Stop Using the Chrome Web Store to Find Extensions

It sounds counterintuitive, but hear me out. If you’re looking for a new browser extension to try, or you want to download one that has been recommended to you, stop using the Chrome Web Store to look for it. Read More >>

Millions of Android Phones Are at Risk Due to “Achilles” Flaw in Qualcomm Chips

When you’re on the hunt for a new smartphone, it’s likely that you’re focused on price, design, and features first – and probably not the silicon inside powering it. However, researchers have found that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip, one of the most widely used in Android phones, has hundreds of bits of vulnerable code that leaves millions of Android users at risk. Read More >>

Someone Leaked a Bunch of Confidential Intel Documents

Earlier today, a Twitter user leaked 20GB worth of confidential Intel documents stored on a file-sharing service – documents that the Twitter user claims they received from an anonymous hacker. According to the leaker, the folder contains classified information under NDA, and the hacker who provided the documents to the leaker said they had obtained the files earlier this year. The files have not been posted publicly anywhere before; the hacker is supposedly prepared to release more Intel data. Read More >>

This Ransomware Stole £19 Million in 5 Months

A ransomware variant called NetWalker is doing surprisingly well, even in this economy. The malware, which takes computers hostage and asks for a Bitcoin ransom, raked in $25 million (£19 million) in the last five months, a solid haul for what amounts to a solid ransomware-as-a-service platform. Read More >>

Canon Hit By Costly Ransomware Attacks

Canon has revealed that it’s suffered two pretty serious ransomware attacks that have resulted in at least 10 terabytes of company-wide data being held up for an undisclosed ransom. Read More >>

Hackers Steal Data from UK Dentists, Perhaps Including Patient Notes

Something exciting has happened to the British Dental Association. It has announced that it's been the victim of what it describes as a "cyber incident," one that's seen the BDA take the extreme measure of closing its entire web site while it phones around to try to get an appointment with an emergency systems analyst. Read More >>

Garmin Reportedly Coughed Up Millions in Ransom to Get Its Services Back Online

On 23 July, Garmin’s entire network went offline in what was later confirmed to be a cyberattack. Now, Sky News is reporting that the company paid millions in ransom via Arete IR, a ransomware negotiation firm, to get its services up and running again. Read More >>

Three Charged in the Single Worst Hack in Twitter’s History [UPDATED]

Earlier this month a number of Twitter accounts belonging to prominent, highly-followed individuals like Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos were compromised, seemingly to defraud strangers out of bitcoin. Unfettered access to potentially sensitive information contained therein generated speculation: Was the cryptocurrency gambit a front to cover up blackmail attempts or nation state-level hacking? Read More >>

Twitter Workers Also Abused Access to User Accounts, Including Beyoncé’s: Report

Twitter contractors with high-level administrative access to accounts regularly abused their privileges to spy on celebrities including Beyoncé, including approximating their movements via internet protocol addresses, according to a report by Bloomberg. Read More >>

And… Garmin’s Back After Massive Outage. Sort Of.

After all of Garmin’s services were knocked offline last week, it looks like the company’s various platforms are slowly sputtering back to life. Users on Twitter have joyfully noted that activities since Wednesday are starting to sync, while Garmin’s website lists which services have returned online. Read More >>

Garmin Hit by Major Outage in Potential Ransomware Attack

Few things are more devastating to self-quantifying fitness nerds than not getting credit for that run, cycle, or walk – but that’s exactly what’s happening to owners of Garmin wearables. Since yesterday, Garmin’s website, app, and call centres have been offline due to a major outage that may have been caused by ransomware. Read More >>

Dozens of Hacked Twitter Accounts Had Their DMs Exposed, Twitter Confirms

Twitter never fails to disappoint. Despite its best(?) efforts, the platform remains the same bot-riddledneo-Nazi-friendly cesspool that’s full of the same harassment and hate we’ve come to expect. With that said, it might not be too surprising that the high-profile Twitter hacking incident from earlier this month – you know, the one that hit Kanye West and Barack Obama, along with a slew of other big shots in the world of entertainment, tech and politics – ended up being more of a shitshow than the platform initially let on. Read More >>

Government Proposes Official List of Overseas Spies Working in the UK

Our government thinks it may have a plan to stop murmurs of overseas meddling in our affairs, and is mooting the creation of a registration scheme to log the activities of foreign spies working in the UK. Read More >>

New Hack Can Trick Power Bricks into Starting Fires

Your phone’s power brick is typically a relatively innocuous piece of tech, but recently, researchers at a Chinese security firm discovered a way to hack a fast charge power adapter so that when connected to a phone, the power brick can melt the phone or even start a fire. Read More >>

Twitter Confirms 130 Accounts Were Hit in the Latest Hack

In the days since we saw some of Twitter’s highest-profile accounts taken over for what appears to be a massive cryptocurrency scam, we’ve come up with more questions than we’ve gotten answers. How, exactly, was that one Twitter employee actually involved? What sort of technical protections has the company come up with to keep this from happening again? Why didn’t Donald Trump’s account fall victim? And aside from the bitcoin winnings, just how much damage did the hack actually do? Read More >>