Valentine’s Day is Amazon’s Latest Excuse for Having a Sale

These days it feels as though Amazon will come up with any old reason to discount its own first-party gadgets, so it's hardly a surprise that it's also jumping on the Valentine's bandwagon to slash some prices. If you need a very last minute gift and forgot high street shops exist, or you just want to save yourself a few quid, here are all the deals you can exploit: Read More >>

Toys R Us UK Adds Itself to Fire Sale Listings

The entire UK division of Toys R Us is up for sale, as the US owner tries to escape some of its debt crisis by flogging off assets. Read More >>

What to Pack in Your Bag to Work From Anywhere

Whether you’re taking a short trip or living out of a van for years at a time, more of us now work from wherever we find ourselves, but having the right gear to hand can make the difference between a smooth remote working session and a disastrous one. Here’s the key kit you need to be packing when you head out on the road—besides the laptop of course. Read More >>

5 Stupid Mistakes to Avoid When Buying New Tech

We’re all fans of new gadgets, whether cutting-edge TVs or flagship smartphones, but you shouldn’t let your lust for shiny hardware overwhelm your common sense—there’s more to every purchase than a product name and a bottom line price. Here are the five mistakes people make that lead to wasted money and terrible buyer’s remorse when picking up new gadgets, and the easy fixes for making better buys. Read More >>

Tesco Delays its Clubcard Changes Until June

Earlier this week, we reported that Tesco had announced it was changing its Clubcard Rewards system – rewards worth 4x the face value of your Clubcard vouchers had been changed to be worth just 3x. Those changes had gone live immediately, but due to a backlash from customers, Tesco has backtracked their decision, giving customers a grace period until June. Read More >>

Here Are Some of Argos’s Best Christmas Deals on Tech and Games [UPDATED]

It is Christmas, which means many of you will already be sitting around with your family trying not to argue over stupid little things your grandma keeps bringing up. Well that's what I'm doing, and I just assume everyone has a grandma as irritating as mine. Read More >>

Which? Has Compiled Some Stats on Christmas Deliveries Not Appearing on Time

Earlier this week we heard news that Advertising Standards was considering investigating Amazon, after receiving complaints that Prime deliveries weren't arriving when they should. Which? has been looking into the problem for a while (late deliveries, not Amazon specifically), and has some stats about the state of late deliveries in the UK. Read More >>

Pension War Could End Toys R Us This Week

Despite a recent streamlining of its UK operations, the warehouses of Toys R Us could grind to a complete halt this week due to a dull battle over pension provisions that could see the administrators called in by Thursday. Read More >>

Amazon Could be Investigated for Late Prime Deliveries

When you sign up for Amazon Prime the main perk you get is unlimited free next day delivery, provided you order before a certain point in the day. The problem is some people have been complaining Amazon hasn't managed to achieve that, and it could mean an investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority. Read More >>

Close the Internet for Christmas, Says God Spokesperson

A man on earth who's taken on the task of relaying messages from God has spoken out about the rush to launch online sales on Christmas Eve, saying he'd back any law change that would outlaw the using of the internet to purchase items on Christmas Day -- and would even like to have the ISPs disconnect us all so we can think about Jesus, even if most of us think he was just pretend or a metaphor. Read More >>

Amazon’s Echo Dot is Cheap Again, Back to £34.99

Amazon's Echo Dot Alexa gizmo has been discounted a lot this year, and now it's being discounted again. While the RRP is £50, Amazon is selling the Dot for just £34.99. That's a saving of £15 for those of you who can't do maths. Read More >>

Toys R Us is Closing 26 Branches, Are Your Childhood Memories Safe?

Last week Toys 'R' Us announced that it would be closing down 26 of its stores next Spring, putting 800 jobs at risk. Now, though, the company has revealed which branches will be closing - possibly ruining any memories you have of buying toys as or for a child. Read More >>

GAME is Teaming Up With Three to Turn Itself Into a Phone Shop… With Games

Despite the fact that it's the only high street chain that sells brand new games, GAME seems to be struggling. Revenue is down, and it has to compete with the convenience of online chains like Amazon as well as digital storefronts operated by games publishers. It's done a lot to keep itself relevant over the past several years, and now the latest ideas it transforming into a phone shop with a bit of help from Three. Read More >>

gift guide 2017
Gifts for People Looking for New Ways to Escape This Hellish Reality

The real world is... well, you know. And at some point or another we all need a break from it. Helping your loved ones transport themselves to an entirely different realm is a gift just about anyone would enjoying receiving this Christmas, and these gifts are just the ticket. Read More >>

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Gifts for Kids Who Are Just Starting to Love Superheroes

Nowadays, there’s only one group of kids that aren’t into superheroes: kids who aren’t into superheroes yet. There’s a tender age right before they realise that Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, and the rest are completely dominating pop culture... so why wait on them? These fun gift ideas will help (super-)speed up the process. Read More >>