Pure Scooters Opens Physical Branch in London

Fashionable electronical personal transportational brand Pure Scooters has opened a bricks & mortar branch in London, where potential criminals will be able to freely purchase the outlawed devices and ride them out of the doors and straight into the welcoming arms of local police. Read More >>

London’s Transport Bosses Want E-Scooters Legalised ASAP

The head of Transport for London is urging the government to hurry up and either make electric scooters fully legal or have them barred from entering the country altogether, with TfL asking the Department for Transport to end the modern paradox of the popular personal transportation phenomenon that's illegal to actually ride anywhere. Read More >>

Londoners Granted Permission to Continue E-Scooting Around Insulated Bubble

The only place in the UK where it's legal and encouraged to ride an electric scooter about the place among the normal people has been granted an extension to continuing making it so, with the Bird scheme in London's Olympic Park given permission to extend its self-contained public trial of the powered scooter rental scheme. Read More >>

The Boosted Scooter Is a Blast

Electric scooters are dangerous. It seems like you can’t go a day without seeing a scary story in the news reminding the world of this fact. People die riding these things. So it wasn’t surprising when Boosted emphasised safety in announcing its new e-scooter. The £1,600 Boosted Rev has three brakes, wide handlebars, fat tyres, and a bombproof frame. It also has a top speed of 24 miles per hour, which as I learned after two weeks riding the Rev, is as thrilling as it is terrifying. Read More >>

Usain Bolt Launches His Electric Scooter Range in London

Bolt Mobility, an electric scooter sharing startup backed by sprinter Usain Bolt, has launched in London, even though citizens are not allowed to ride them anywhere outside their four cubic metre hallway cupboard conversion flats. Read More >>

Lime Scooters Hacked to Say Sexual Things to Riders in Australia

At least eight Lime e-scooters have been pulled from the streets of Brisbane, Australia this week after they were hacked to say sexual and otherwise offensive things. Lime calls the hack “disappointing.” Read More >>

I Rode an E-Scooter as Far From Civilisation as Its Batteries Could Take Me

Almost as suddenly as the electric rent-a-scooters appeared, everyone had an opinion about them. They began clogging sidewalks across the Bay Area, California in late 2017 as brands with four-letter names like Bird and Lime fought for dominance in the latest vampiric startup scheme. Folks were excited to share their takes, even if you never asked. Read More >>

Lime Scooters Face Suspension in Auckland Amid Reports of Unexpected Braking and Rider Injuries

After having to pull its entire fleet of electric scooters from multiple cities in Switzerland amid reports of unexpected braking, Lime is facing a similar problem in New Zealand. Auckland officials announced Friday that the city has temporarily suspended Lime’s license following reports of rider injuries. Read More >>

Maybe Don’t Charge an E-Scooter If You Plan to Do Crimes

A man was reportedly arrested this week in connection with a recent bank robbery after his credit card that was used to rent a Jump e-scooter linked him to the scene of the crime. Read More >>

America’s E-Scooter Craze Is Sending Lots of People to Hospital, Often With Head Injuries

Electric scooters have become wildly popular, thanks to single-named companies like Bird, Scoot, and Lime creating easy-to-ride, if legally iffy, scooter rental services in cities across the US. But a new study out Friday is seemingly the first to quantify a drawback to these convenient devices: lots of riders are getting hurt and ending up in the emergency room. Read More >>

Uh Oh, Uber Might Be Thinking About Self-Driving Scooters and Bikes Now

Uber – the company that had to pull its self-driving cars off the road for most of 2018 following a lethal accident that allegedly came after warnings of routine accidents – is hiring for a programme that may work on self-driving “micromobility” devices, TechCrunch reported on Sunday. Read More >>

Lime Reportedly Pulls Glitchy E-Scooters in Switzerland Following Abrupt Braking, Injuries

E-scooters can be crazy dangerous even if they’re functioning properly, but especially if they experience glitches or design flaws that can put riders at risk. In Switzerland, an alleged Lime glitch has reportedly left electric scooter riders with serious injuries. Read More >>

Uber May Be Eyeing an E-Scooter Aquisition of Bird or Lime: Report

The leading ride-share company may be eyeing an acquisition of one of two leaders in electric scooter rentals, according to a new report from the Information. In what the report said could amount to a “multibillion-dollar deal,” Uber has reportedly launched discussions to buy either Bird or Lime. Read More >>

This Electric Scooter For Adults Might Replace My Need For a Second Car

Despite their growing popularity in cities like San Francisco as another alternative to cars, electric scooters have always seemed like nothing more than a pricier version of a toy I enjoyed as a kid. But the Unagi, an e-scooter that looks like it was actually designed for grown-ups, gave me a new appreciation for how practical they can potentially be. Read More >>

15-Year-Old Gets Points on Non-Existent Driving Licence for Electric Scootering

The coming of the age of the electric scooter is bringing some tedious administrative problems into the lives of their oblivious riders, what with the popular gadgets not allowed by law to be used on anything other than a private bit of land. And Argos not doing a very good job of communicating this boring legislative fact to buyers. Read More >>