Terrifying Camera App Flaw Left Millions of Android Phones Vulnerable to Spying

Even if you’re diligent about app permissions, sometimes you just can’t predict how or when a bad actor will abuse them. This time around, a team of security researchers found a terrifying flaw with the Android camera apps that could let malicious apps completely take control over a phone’s camera to spy on users without their knowledge. Read More >>

motorola razr
So, Is Battery Life Going to Be a Problem for the Foldable Razr?

Motorola’s new foldable Razr phone is pretty neat. Not only is it a pretty impressive feat of engineering, it packs a nice dose of nostalgia for those of us old enough to remember the days when the original Razr flip phone reigned supreme. There’s just one thing that, at least on paper, raises a red flag. That 2,510 mAh battery. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S11: All The Leaks And Rumours So Far

It's only nearly two months since Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 devices, were released by the rumour mill has begun firing over the Galaxy S11 ahead of its expected release early next year. Read More >>

motorola razr
Motorola Is Bringing Back the Flip Phone With an All-Display Razr Device

Motorola is bringing the flip phone back, baby: on Wednesday, Verizon announced the debut of a new Razr phone with a 6.2-inch foldable display that flips to half size. (But not before a day of leaks.) Read More >>

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Report: Apple’s AR Headset Won’t Be Out Until 2022, With AR Glasses to Follow in 2023

Apple won’t be launching new augmented reality products until at least 2022 to 2023, the Information reported on Monday, citing an internal Apple presentation described by sources. Read More >>

The Smartphone Wasn’t Inducted Into the Toy Hall of Fame This Year

Every year The Strong, the National Museum of Play in the US, inducts a handful of classic toys and playthings into America's National Toy Hall of Fame. Back in September, the 2019 finalists were revealed and they included the smartphone, which at barely over a decade old was one of the youngest nominees for the Hall of Fame, but ultimately didn’t make the cut. Three finalists made the cut to be immortalised in the annals of toy history. Read More >>

Early Galaxy S11 Leaks Suggest Samsung Is Going Huge on Battery

Now that all the big 2019 phones have been released, it’s time to look forward to next year’s handsets, and if these early leaks are any indication, the Galaxy S11 could be in line for a huge upgrade in the battery department. Read More >>

Does the Pixel 4 Have a Bending Issue?

So far, aside from concerns about its face unlock working even when someone’s eyes are closed, the Pixel 4's launch has been smoother than Google’s previous phones. However, in a recent video, YouTube channel JerryRigEverything may have uncovered a potential issue with the latest Pixel. Read More >>

Original Google Pixel No Longer Receiving Security Updates

Google just released a November update for Pixel phones... and there was something missing. Read More >>

More Leaks Surface of Moto’s Slick Razr Reboot

One of the most tantalising smartphone rumours this year has been about Motorola’s reboot of the iconic Razr. And thanks to a recent slew of leaked images, we might now have a better idea of what Moto will announce on 13th November. Read More >>

Microsoft Made a Smartphone App That Can Administer Driving Tests Without an Instructor

The most nerve-wracking part of taking the road test for your driver’s license isn’t remembering to check your blind spots; it’s the instructor in the passenger seat silently judging you the entire time. Such tests will soon be less stressful in India where Microsoft Research has developed an app that can administer a driving test by monitoring the driver’s performance with a smartphone. Read More >>

LG’s G8X Dual Screen Phone Gives You the Most Screen For Your Money

Back in 2011, the original Samsung Galaxy Note confirmed people had an insatiable appetite for big screens. And just in the last couple years, we’ve had phones with extra long screens, transforming screens, flexible screens, and even wraparound screens. But now with the G8X Dual Screen, LG is hoping to top them all by giving us more display (or should I say displays) for way less money. Read More >>

How Horror Movies Get Around Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have changed the way people think, act, and communicate. They’ve also been hell on the horror genre. Smartphones have rendered many classic horror movie tropes ridiculous, or even implausible. However, they’ve also provided opportunities to scare us in new and inventive ways. Let’s look at where modern horror has succeeded, and failed, to enter the digital age. Read More >>

A Month With the Improved Galaxy Fold and I Actually Still Like It

Following the ambitious but janky Royole Flexpai, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold was supposed to be the redeemer, a device that demonstrated the power of foldable tech. Then Samsung gave the Fold to a bunch of savages (aka tech reviewers), who pawed at it like it was a normal phone, and then the Fold had to go away for some upgrades. Read More >>