Samsung Galaxy Note 20: All the Leaks and Rumours So Far

We’re just under a month out from officially seeing the Samsung Note 20 for the first time. But as in previous years, there are plenty of leaks and rumours to tide us over in the meantime. This is what we know so far. Read More >>

Do Your Homework Before Buying a UV Disinfecting Gadget

It’s likely that in the past few weeks or months, you’ve come across an ad for a UV disinfecting gadget. It makes sense! There’s a novel coronavirus going around wreaking havoc! Your phones are filthy, your bags are filthy, your masks are full of your own face sweat and spit. Maybe, you ought to buy one of those UV wands, phone disinfectant cases, or hell, back this weird UV toilet brush on Kickstarter. Read More >>

New Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Photos Leak

Now that the date for Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event has been officially confirmed, the leaks are coming thick and fast for the products we're expecting them to unveil. Read More >>

Samsung Confirms Galaxy Unpacked Launch Date

Samsung has officially confirmed the date of its next Galaxy Unpacked event, and our leak was spot on: 5th August. Read More >>

Our First Look at Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Appears to Confirm Almost Every Design Rumour

Just last week, renders allegedly showing the unreleased Galaxy Note 20 appeared on Samsung’s official Russian website. But now, it appears the Galaxy Note 20 has been photographed in the wild for the first time, confirming details we’ve gleaned from previous reports. Read More >>

Leak Suggests Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Will Be Called Galaxy Z Fold 2

We're less than a month out from Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event, so the leaks have started coming thick and fast, including a few of our own. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Leaks Again

This week, we exclusively revealed that Samsung will be unveiling two new tablets at Galaxy Unpacked on the 5th of August, per our very reliable source. Read More >>

Exclusive: Samsung Has Two More Galaxy Tablets Coming, With the iPad Pro in Their Sights

When it comes down to tablets, nobody has really been able to go toe to toe with Apple. Maybe it's because tablets are dumb, and the iPad is only going because of the Apple logo on the back? That's my guess anyway, but regardless of what one dude on the internet thinks it seems as though every company has been dead set on trying to get a leg up on Apple's tablet dominance. Read More >>

Samsung’s Folding Phone Battery is Nearly Here

Folding phones haven't really caught on yet, but they will – and Samsung's new bendy battery will help enormously. Read More >>

Exclusive: The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is Coming Next Month, With Some Questionable Gesture Control

The fact that Samsung has another Galaxy Watch on the way isn't really news. In fact it's been rumoured for quite some time, and we've already been seeing leaks on what it might look like (spoiler: it looks like a smartwatch). But we haven't had all the specifics of what this watch is going to entail, though we've heard from our sources that fill in a few of the gaps. Read More >>

If These Leaked Pics Are Real, the Galaxy Note 20 Is Going to Look Awesome In Copper

While Samsung still hasn’t officially announced the Galaxy Note 20, Samsung’s Russian website may have just let the cat out of the bag by inadvertently posting photos of the Note 20 featuring an enchanting copper finish. Read More >>

No IFA for Samsung this Year

Incredibly, the tech tradeshow IFA (pronounced 'eefa') is currently still planned to go ahead in September, which seems surreal and reckless given the highly contagious, horribly fatal virus going around. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G Images Leak

We're expecting a 5G version of Samsung's adorable clamshell phone, the Galaxy Z Flip, any time now – and it looks like the design has leaked. Read More >>

Exclusive: Samsung’s Next Galaxy Unpacked is on 5th August, With the Galaxy Note 20 and a 5G Z Flip

I always seem to forget that Samsung likes to launch its new phones before everyone else, even Galaxy Unpacked is usually around the same time as it was the year before. So it shouldn't be any surprise to hear that the Galaxy Note 20 is set to be unveiled at an Unpacked that's happening on 5th August. Read More >>