Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10+ Beats the Pants off the OnePlus 7 Pro When It Comes to Charging Speeds

YouTube channel Gadgets Portal pitted the Galaxy Note+, the OnePlus 7 Pro, and the iPhone XS Max against one another to test the battery charging speeds of the handsets. Read More >>

Samsung is Reportedly Working on a Beast of a Smartphone Battery With a 6000mAh Capacity

A photo has emerged from Samsung's South Korean test lab of a smartphone battery with a total capacity of 5830 mAh. Read More >>

Samsung’s Newest Smartphone Camera Will Reportedly Feature in the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 First

Samsung and Xiaomi have teamed up to create a swanky new smartphone camera that will reportedly make its debut on the Xiaomi Mix 4. Read More >>

Samsung is Pretending it Never Made Fun of Apple in a Bunch of Its Adverts by Taking Them Down on YouTube

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Note 10 range this week and lo and behold there was no headphone jack, which is rich considering Samsung took the piss out of Apple for doing the same thing. Read More >>

Samsung Finally Stops Pushing Mobile VR With the Galaxy Note 10 Series

It looks like Samsung has decided to stop flogging the dead horse that is mobile VR, with the Note 10 series dropping support for the Gear VR. Read More >>

All the Best Network Deals for Buying the Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+, and Note 10+ 5G in the UK

So the Galaxy Note 10 has been announced as is available for pre-order right now. If you fancied getting yourself the phone you might be interested to see how much it costs. Well we've dug through all the networks to see what sort of deals are available for you to enjoy. Read More >>

Samsung Finally Clears up the Confusion Around the Galaxy Note 10 5G Model

If you watched Samsung's Unpacked last night and have been left scratching your head over which handset is and isn't available in a 5G variant, you're not the only one. Happily, we finally have the answer. Read More >>

Samsung Explains Why the Headphone Jack Has Been Scrapped From Its Note 10 Range

It's official. As suspected, Samsung has unceremoniously dropped the headphone jack from its Note 10 series of handsets and the reason is a load of old todgers. Space. Read More >>

The Galaxy Home Is Still MIA (And So Is Bixby)

One year ago Samsung unveiled the mammoth Galaxy Home alongside the Note 9 at Unpacked 2018. Read More >>

Samsung Teases a Super-Light Laptop with a Monstrous 23-Hour Battery Life

Samsung always has a few surprises planned for its big launch events, so after announcing the new Galaxy Note 10, Samsung announced an ARM-based laptop with built-in LTE connectivity and a claim of a whopping 23-hours of battery life. Read More >>

This is How Much You’ll Have to Pay for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ in the UK

Samsung's Unpacked event is finally done, with the company reiterating everything we already know thanks to a ton of leaks, but the price of the handsets managed to elude everyone. Not any more! Read More >>

Samsung and Discord Team up for the Note 10 Range

Unpacked is in full swing, and the as part of its focus on gaming, Samsung has announced Discord integration. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+

Samsung's Unpacked event is finally here and so are the official specs and details on its new Note 10 range of handsets. Try your best to act surprised as we dig into everything we (already) know. Read More >>

Full Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Specs Seemingly Just Leaked

Tomorrow is the day Samsung launches the Note 10 at Galaxy Unpacked, and as is the way with all these things that means all the specs just leaked. And there are some things you aren't going to like, whether you're a Samsung fan or not. Read More >>

Samsung All But Confirms the Galaxy Note 10 Will get ‘Superfast Charge’ Technology

Last month a leak claimed that Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 would launch with support for 45W fast charging, even if the charger in the box would only support 25W. Now it seems that there was a modicum of truth to that rumour, which Samsung has all but confirmed by itself. Read More >>