Report: Saudi Prince’s Plan for Flying Taxi Robot City With ‘Giant Artificial Moon’ May Be Unrealistic

Sounds like notorious human rights abuser Saudi Arabia’s plan to build a massive new city of the future is going just swell: According to a report this week in the Wall Street Journal, consultants hired to work on the Neom project built a list of ridiculous recommendations including “hologram faculty” in schools, “cloud seeding”-induced artificial rain, “a Jurassic Park-style island of robot reptiles,” robot maids, “robo-cage fight” entertainment, and “flying taxis” that will totally replace ground-based transportation. More ominously, the plans call for total surveillance of residents with drones and facial recognition gear and the forcible relocation of over 20,000 people. Read More >>

Here’s How Robots and Drones Could Make the UK a Roadworks-, Pothole-, Job-less Place

Future cities already sound like weird places. However, the University of Leeds’ announcement that it’s working on a fleet of maintenance robots with special powers -- seeking out and repairing broken infrastructure -- makes them sound even more alien. £4.2 million will be spent on the scheme, a part of the £21 million Engineering Grand Challenges project, and could eventually lead to the creation of so-called ‘self-repairing cities’. Read More >>

London’s City-Running “Smart OS” Beta Test Gets Underway

The so-called Urban OS will be tested in parts of London's Greenwich peninsula, a particularly dead and lifeless part of the city that's home to the depressing Dome. If it doesn't work no one will really notice. Read More >>