Apple and Qualcomm Slap-Fight Continues with ‘Ban’ on iPhone Sales in China

The legal tug of war between Apple and Qualcomm continued this week with what at first may have seemed like a rare win for the chip giant in a Chinese court. Read More >>

How to Pick the Right Memory Card for Every Device You Own

As with a lot of tech purchasing decisions, when it comes to buying a memory card you can’t just click on the first result that appears on your online retailer of choice and that’s that—today’s memory cards, with their small sizes and huge capacities, have features and specs all of their own. Here’s what you need to know. Read More >>

Here’s How To Use Your Waste Christmas Cardboard For Free Phone Accessories

Apparently us Brits go through 300,000 tonnes of cardboard over the Christmas period, and while putting it in the recycling bin is cool and all, reusing it yourself is even better. Read More >>

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 Is Here – What That Means for Next Year’s Top Android Phones

Yesterday, Qualcomm announced the name of its next big mobile chip – the Snapdragon 855 (Surprise!) – but didn’t say much about what it could do until now. And while innovations in mobile processors can often seem opaque and difficult to follow, advances in tech between generations are the kind of things that give phones the biggest increases in battery life, faster performance, and support for new features like enhanced VR, smarter digital assistants, and more. Read More >>

The 5G OnePlus 7 Price Will Be About £200 More Than The 6T

We haven't had the OnePlus 6T for long, but us tech obsessives are always looking to the next big thing and next year, it's 5G. Read More >>

Xiaomi Has a 48 Megapixel Camera Phone Coming Out In January

We've only just got Xiaomi on these shores, but the Chinese megabrand is always doing outlandish things – like releasing ridiculously cheap AirPods rivals or attracting the attention of the ASA for a slightly dodgy £1 smartphone promo – and the latest is apparently a phone with a stonking 48 megapixels of camera goodness. Read More >>

Japan’s Last Remaining Pager Service Is Officially Calling It Quits

The heyday of the pager is long since over, but the devices themselves have continued to be used for specialised purposes like search-and-rescue teams and emergency workers. In Japan, however, the funeral bells are officially ringing. Read More >>

Prototype Samsung 5G Phone Spotted – With An Emo Notch

Remember the Emo Notch (as we've christened it) from the ASUS ZenFone 6? Casually falling down over the phone's forehead like a greasy sideswept fringe? Read More >>

Samsung And Huawei’s Phones With Holes Are Coming This Month

Are you ready for phones with holes? Because they're ready for you. Read More >>

EE Reveals Its Christmas Deals

We've only just come out the other side of Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Endless Deals November, but apparently now Christmas deals are a thing, and EE's got some to announce. Read More >>

The Pixel 3 Will Soon Be Available With eSIM On EE

Finally, it looks like electronic SIMs are starting to actually happen. When you think about it, there's really no reason getting connected to your phone network should require a little piece of plastic: why can't you just sign in with your credentials like every other digital service? Read More >>

The Pixel 3’s Big Bug Fix Update Is Here

Google’s software-first design philosophy has brought about some impressive results – like the kind of pictures you can snap with a Pixel 3, but that strategy can also have some negative impacts too, especially when it comes to bugs. More software solutions mean more potential bugs to break your phone. Read More >>

The Essential Guide to Using Your Oversized Phone with One Hand

Bad news for those of you with small hands or small pockets (or both): It looks like phones are staying big for the foreseeable future. But owning a handset with a big screen doesn’t mean you can’t operate it with just one hand if you need to—these are the software tricks and apps you need to familiarise yourself with. Read More >>

Nine Charged in Plot to Steal Samsung’s Hyped Foldable Phone Technology

While the jury is still out on how practical bendy phone screens will be, the tech behind them is still one of the most lucrative trade secrets in the industry. So it probably doesn’t come as a surprise to hear that the CEO of a Samsung supplier and eight employees have been charged by South Korean officials for trying to sell the flexible screen tech to a Chinese competitor. Read More >>

Restaurant Offers Free Kids’ Meals if You Hand Over Your Mobile

This is a bit of a stunt being run by Frankie & Benny's to get us talking about issues, but it also seems to be a genuine way of getting a child fed for free so... why not? Read More >>