This Is the Fitness Smartwatch You Should Buy

If you’re serious about starting or maintaining an exercise routine, fitness trackers and smartwatches are a great way for both beginners and veteran athletes to track progress and stay motivated. Still, there are a tonne of options out there with different features and advantages, so which one should you choose? Read More >>

After All These Years, Google’s Finally Adding Widgets to Wear OS

After five long years, Google has finally done what every other major smartwatch maker has already figured out: How to add widgets. Read More >>

How a £60 Smartwatch Can Still Be a Waste of Money

With smartwatches, as with other technologies, you expect them to get more advanced with each iteration. The Apple Watch Series 4 introduced ECG measurements right onto the wrist. Since its Ionic smartwatch, Fitbit added red LED Sp02 sensors to each of its devices for some future sleep apnoea-related feature that it hasn’t revealed. Samsung brought longer lasting battery to its Galaxy Watch, and then quietly added beta testing for blood pressure measurements to the Galaxy Watch Active. Read More >>

The First Smartwatch to Read Your Blood Pressure Is an Ugly Marvel

There’s a reason they call high blood pressure the silent killer. The British Heart Foundation says as many as 5 million adults in the UK have high blood pressure, which increases the chances of heart attack and stroke—and it's often undiagnosed, meaning you could have it and not even know it. Yeesh. Read More >>

Swatch Wins Rights to Trademark That Definitely Doesn’t Resemble One of Apple’s Most Famous Slogans

The Apple Watch might have taken a big bite out of The Swatch Group’s market share, which owns luxury timepiece brands like Tissot and Omega. But the Switzerland-based company recently countered with a small victory over Apple when a Swiss court ruled in Swatch’s favour over the use of its “Tick different” slogan; which is similar to Apple’s memorable “Think Different” advertising campaign. Read More >>

Samsung Almost Made a Perfect Smartwatch, But Its Health Tracking Is a Disaster

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Watch Active smartwatch at its Unpacked Event a few weeks ago, I was cautiously optimistic. Sure, it did away with the company’s signature rotating bezel, but otherwise, it was sleek, had all the right specs, and honestly, Samsung has consistently put out some of the best Android-friendly smartwatches over the past few years. It just always seems to struggle with the leap from pretty good, to really great. Read More >>

The Most Useful Apple Watch Apps 

Despite a few high-profile disappearances, plenty of iOS apps have companion apps for the Apple Watch – but only some of them bring genuinely useful functions and features to your wrist. Here are our picks for the Apple Watch apps that go above and beyond the basics to add real value to your Apple-branded timepiece. Read More >>

Garmin Hopes People Will Pay Thousands for a Smartwatch If It’s Pretty

Garmin has a solid track record when it comes to making smartwatches that don’t look like smartwatches. Its Vívomove HR manages to completely hide its smart capabilities under a non-descript analog face. Inspired by feature-packed watches from company’s like Breitling and Omega (and the big prices they command), the company’s new MARQ smartwatch line isn’t quite as subtle, but Garmin is hoping it will appeal to fans of traditional analog timepieces who want both fashion and functionality. And don’t mind paying a big premium for it. Read More >>

You Won’t Miss the Features Cut From the Fitbit Versa Lite

Buying a smartwatch can be intimidating. They’re expensive, most of them come with similar features, and it can be difficult for first-timers to navigate the technobabble marketing speak to find a smartwatch that suits their needs. That’s exactly the issue Fitbit is trying to solve with its Versa Lite Edition. At £150, it’s less than half the price of a GPS-only Apple Watch Series 4 and aside from push notifications, it doesn’t really mess with more complicated smart features, like ECG readings and voice assistants. Read More >>

Fitbit’s Cheap New Trackers Seriously Undercut the Apple Watch

Apple might dominate when it comes to smartwatch sales, but Fitbit’s looking to make a dent in its lead by launching four new devices today: the Fitbit Versa Lite Edition, the Inspire and Inspire HR, and the Ace 2. As its name suggests, the Versa Lite is a streamlined version of its popular Versa smartwatch. Meanwhile, the Inspire and Inspire HR will replace Fitbit’s lower end trackers, and the Ace 2 is an updated version of its child-friendly tracker. But the real kicker is that none of them cost over £150—less than half the cost of a GPS-only Apple Watch Series 4. Read More >>

If You Own a Microsoft Band and Were Still Using It Until 1 March, You Might Be Owed a Refund

Microsoft’s Band smartwatch and fitness tracker—production of which was mercifully discontinued in 2016—has finally reached the end of its lifespan. The Verge reported that Microsoft has announced its intention to sever all remaining support for the Band on 31 May 2019, with both backend services and the apps being yanked from Microsoft Store, Google Play, and the Apple App Store. Read More >>

Apple May Finally Add Sleep Tracking to the Apple Watch, Still No Word on Better Battery Life

We’re up to the fourth iteration of Apple’s wearable, and the thing still can’t natively track my sleep. The Fitbit has been doing that almost from the beginning, and Apple has looked a little silly for lacking the feature. However, Bloomberg is reporting that Apple’s finally started testing sleep tracking, and it could appear on an Apple Watch as soon as soon as 2020. Read More >>

MWC 2019: The Nubia Alpha is a Bit Wonky, But it’s Still an Interesting Take on the Smartwatch

I've always been of the opinion that smartwatches are pretty pointless devices. It'as like someone decided to make a smartphone for someone's wrist, but in a way that's way more inconvenient and less functional than the mini computers they  were initially designed as companions to. Recently companies have been trying to make them independent devices in their own right, and the Nubia Alpha is a next stage of trying to make that happen. It's a smartwatch that's being marketed as a wrist-born smartphone, and while it's a little bit wonky in practice, it's still an interesting idea. Read More >>

Here’s Everything We Know About the Galaxy Watch Active and the Rest of Samsung’s New Wearables Line

While the Galaxy Fold is the undoubted star of today’s Unpacked event, Samsung also officially revealed its new wearables lineup, led by its sporty Galaxy Watch Active. And yes, friends, it is missing the signature rotating bezel. Read More >>

Stop Buying Kids’ Smartwatches

Some parents get their kids smartwatches to buy themselves a little peace of mind about their child’s safety. But as it turns out, these devices are a total privacy nightmare. The latest incident involves the Enox Safe-KID-One, which was just recalled by the European Commission as it was deemed particularly vulnerable to malicious actors. Read More >>