Samsung’s Answer to Animoji Could Make You Look Like a Nintendo Mii

When Apple unveiled Animojis alongside the iPhone X, it was only a matter of time until other smartphone makers pushed out their own versions. Some look like straight-up clones of Apple’s tech, like the kind you get on the mid-range Honor View 10. However, Samsung appears to be going for something a little different for the upcoming Galaxy S9. Read More >>

Here’s Everything We Think We Know About Samsung’s Galaxy S9 So Far

With Mobile World Congress coming up at the end of the month, the smartphone world is ramping up to peak hype in preparation for the Samsung Galaxy S9’s expected debut there on 25th February. The rumours are flying so we scoured the net and gathered up the most credible leaks and rumours to give you the best idea of what Samsung will announce in just a couple of weeks. Read More >>

Don’t Expect an In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The idea of an in-screen fingerprint scanner has been thrown around for a while thanks to phone rumours, especially where both Apple and Samsung are concerned. While Apple supposedly gave up on including a more discreet version of TouchID in the iPhone X, there have sill been rumours that Samsung had something up its sleeve. If it does, it probably won't be arriving this year. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Might Finally be Getting Stereo Speakers

Since there are only 12 days between now and the day Samsung will be unveiling the Galaxy S9 to the world, the world of phone rumours and leaks has gone into overdrive to spill the phone's many secrets before the big day. Today's revelation? The S9 might finally be benefiting from a set of stereo speakers. Read More >>

Network Accidentally Reveals Samsung Galaxy S9 Specs Two Weeks Early

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is set to take place on 25th February at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but as is the way with modern phone launches it's basically a formality. Details about the S9 have been leaking since the release of the S8 (at the very least), so we already have a pretty good idea on what to expect. That doesn't mean we don't take notice when phone networks accidentally release the phone's specs ahead of time. Read More >>

New Leak Shows Off the Galaxy S9’s Upgraded DeX Dock

The DeX dock that launched alongside the Samsung Galaxy S8 was a nice idea. You could pop your phone onto it, and it would in turn throw your phone's screen onto a monitor to use like a proper desktop. It wasn't perfect, and kind of niche, but it was a nice idea for people who maybe didn't want to carry a laptop to and from work. Now we have our first look at the second generation DeX, and a lot's changed. Read More >>

North Korean and Iranian Athletes at the Olympics Won’t Get Their Free Samsung Galaxy Note 8s

The Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Winter Games is handing out special “Olympic edition” Galaxy Note 8 smartphones to competitors this year, but athletes from North Korea and Iran won’t receive them thanks to United Nations sanctions on both countries, Agence France-Presse reported on Wednesday. Read More >>

Samsung Fans Better Prepare for a Ridiculously Expensive Galaxy S9

With less than three weeks to go until Samsung officially unveils it next flagship Galaxy S phone, leaks and rumours have already given us what seems like a pretty good look at the phone. And despite a body that’s almost indistinguishable from last year’s phone—especially from the front—the Galaxy S9 is shaping up to be a solid update. However, there is one tidbit of info regarding the S9 that is much less encouraging: Its price, which according to multiple reports will be higher than any Galaxy S phone ever before. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Could be the Last Phone in the Galaxy S Range

It's been nearly eight years since Samsung released the original Galaxy S smartphone, and we're in the run up to the launch of its eight successor - expected to be announced on 25th February at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. But it rumours are to be believed, it could be the last phone to in the Galaxy S range. Read More >>

Samsung’s Heir-Apparent Has Been Released From Prison by an Appeals Court

Back in August news broke that Lee Jae-yong, billionaire heir-apparent to the Samsung corporation, had been found guilty of charges involving corruption and sentenced to five years in prison. Lee had been arrested just under 12 months ago, and had continued to deny the charges brought against him. Now he's been freed, thanks to a South Korean court of appeals. Read More >>

Apparently Drowsy Samsung Files Trademark for Social Network Called ‘Uhssup’

While Samsung is dominant in the chip and Android smartphone game, it’s lagged behind in the social networking world. But based on a trademark application filed in the EU, it looks like Samsung could be working on some sort of location-focused messaging app—called “Uhssup.” Read More >>

Samsung Confirms it’s Releasing a Foldable Phone This Year

Rumours that Samsung is working on a foldable phone have been around for years, and have never really gone away. Then reports popped up claiming the company secretly showed one off at CES, ready for a launch towards the end of the year. There's good news there, because the company has confirmed one will arrive before the end of 2018. Read More >>

Samsung’s Offering Free Gig Tickets to Anyone Who Buys a Galaxy 8 Phone or Tab S3

February starts tomorrow, which is the month Samsung has already confirmed will involve the unveiling of the Galaxy S9 smartphone. Clearly it wants to clear out some old stock before then, though, because its offering people free gig tickets if they go out and buy one right now. Read More >>

Can You Spot Anything Different About the Galaxy S9 in These Leaked Pics?

Even though we’re still a month out from the Samsung Galaxy S9's official debut, as usual, in the run up to Mobile World Congress (MWC), leaks about Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone are starting to swirl. But today, we might have just hit the motherlode thanks to info found by noted smartphone sleuth @evleaks (aka Evan Blass), showing what looks like the best look at the S9 anyone has found yet. Read More >>

A First Look at the Incredible Future of 8K TVs

Do you remember back in the '90s, when high-definition TVs first started to become popular? Seeing that HD for the first time, the sharpness seemed almost impossible compared to existing technology. But this year, several top tech companies showed off 8K screens with 16-times as many pixels as those old 1080p HD TVs. For me, seeing these new super sharp TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) felt like the first time all over again. Read More >>