WhatsApp Co-Founder Injects Signal With £36 Million to Make Encrypted Messaging ‘Ubiquitous’

The creators of Signal, the encrypted messaging app widely used throughout the security community—as well as by journalists, activists, and others seeking to stymie government surveillance—announced on Wednesday a major shift to the organisation’s makeup. Read More >>

Skype and Signal Are Partnering on End-to-End Encryption

While messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Google Allo have all incorporated end-to-end encryption into their products over the last few years, Skype has lagged behind. But now that’s changing—Skype is adding end-to-end encrypted messaging, with the help of Signal. Read More >>

Ofcom Urged to Take Action Over Poor Mobile Coverage

Lord Adonis, the head of the National Infrastructure Commission, has called on Ofcom to take urgent action against the problem of poor mobile coverage in the UK Read More >>

White House Staffers’ Favourite Secure Messaging App Is Actually Pretty Great

A few weeks ago, resilient DC journalists reported that fearful White House officials were using a private messaging app to communicate with each other in the Trump administration. We’re now reading reports that the secure app in question is Confide. And you know what? It’s actually a very slick app. Read More >>

Now Everyone Can Use The Most Secure Messenger on Desktop

Signal already offers the best way to send secure messages on Android and iOS, and now, an update offers everyone the opportunity to use Signal’s on the desktop. Read More >>

The Best and Worst Encrypted Messaging Apps

There’s never been a better time to start encrypting your texts and phone calls. Hackers are breaking into more personal devices than ever before, and massive government surveillance dragnets are indiscriminately sweeping up people’s digital communications. Encryption can protect you. Read More >>

The More Expensive Your Mobile Phone, the Worse the Signal, Says Ofcom

Signal issues are a familiar pain. You can drop the best part of £1,000 on a smartphone, lock yourself into the cash-sapping contract from hell and still find you’ve got no bars when all you want to do is send a series of cheeky Snapchats from the loo. Read More >>

This Heat Map Visualises the UK’s Best and Worst Mobile Coverage by Network

Want to know which network has the best 4G coverage in your area or, indeed, visual proof that you're in a dead zone? A new tool from using OpenSignal crowdsourced data turns the UK into heat map of mobile coverage. Read More >>

National Roaming Could Make Having No Phone Signal a Thing of the Past

It's incredibly frustrating when you find yourself without signal, but it's even worse when you have to deal with a friend's smugness just because their network has more masts in the area. Fortunately plans are underway that could see all that change. Read More >>

Software Hack Lets Feature Phones Jam Calls and Texts Within 75 Miles

There's something uniquely scary about the idea of your calls being jammed. Good news! It turns out blocking calls and texts to certain phones is pretty easy. Hackers have figured out how to turn a feature phone into a "jammer" with just a few software modifications. Read More >>

Can You Use a Fridge as a Faraday Cage?

Earlier this week a New York Times article claimed that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden asked a group of lawyers visiting him to put their mobile phones in the fridge — the idea being that it would act as a Faraday cage. But does it actually work? Read More >>

The Reason We All Have Rubbish Mobile Signal These Days Is Because of the Damn Eco-Conscious

Mobile signal has gotten worse -- well, it feels like it's got worse at least -- but it's not all the collective networks' faults, the eco-loving, planet and cash-saving movement are equally to blame because of their sodding walls and windows. Read More >>

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Is Your 3G Crap Now EE’s Launched 4G?

Reports are coming in that people on Orange and T-mobile have been suffering from really crappy 3G service ever since EE launched its 4G network. Apparently, actually getting data down the pipe has gotten increasingly, infuriatingly difficult. Has EE somehow forsaken its old 3G service for the shiny new 4G? Read More >>

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Want Faster Data, Less Dropped Calls and No Death Grip? Get Yourself a RF MEMS-Packing Phone

A tiny mechanical chip might be the answer to your crappy signal, dropped calls and death-grip woes, and it’s already making its way into phones right now. Read More >>