You Won’t be Able to Fully Stream Sky Q Anytime Soon

Back in 2017 Sky announced that it was working on a different version of Sky Q — a version that skips the dish and would let you stream Sky programming over the internet. Like Now TV, but better and more expensive. Originally that service was due to arrive in 2018, but two years later it's nowhere to be seen. What gives? Apparently Sky is sidelining the whole project for now. Read More >>

Sky Q Adds PlayWorks App So You Can Play Games While You Decide What to Watch

In an effort to keep you engaged during the downtime between your shows, Sky Q has introduced a new PlayWorks app that lets you play 20 games for free. Read More >>

Disney+ is Coming to Both Sky Q and Now TV

A little while ago we heard rumours that Disney and Sky might partner up to bring Disney+ to Sky Q, in the same way that Netflix is available on both platforms. Today it's been announced that those rumours were true, and Disney+ will be coming to Sky Q and Now TV. Read More >>

You Can Now Get Sky Q and Netflix for £25 a Month

Normally Sky Q would cost you £34 a month, and if you wanted to add Netflix on top of it you'd have to pay up an extra £10-£12 depending on which Netflix plan you wanted to get. But now, for a limited time Sky is offering the two for just £25 a month. Read More >>

Netflix is Finally Coming to Sky Q As Part of ‘Ultimate On Demand’

We originally reported that a partnership between Netflix and Sky was on the way back in March, but nothing has really happened since then. The launch is finally just around the corner though – Sky Q customers will soon be able to subscribe to an 'Ultimate On Demand' service, which features Sky's existing catch-up and box set services alongside Netflix, in one seamless package. Read More >>

Pay For Sky TV and Spotify Premium Together If You Have Sky Q

Is your Sky TV bill too small? Do you want to add more itemised purchases to it? Now you can! Earlier in the year, Sky added the music streaming service Spotify to Sky Q. And now customers who subscribe to Spotify Premium can pay for that right in their Sky bill, with no need for two separate subscriptions. Read More >>

HDR Will Come to Sky Q Next Year, Voice Control Trial Coming Soon

4K video has been around for Sky customers for a few years now, letting them enjoy upgraded resolution as long as hey're willing to pay for it. As great as that is, the future of high quality picture is more than just boosted resolution, it also relies on the enhanced colour of HDR to make everything look righter and more realistic. So Sky has promised HDR will come to its flagship service next year, among other things. Read More >>

Sky Will Celebrate the Royal Wedding by Broadcasting it in 4K With Sky Q

If you want to watch TV on 19th May, your options for watching anything other than a man and woman getting married are dwindling quite quickly. Sky has just announced that it too will be joining in the Royal Wedding celebrations, by revealing it will be broadcasting the entire thing live and in 4K UHD resolution. Read More >>

Spotify and Extra Voice Functionality and HDR Are Coming to Sky Q

Sky has just announced the next round of updates that will be appearing on your fancy Sky Q boxes at some point this spring. Heading the latest changes is support for Spotify, as well as extra personalisation options, additional voice functionality, a new interface and an all-new kid's mode. Read More >>

Sky Q’s Voice Search Just Got a Much-Needed Improvement

Given how much it actually costs to get Sky Q, you'd expect it to be pretty much perfect. But as is the way with, well, everything, there are always improvements to be made. Sky just revealed a bunch of new ones for its premium-tier service, including a very helpful improvement to voice search. Read More >>

Sky Q Now Lets You Record Six Channels While Watching A Seventh

You know the deal, you simply have to record something on BBC 1, BBC 2, ITV 1, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky 1 while you're watching something on Sky Atlantic but it's just not possible right? Well good news TV addict, Sky has flipped the switch and you can now record six channels while watching a seventh as long as you have a Sky Q 2TB box. Read More >>

You Can Now Search Sky By Saying “I’ll Have What She’s Having”

As we were promised earlier in the year, Sky has added voice search to its Sky Q service, and it comes with some fun extras for showing off when your friends come over. Read More >>

Formula 1
Sky’s Showing All Formula 1 Races In 4K Ultra HD

Good news for F1 fans with good TVs: Sky has just announced it'll be showing all races this year in Ultra HD, aka 4K, on Sky Q. Read More >>

You’ll Soon Be Able To Talk To Your Sky Q Box

In a presentation to industry bods, Sky has revealed that its plans for this year include adding voice search and later, full voice control to its Sky Q boxes. Read More >>

sky q 4k
Sky Q Prices Slashed for New Customers

Sky has rejigged the pricing options for its Sky Q boxes today, reducing the cost of entry to the world of wireless multiscreen TV to just £20 a month. That's got to be worth it if you still congregate around one big TV to watch things instead of all hiding in rooms looking at five-inchers while alone. Read More >>