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Celebrate ‘National Streaming Day’ With £15 off the Roku Streaming Stick+

These days it seems as though every day is some sort of special day, thanks to marketing departments and advertisers deciding this is the new best way to try and sell things. Today that day is apparently 'National Streaming Day', which means absolutely nothing to most of the population, but for us it means there is some money to be saved on streaming hardware. Specifically streaming hardware made by Roku, who have a vested interest in making people buy its products. Read More >>

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The Next Evolution of Online Shopping Is Letting a Bot Buy You Underwear

Online retailers are engaged in a constant, all-consuming quest to make the process of buying stuff ever faster and more efficient and to remove as many barriers between you and the final click-confirmed purchase as possible. Amazon has experimented with IRL ‘dash’ buttons that automatically order you more washing powder or nappies. Smaller retailers like Blue Bottle have pushed subscription models that let you elect to have your coffee delivered monthly. Read More >>

SanDisk’s 1TB microSD is Now Available to Order on Amazon but it’s Pretty Pricey

SanDisk unveiled its 1TB MicroSD along with Micron at MWC back in February. SanDisk's offering is the faster of the two and it's finally available to order over on Amazon for a rather hefty £453.99. Read More >>

Amazon Says it Told Some Sellers it Was Blocking Ads With ‘Religious Content’ By Mistake

Amazon mistakenly told some sellers that it had launched a prohibition on ads with “religious content,” with one seller claiming “serious loss in revenue” and others reporting similar issues on seller forums, CNBC reported this weekend. Read More >>

Amazon is Also Celebrating May 4th With 33% off Certain Lego Star Wars Sets

May 4th is tomorrow, which means you're going to see a whole lot of Star Wars stuff going on sale. Lego is doing its fair share of that, as is Smyths. Obviously not wanting to be out done, Amazon has knocked a third off a bunch of Lego Star Wars sets too. Nothing too special, but there are a few sets that haven't been discounted elsewhere. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Opens Cashier-Free Mini-Supermarket In London – Here’s How It Works

Critics of new technology often complain that the tech today is so impersonal. We've got our heads buried in our phones - there's just no opportunities to talk to other people in real life, to make that human connection and share a moment of solidarity with our fellow human beings. Maybe this is true, but if there's one place I don't want to be having emotional moments of introspection it's while paying for my lunch. Just give me my sandwich and my Twix and shut up. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Launches a Till-Free, Smartphone-Only Supermarket

There's a new variant of supermarket in [London] town, one designed entirely for people who would rather look at their telephones than have some stranger touch and scan their foodstuffs. It's a posh upgraded Sansbury's and there's no till. Read More >>

Primark is Finally Considering Online Shopping

It's taken them until the eve of the apocalypse, but Primark has finally noticed it's 2019 and decided it should maybe look into this online shopping thing. Read More >>

Firebox’s Sweary Summer Fan is the Most British Thing Ever

Every year, we get a random heatwave and every year, all the fans sell out as if this had never happened before. Read More >>

Ocado Boss Warns Mike Ashley Off Buying High Street Remnants

Lord Stuart Rose, who's currently the chairman of in-demand online retailer Ocado and was once the big boss of behemoth M&S, has staged a mini intervention in the case of Mike Ashley. Rose has given the big "calm down" speech and told the Sports Direct entrepreneur to cool it a bit with his buying-up of faltering high street brands. Read More >>

It’s the Last Day of the Amazon Spring Sale, But There are Still New Tech Deals to Enjoy

Amazon's Spring Sale is officially set to end later today, but that doesn't mean there's any shortage of new deals to try and convince you to open up your wallet. Some deals may be lasting beyond today's cut off, but most of them aren't, so today is your last serious opportunity to save some cash on something you may have had for a while. Read More >>

Five-Floor Primark Takes Over Entire Birmingham Shopping Centre

The Pavilions shopping centre in Birmingham is being brought back online three years after it closed, with discount retailer Primark taking on the entire site and turning it into the biggest Primark in the world. Read More >>

6,000 High Street Shops Closed in 2018

Data from the UK high street is still quite bleak, you will be amazed to hear, as research shows that 5,833 individual shops closed for business during 2018, with just 3,372 opening to take their place. That's a net loss of 2,481 places to go and get financial advice or sausage rolls from. Read More >>

The Best Tech Deals From Amazon’s Spring Sale For Wednesday 10th April

After starting on Monday, Amazon's spring sale is in full swing. Each day brings new one-day-only deals as well as a slew of ongoing discounts added throughout the week. Read More >>

Here Are Today’s Best Tech Deals From Amazon’s Spring Sale

Black Friday, January sales and Amazon's own Prime Day apparently aren't enough opportunity for Amazon to make a big song and dance about reduced goods: there's currently also a week-long Spring Sale taking place on the online shopping giant's website. Read More >>