Samsung Galaxy Note 10: More Details Leaked Ahead of This Summer’s Reveal

Thanks to a leak on Twitter by a source with a proven track record, we've picked up a few more crumbs on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy S11. But be warned, if you're hungry for some juicy details, there just aren't any at the moment, but we'll take whatever we can get. Read More >>

O2 Joins the Ranks of Network Operators That Will Be Offering the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

O2 wants you to know that it will also be offering the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G on its network, joining Vodafone and EE. The service provider is also be the only one in the UK to stock the Samsung Galaxy S10 devices – including the S10, S10+ and S10e – in the new Prism Blue colour. Read More >>

Samsung Rolls out New Secret Menu at Nationwide Restaurants

Samsung's foldable phone may be going to shit, but it knows you still gotta eat. The South Korean company has teamed up with four UK restaurant chains to bring Samsung owners exclusive dishes to keep them distracted until it gets back to the business of satiating your appetite for sleek and slinky new tech products, rather than juicy burgers and piping hot pizzas. Read More >>

Samsung Shares What It Plans to Do to Fix the Galaxy Fold

Samsung has elaborated on its plans to fix its bungled foldable phone that was plagued with issues when it was in the hands of reviewers. Reports of messed up screens were rife while the hinge had its own share of problems with a gap sizeable enough to let in all kinds of gubbins. It's a pretty big design flaw. Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G Will Hit the UK on 7th June

5G is coming, and we've been told that phones will be available to buy when the first commercial 5G networks get switched on. So far only Vodafone has announced a solid release date (3rd July), while the other three have been quite vague. Whatever actually happens, though, it's been confirmed that Samsung's Galaxy S10 5G will be arriving in the UK quite soon. On 7th June, to be exact, nearly a month before Vodafone kicks off its 5G rollout. Read More >>

You Can Pick up the Samsung Galaxy S10e at Amazon for Less Than £600

Amazon is offering Samsung's most affordable S10 handset – the S10e – at an even more attractive price than usual, with a whopping £94 discount. Read More >>

This Is the Fitness Smartwatch You Should Buy

If you’re serious about starting or maintaining an exercise routine, fitness trackers and smartwatches are a great way for both beginners and veteran athletes to track progress and stay motivated. Still, there are a tonne of options out there with different features and advantages, so which one should you choose? Read More >>

A New Galaxy Fold Release Date Will be Decided This Week, Says Samsung

Poor Samsung. It made such a big deal about the Galaxy Fold and what that meant for the smartphone industry, and then it turned out that things were going very wrong with some of the screens they handed out to the press. It was at the point where Samsung even told customers it wasn't sure when the phone would arrive, and was prepping them for the possibility of their order being cancelled. But things are looking up, because the company has revealed it will be deciding on a new release date later this week. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy Home Smart Speaker is Still Happening

Samsung announced the Galaxy Home back in August last year, and nine months later, we're still waiting for the Bixby-powered smart speaker to make its debut. But don't give up hope just yet – it's still coming out. Eventually. Read More >>

Samsung is Cancelling Galaxy Fold Orders, Unless You Insist You Still Want One

Oh Samsung, you're not having a good year. After all the hype surrounding the Galaxy Fold, it turns out they're not really up to scratch. Issues with review unit displays forced Samsung to delay the phone's launch, to the point where we don't really know when they're going to see the light of day. It's now at the stage where Samsung seems to be cancelling pre-orders, unless the customer insists that they're happy to still pay £1,800 and risk the issues with the screen. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Fold Could Get a New UK Release Date Very Soon

The Samsung Galaxy Fold, an incredible if unfinished feat of phone engineering could finally be getting a new release date. The exact reason for Samsung's rush to market with the Fold is not known, but one might assume it has something to do with Sammy wanting to be the first big phone maker to get a big, proper folding smartphone to market. The plan backfired, however, when reviewers, influencers and partners who had received a review device started reporting issues with the phone, including a particularly damning review of the hardware by tech destroyers iFixit (since deleted). Read More >>

How The Battle of Winterfell Looked on an 8K TV

If your Game of Thrones experience was the same as mine this week, you would have been treated to unwatchable 720p blotches of black, grey and brown, stretched across a cinema-sized screen. It wasn't cute. Read More >>

Google Sold Fewer Pixels at the Start of 2019 Than the Year Before, Despite Launch of Pixel 3 Line

Google doesn’t sound like it’s had a great time trying to sell consumers on its Pixel line of phones lately, in part because there’s too much competition for high-end devices – at least according to remarks made during an earnings call with Ruth Porat, chief financial officer of Google’s parent company Alphabet. Read More >>

You Animals Love Vertical Video So Much Samsung Made a TV That Turns Sideways

It was bound to happen at some point. Realizing that young people like to look at social media on their phones, Samsung is releasing a new TV in Korea that can flip from landscape mode to portrait mode. That means millennials can beam their Snapchat to a big screen, and who knows if that’s a good idea. Read More >>