Penis Enlargement Surgery Is a Total Scam, Big Study Finds

In case there was any doubt – penis enlargement surgeries are usually ineffective and can leave men psychologically and physically damaged, according to a new study. Read More >>

Google is Giving the Boot to a Major Play Store Developer With More Than 600 Million Installs

Google has begun purging the Play Store of apps made by DO Global, a Chinese firm that makes Android apps and is partially backed by Baidu, after a BuzzFeed News report indicated it was committing massive ad fraud. Read More >>

Hacker Gets Six Years in Jail for Blackmailing Porn Site Visitors

A former computer science student who used the moniker K!NG and made more than £700,000 scamming visitors to legal porn sites using ransomware has been sentenced to six years in jail, the BBC reports. Read More >>

Two Students Charged With Cheating Apple Out of £685K in Wild iPhone Counterfeit Scam

In a grift for the ages, two engineering students allegedly scammed Apple out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s hard to say if the students were very clever or if Apple is just really bad at preventing this kind of thing. Read More >>

Bitcoin Surges 15 Per Cent Overnight Because Nobody Learned Their Lesson After the Last Crash

Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, jumped to a four-month high overnight, briefly breaching $5,000 on the Bitstamp exchange. Bitcoin is up roughly 15 per cent on the day and traders are excited because it really seems like nobody learned their lesson during the last cryptocurrency bubble. Read More >>

Accountants Hate Him: Man Admits to Tricking Google and Facebook in £92 Million Scam

A Lithuanian man faces up to 30 years in prison after admitting to his role in a scheme that bilked Google and Facebook out of $121 million (£92 million), Bloomberg reports. Read More >>

There’s No End in Sight to Our Robocall Hell

There was a time when you could safely answer your phone without already knowing who’s on the other end of the line. But those days are long over. Robocalls are not only annoying, but they also make it hard to function. Hell, they make elements of my job damn near impossible – seriously, I made around 100 calls this week for a story, not a single person answered. Sure, there are other bigger and more sinister machines to rage against, but this one – this one is mine. Read More >>

Google Yanks 29 Malicious Photo Apps From Play Store, But Not Before Millions of Downloads

Google yanked some 29 photo apps from the Play Store this week after they were discovered to have malicious code that pushes full-screen ads, steals information from users by tricking them into believing they have won a contest, and in some cases even lifted photos from devices to send to the malware designers behind the apps, Engadget reported this weekend. Read More >>

Google Chrome Is Testing a Feature to Warn Users About Suspicious URLs

As phishing scams become increasingly sophisticated, Google’s engineers have been exploring ways to help users better identify potentially nefarious URLs. Google Chrome is currently testing a new warning to flag these types of domains, CNET reported Tuesday. Read More >>

New Bitcoin Scam Takes You To A Fake BBC News Page

Quite a crafty one, this – someone was expecting an invoice from their building company, and received a blank email from them. The email had been coded to only show a 'display message' button, which the person unthinkingly clicked to see the invoice. Read More >>

Apple Phishing Scams Are Reportedly Looking Alarmingly Like the Real Deal

As phishing scams become increasingly sophisticated and better able to mirror the brands they’re impersonating, it can be difficult for an informed recipient to spot some of the telltale signs of fraud. A new report suggests scammers have found a way to manipulate even caller IDs to appear similar to that of Apple support. Read More >>

Don’t be Fooled by Fake TV Licence Threats, Says Action Fraud

If you've ever lived at an address without a TV licence you'll know all about the letters that arrive in the post containing all sorts of threats about non-compliance. I saw in a red envelop once, because red is BAD, obviously. Well it seems to email phishers have figured out this is probably a great way to con people out of money, to the point where Action Fraud has put out a warning. Read More >>

The Quack Medicine Industry Is Getting Millions From Crowdfunding Sites

Another study has found that when well-meaning people donate to crowdfunding campaigns raising money for medical treatments, that cash sometimes ends up in the pockets of people offering useless or even dangerous therapies. Read More >>

Thousands of Fake Amazon UK Reviews Uncovered

An investigation by Which? has uncovered 'fake review factories' with tens of thousands of members paid to post 5-star reviews on Amazon. Read More >>

Google Is Letting Some Cryptocurrency Ads Back on Its Platform

Google, which banned cryptocurrency advertisements from its platform earlier this year, will be partially rolling back that policy as of October. Read More >>