone

Unmanned aircraft are the future of military aviation, minimising the risks to human pilots during dangerous missions and hazardous operations. Autonomous planes have already been put into service but the US Air Force is now testing a robot that can pilot the military’s existing fleet of aircraft, making any plane autonomous with minimal modifications. Read More >>

YouTube Says It Messed Up Removing Robot Fight Videos Under Rules Prohibiting Animal Cruelty

Google subsidiary YouTube has admitted that it made a mistake when, citing its policies against “deliberate infliction of animal suffering” such as “dog fighting and cock fighting,” it removed several videos of robots fighting, per reports in Motherboard and the Verge. The videos are again available. Read More >>

These Robotic Shorts Make Walking and Running Easier

Exosuits—wearable robotic technologies that enhance our physical abilities—are slowly but steadily leaving the world of comic books and becoming a practical reality. This week, scientists introduced an exosuit that seems to reach a new milestone, helping users both walk and run with less effort. Read More >>

Humans to Start Working With Amazon’s Delivery Bots

Amazon’s roving six-wheeled delivery workers are headed to the US state of California, and they’re bringing their human babysitters with them. Read More >>

A Wearable Robotic Tail Turns Anyone Into a Furry With Improved Balance

There are lots of companies who make wearable tails for humans, but they’re usually for cosplay or other entertainment pursuits. Researchers at Keio University in Japan have created a wearable animated tail that promises to genuinely augment the wearer’s capabilities—not just appearance—by improving their balance and agility. Read More >>

Can I Get This ATM Testing Robot to Touch the Filthy Machines For Me?

You’ve probably seen robots testing products like furniture and car parts before, performing endless repetitive tasks to ensure whatever’s being tested won’t quickly break once in the hand of consumers. But according to this video from ABB, there are even robots designed to torture test fully assembled ATMs. Read More >>

These Robot Burlesque Dancers Were a Less Advertised Part of the 1939 New York World’s Fair

The New York World’s Fair of 1939-40 is perhaps best known for its optimistic look at the future, with demonstrations of early television and the Futurama ride that showed regular people a glimpse of tomorrow. But there are some lesser known exhibits from the Fair that might surprise people who only think of the past as being filled with prudes. Read More >>

Watch This Flying Drone Shrink Like Ant-Man to Squeeze Through Small Spaces

We’ve come up with lots of unique ways to use drones – from scorching the earth to delivering food – but one of the most common is for reconnaissance or search and rescue missions where it’s unsafe for humans to venture. That can include the occasional cramped space where drones normally can’t fit, but a new design lets them temporarily shrink to squeeze through tight spaces. Read More >>

Report: Saudi Prince’s Plan for Flying Taxi Robot City With ‘Giant Artificial Moon’ May Be Unrealistic

Sounds like notorious human rights abuser Saudi Arabia’s plan to build a massive new city of the future is going just swell: According to a report this week in the Wall Street Journal, consultants hired to work on the Neom project built a list of ridiculous recommendations including “hologram faculty” in schools, “cloud seeding”-induced artificial rain, “a Jurassic Park-style island of robot reptiles,” robot maids, “robo-cage fight” entertainment, and “flying taxis” that will totally replace ground-based transportation. More ominously, the plans call for total surveillance of residents with drones and facial recognition gear and the forcible relocation of over 20,000 people. Read More >>

Here’s Some More Uncanny Cats Creepiness for You

Madame Tussauds New York recently revealed its latest creation: Grizabella the Glamour Cat from the popular musical Cats. Grizabella is no ordinary, blank-eyed wax figure, though. Thanks to cutting edge projection mapping and 8K camera technology, the singing cat’s face moves, smiles, and contorts. I recently visited the museum and was surprised at how much it looks like a real living person from a few feet away. The figure is also the latest example of technology invading another realm of intrigue and blurring our lines of reality. Read More >>

elon musk
Elon Musk’s Neuralink Says It’s Created Brain-Reading ‘Threads,’ Surgical Robot That Inserts Them

On Tuesday evening in San Francisco, SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk finally shed some light on what Neuralink, his company that has raised $158 million (£126 million) to develop “ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers,” has been up to since its launch in 2017. Read More >>