Skoda Reckons You Can Craftily Charge Your Kids for Their Next Lift

Ever felt like it’s you, not your kids being taken for a ride when it comes to giving them lifts? Carmaker Skoda has come up with the Parent Taxi app, which aims to draw a line in the sand when it comes to running children around, especially during the holidays. Instead of being driven from A to B with no charge, Skoda thinks its app offers up a prime opportunity for you to claw back lost time from your own life by getting payment in chores. Read More >>

Old People Value Money Less Than The Young, Despite Hoarding It All

Less than 10% of over-60s say they think money is the key to a happy life, which is no doubt vexing to the quarter of young adults who said the same – since the former has all of it. Read More >>

A Whole Bunch of iPhone Games For Just 69p Is Your “I Love Independence Day Too!” Deal of the Day

Over in the US of America, yesterday was Independence Day. Feasting, fireworking and rounding things off with a viewing of the 1990s action movie of the same name. What a treat. Read More >>

Skoda Turns PR Madness up to 11 With Stonehenge Car Stunt

The latest in the long line of ill-advised attempts to recreate Stonehenge comes to us via car maker Skoda, which has installed this car-henge on the bank of the river Thames. Read More >>