Forget Prime Day, eBay is Giving Buyers 20% Off 20 Brands

For the rest of today and tomorrow Amazon is offering discounts on a bunch of things that you may or may not have an interest in. The thing about Prime Day is that all the discounts have been decided for you ahead of time, so if there's nothing you want there's nothing to buy. eBay has something else, and for most of this week is offering customers 20 per cent off their order - provided they order from the right brand. Read More >>

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Amazon Prime Day: All The Best UK Tech Deals

Amazon Prime Day is upon us! You know, the day of the year where Amazon cuts the price of tonnes of its stock, and we all end up spending far more money than we should on stuff that we don't really need. Read More >>

Here are Some of the Deals You Can Expect to See on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is set to begin in just over 72 hours time, and while it may not be a real holiday it's worth looking forward to just to see what sort of discounts will be available. Probably nothing you desperately need, only things you might sort of want but could easily live without. The whole point is that the discounts are supposed to make you want to buy more, after all. Read More >>

Classic “Shopping Basket” Will Soon Include the Junk We Buy Online

The way the suits count how the prices of things are going up is about to change, with our online boredom shopping soon to form part of the standard UK shopping basket that makes up retail inflation figures. Read More >>

Prepare Your Wallets: Amazon Confirms Prime Day Begins on July 16th

Amazon Prime comes with all sorts of perks and goodies to try and make your £79 a year subscription fee some worthwhile, but really it's just a tactic to try and trick you into spending more money. That's especially true of Amazon Prime Day, a special holiday specifically designed to get people onto Amazon spending money, thanks to the promise of money off various goods. Leaks claimed Prime Day was arriving on 16th July, and that's just been confirmed by Amazon. Read More >>

I’m Starting to Have Serious Doubts About Amazon Prime

My own personal Amazon Prime day is in a week. It’s not the day that Amazon puts a lot of random crap on sale. (That’s in approximately two weeks.) My day is when Amazon will charge me £79 for another year of membership. That’s £30 more than what I paid five years ago, when I signed up for a free trial of Prime and forgot to cancel it. This year, I think I might bow out. Read More >>

Tesco Tests Cashless Checkouts and Mobile Self-Scanning

Tesco is using an innovation hotbed within its Welwyn Garden City headquarters to test a wholly cashless shopping experience, with staff who shop at the in-house mini Tesco Express using their mobiles to scan their own shopping, and simply walking out with it to leave the apps and passwords and clever things to handle payment in the background. Read More >>

Take a Tupperware to Morrisons and You’ll be Handsomely* Rewarded

Last month Morrisons announced that it was going to start asking customers to bring reusable tubs for meat and fish, in an effort to cut down on plastic waste. Now it's announced it's offering an incentive to do so, much like the government did with the plastic bag charge. But rather than charging extra for plastic-wrapped food, Morrisons will be offering rewards. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Tests Slow Lane for a Less Stressed Checkout Experience

Sainsbury's is trialling a clever idea that might turn shopping into less of a nightmare for people who find the whole experience troubling, with what it calls a Relaxed Lane for slower shoppers currently being tested at the company's Prestwick branch. Read More >>

Now Argos Has Added Lego-Themed AR to its iOS App

A little while ago Lego announced a new app that let kids play with sets in augmented reality, regardless of whether they'd actually purchased them. It was simplistic, but still a nice idea - especially for parents who could see the set in action before buying it. Now Argos is getting in on the action, by adding AR Lego sets to its own app. But only on iOS. Read More >>

Carphone Warehouse is Closing 92 Branches Because We Don’t Buy New Phone Contracts Every Six Months

It's no secret that the high street has been having a hard time thanks to this whole "internet thing", which makes it possible to order in pretty much anything without having to put on pants and leave the house. Like Phones4U before it, Carphone Warehouse is having a bit of trouble getting people into its shops, though unlike the long-dead competitor it's only shutting 92 stores in response. Read More >>

Amazon’s Real Time Delivery Tracker is Also Live in the UK

Last Month Amazon released a new map tracking feature in the US, letting people track their orders in real time - provided they're being delivered by specific couriering companies. That feature is in the news again because it's expanded further across the US, but it also seems to be available here in the UK. Read More >>

Three is Killing Off 3G-Only Phones

Three has always been a bit ahead of the curve when it comes to phone signal. Or more specifically it's been very quick to ditch the old networks and focus its efforts on newer things, which is why it started shutting down its support for 2G networks back in 2010. Now, it's announced that it's going to stop selling phones that only support 3G. Read More >>

Morrisons is Asking Customers to Bring Reusable Tubs to Help Cut Down on Plastic Waste

Plastic has been in the news a lot today, as supermarkets and companies get named and shamed for using too much plastic that will likely end up clogging up our oceans with no hope of breaking down anytime soon. While there have been big efforts to reduce plastic usage, particularly stuff that can only be used once or can't be recycled, Morrisons is taking things a step further by asking customers to play their part and bring in their own reusable containers. Read More >>

Why I Didn’t Buy a Mattress Online

The delivery mattress industry is booming. Makers of foam wrapped in fabric, like Casper and Simba, are raking in millions each year convincing people the convenience of an all online and salesperson-free experience is worth it. Generally I am inclined to agree. I feel like I’m going to break out in hives when I make eye contact with a sales assistant in PC World or that one lotion man in House of Fraser. But some things cannot and should not be purchased on the internet. And the mattress is one of those things. Read More >>