That Viral Story About Selfie-Takers on a Thai Beach ‘Facing the Death Penalty’ Is Totally Fake

Recently, you may have seen news stories claiming that tourists could “face the death penalty” for taking selfies on a certain beach in Thailand—which we can all agree is a little bit extreme. Thankfully, those claims are totally fake. Read More >>

Spanish Selfie Demon is Not Satanic Enough for Locals

Locals in the Spanish city of Segovia are angry with Satan. Not because he's been stealing goats and getting the local girls pregnant, but because a proposed statue of the legendary bad man appears... too nice. Read More >>

Researchers Identify Hundreds of ‘Selfie Deaths’ From Media Reports

Next time you’re tempted to take a risk to get that perfect selfie, maybe think twice about it. A new study by medical researchers from New Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences has identified hundreds of people who suffocated in bodies of water, were struck by vehicles, plummeted off high surfaces, suffered lethal burn injuries, or otherwise met tragic demises while snapping a selfie, according to the Washington Post. Read More >>

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Watch Gravity Punish This Paraglider for Using a Selfie Stick at 2,500 Feet

You’ve been told for years now to stop using selfie sticks. They’re obnoxious, they’re annoying to others, and they make everyone’s vacation photos look the same. It seems even gravity has now had enough of the stupid accessories, as this paraglider discovered while soaring at 2,500 feet in the air (starting at around 1:11 in the video below). Read More >>

I Can’t Wait to Give Everyone a £40 Lickable Lollipop Version of My Face

It takes a healthy amount of vanity to gift someone a portrait of yourself, but a life-size, lickable, lollipop version of your face? That would require something closer to full-blown narcissism—or a private, long-running in-joke I never want to be a part of. Read More >>

Report: Yale Dental Students, Staff Took Selfie With Severed Heads

Dental school grad students and a University of Connecticut orthodontics professor took a selfie “with two severed heads used for medical research at a training workshop at Yale University” in 2017, the Associated Press reported on Monday. Read More >>

The Google Arts and Culture Selfie Doppelganger Tool isn’t Available in the UK Yet

Over the weekend, you've probably seen a buzz around Twitter and the internet at large about an update to Google's Arts and Culture app. The app, which lets you discover works of art and curates interesting articles about arts and culture, now has a new feature: upload a selfie, and it'll give you a list of portraits you resemble. There's only one catch: the update hasn't reached the UK yet. Read More >>

Your Selfie Obsession May Be Real, But ‘Selfitis’ Is a Fake Disease

From the annals of bad science reporting comes this latest confusion: Media outlets completely misconstrued the results of a study about a supposed selfie mental disorder—a study that itself was inspired by a hoax that also fooled media outlets three years earlier. Read More >>

Hey, So, Your iPhone May Have Tagged All the Photos of You in a ‘Brassiere’

Since mid-2016, Apple’s iPhone Photos app has used metadata analysis and image-recognition technology to sort users’ photos automatically and tag them for easy extraction. The categories include everything from various animals to inanimate objects like furniture—but as Twitter user @ellieeewbu noted on Monday, it also includes the archaic term “brassiere.” Read More >>

Selfie Exhibition Examines History of Doing Things Right Yourself

People always used to shy away from the camera lens in the olden days, saying things like "Please, no, I'm hideous" and "Point that thing at me again and I'll kill you" -- until the ability to delete photos, repose, smile the way that hides your wonkiest teeth and try again was introduced by the digital era. Now everyone seems to be happy with their faces as long as they can spend half an hour getting it to look best. Hence an art exhibit looking at the history of the selfie. Read More >>

Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle News, Features and Release Date

After months, nay, years of speculation, the Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle has finally broken cover, and it’s shaping up as one of the hottest pieces of coke bottle tech we’ve seen this year. Here’s everything you need to know about your potential next selfie bottle. Read More >>

A Photo Editing Software Designed to Make Your Selfies Look More Attractive

Science has already proven that certain camera lenses can distort your face (so don’t worry if you just can’t seem to look right in photos), but there’s more that can go into your appearance in a selfie. For instance, the closer the camera is to your face, the larger your nose looks, the smaller your ears look, and the more slope that’s applied to your forehead. Read More >>

After a High-Speed Chase in LA, Suspected Burglars Have Time to Pose for Selfies Before Cops Arrive

It’s not really how anyone expected one of LA’s most bizarre police chases to end. Read More >>

This Flying Selfie Camera Was, Shockingly, Not An April Fools Joke

The ROAM-e is a flying selfie camera that integrates facial recognition technology to follow you around and, supposedly, capture plenty of perfect selfies — no stick required. While the technology sounds interesting, the concept is laughable, especially when a £245 device is marketed as a glorified selfie stick. Read More >>

Amazon’s New Payment System Patent is Determined to Make You Look Silly

In the future, your slightly awkward selfies will do more than just get you a few compliments from your grandmother: they might also help you shop for toilet paper, lube, and all the other things you secretly buy on Amazon. Read More >>