A UK Internet Sales Tax Could Arrive to Salvage the National Overdraft

The long-suggested online sales tax may be arriving soon to bother UK-facing multinationals, as our political leaders look for ideas that generate a bit of cash and also stand a chance of cheering up the nation's newly cordoned off shopkeepers. Read More >>

The Big Issue Sellers Are Back, in Full Double-Masked Dystopian Style

One small bit of life is now back to normal although not really if you analyse it, as the Big Issue sellers have been given the nod to get out there and start politely pestering us to buy the latest issue once more. But now they're fully double-masked and will be wafting the heady smell of anti-bacterial gel all down the high street, in a reminder that 2020 is now the background of a post-apocalyptic video game, and you're down to your last bit of health. Read More >>

Amazon Prime Day Might be Happening in October

It's been no secret that Amazon has delayed Prime Day, because of the COVID-19 pandemic mucking up just about every part of the world for the past few months. Originally the word was that Prime Day would end up happening in September, but the latest word is that it might actually be happening in October instead. Read More >>

Book Sales Rocket as the Physical Shops Reopen

We have as a nation got through the pile of unread classics we've had on the shelves for decades*, and have done so much lockdown reading that we're hungry for new books to buy and read, fuelling a return of the Good Times for book retailers. Read More >>

House Prices Enjoy/Suffer Worst/Best Drop in 11 Years

Something either very good or very bad has happened to the UK's house price index, with the thumb up or thumb down status of the news depending on if you own a house or not. If you don't, it's party time. Read More >>

House Viewings to Restart in England From Today

A little bit of normal, business-as-usual life has restarted in England today, as our beloved fleet of estate agents are free to start enthusing about the potential of small areas of concreted-over patio and the amount of light the vent brick in the bathroom lets in thanks to the officially-approved reopening of house sales, lettings and viewings. Read More >>

April Car Sales Plummet to Basically Several

Registering new car sales in April was really quite easy for everyone involved in the process, thanks to the coronavirus lockdown. The month saw just 4,321 new vehicles registered, a staggering drop of around 97 per cent from the numbers sold in April of 2019. Read More >>

eBay Has Another Sale, Offers 20 Per Cent Off Loads of Stuff

eBay is a big fan of doing these sales, where you can claim up to 20 per cent off items, provided you buy from the right people and deal with the specific caveats of how much or little you can expect to save. There's another one going on right now, and you have until midnight tonight to take advantage of it. Read More >>

Some High Street Chains Won’t be Back, Says Timpson

Odd-job chain Timpson is preparing to phase itself back into operation, starting with a few outlets that exist within supermarkets as they're considered allowable and essential. But it warns that many businesses won't return to operation at all post-lockdown, as the coronavirus shutdown may push some struggling high street names over the brink. Read More >>

Cold, Stale and Potentially Hazardous Big Macs Spotted For Sale on eBay

A "used" box of McDonald's chicken nuggets has been spotted on eBay, as those fortunate enough to have purchased before the national shutdown attempt to profit from those who don't mind getting half-rotten chicken sent to their homes in the post. Read More >>

The Children Suffer as Toy Sales Fell in 2019

Sales of flimsy red and yellow plastic junk categorised as "toys" fell over 2019, with the overall value of the child entertainment sector dropping by six per cent year-on-year to a value of £3.2bn. Read More >>

Get £90 off the Lego Star Wars ‘Betrayal at Cloud City’ Set in Today’s Black Friday Deals

Back when I reviewed the 'Betrayal at Cloud City' Lego city, I noted that it was a great set overshadowed by a serious case of overpricing. Normally this would cost you £300, but thanks to a well-needed Black Friday discount it's only going to cost £210. Read More >>

Black Friday
Save £230 on a 65-Inch Phillips 4k TV With This ‘Cyber Monday is Still to Come’ Discount

You know what Black Friday and Cyber Monday are really good for? Buying a new TV that you don't even need, because your old TV is perfectly fine and you don't exactly have any reason to get rid of it. But the new one is bigger and better, which means you must have it. The bigger and better it is, the happier you will be until it arrives and you realise it doesn't fit exactly where your old one was. Read More >>

Dark Web Drug Dealers Get in on the Black Friday Sales Bonanza

Analysis of traffic on the hidden, anonymous portion of the internet known as the dark web shows that criminals are getting in on the Black Friday sales campaigning too, with bargains offered in the realms of bulk stolen credit card information, drugs and "black hat" hacking tools. Read More >>

Black Friday
Black Friday Season is Here, and Amazon has Discounted All its Devices to Celebrate

Everyone is having not-quite-Black Friday Black Friday sales, and here's our pick from Amazon. Read More >>